You Can T Afford The Luxury Of A Negative Thought

Author: John Roger
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007107560
Size: 17.97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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You Can T Afford The Luxury Of A Negative Thought from the Author: John Roger. Why do some people always seem so happy about their lives - and others so down even when they seem to have it all? The difference is the strength that comes from thinking positively. Negative thinking wears us down, leaving us feeling powerless, as though happiness and success are only for other people. It's a bit like a disease - you can have it, you can catch it from someone else and you can even pass it on. But the longer you leave negative thoughts untreated, the worse they will make you feel. Negative thinking is powerful stuff - it can even make you physically ill - and it will certainly make it harder for you to recover if you do become ill.

Author: Энтони Дорр
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 9661499357
Size: 34.62 MB
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from the Author: Энтони Дорр.

For Pete S Sake

Author: Pamela Chappell
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1456848666
Size: 60.34 MB
Format: PDF
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For Pete S Sake from the Author: Pamela Chappell. There are books that help you laugh or cry and books that inspire or motivate you. There are authors who share the challenges of their lives and those that share the triumphs. For Pete's Sake does it all. . In this deeply moving memoir of trust and courage, acclaimed singer/songwriter Pamela Chappell poignantly writes of her newlywed husband Pete's heart transplant and its frightening aftermath. For Pete's Sake dramatically depicts one caretaker's harrowing journey with all of its bumps and its beauty. Chappell's dedication to both her husband and her faith will engage, heal, uplift and inspire."


Author: Naomi Klein
Publisher: Nash Format
ISBN: 6177279309
Size: 48.15 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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I from the Author: Naomi Klein. Ця книга не про те, що знають усі. У ній Наомі Кляйн – авторка трьох світових бестселерів – майстерно аналізує те, як великі корпорації та ідеологія вільного ринку блокують і без того непевні спроби боротися з кліматичними змінами. Більше того, Кляйн викриває та відверто критикує багатьох наших так званих рятівників – великі організації «зелених», які автор пов’язує з нафтовими компаніями; мільярдерів на зразок Річарда Бренсона, котрі, за її словами, більше обіцяють, ніж роблять. У цій книзі ви не знайдете жодних повчань і не почуєте голосу моралізаторства. На основі різних думок, культурологічних досліджень та журналістських розслідувань авторка знаходить рішення проблеми кліматичних змін та пояснює те, як з нею пов’язана економічна система. Можете забути те, що ви коли-небудь чули про кліматичні зміни. Ця книга «змінить усе», зокрема і ваше уявлення про них.

Repair Your Life

Author: Margie McKinnon
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
ISBN: 1932690522
Size: 43.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Repair Your Life from the Author: Margie McKinnon. McKinnon presents a six-stage program for abuse survivors that helps them recognize and accept their adult problems stemming from childhood sexual abuse, and to process issues with tools and techniques to regain a healthy life.

Life 101 Quote Book

Publisher: Mary Book / Prelude Press
ISBN: 9780931580673
Size: 26.54 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Life 101 Quote Book from the Author: .

Work Sister Work

Author: Cydney Shields
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0671873059
Size: 76.47 MB
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Work Sister Work from the Author: Cydney Shields. Specifically tailored to the particular needs of black women, this empowering book is filled with the information that will help them find their way in today's work environment. Foreword by Eleanor Holmes Norton, Congressional Delegate.

The Confident Woman

Author: Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 0307809269
Size: 17.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Confident Woman from the Author: Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz. How Confident Are You? Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz has won national awards for her work in women's health and has enjoyed the success some people only dream of: a prosperous professional life; a long, happy marriage; two Stanford-educated children; and a bestselling book, The Superwoman Syndrome, which coined a term for a generation of women. Despite all of her accomplishments, however, she struggled with the issue of confidence. After conducting extensive research, she found that she was far from alone: Many women experience the paradox of enjoying success in their business and personal lives while lacking confidence in themselves. The Confident Woman focuses on the issues that women face in growing up as girls in this society. Using a series of seven steps, complete with techniques and questions, Shaevitz presents an accessible and proven program that helps women regain their confidence. It is written for women of all ages, ending with an epilogue for mothers who want practical tips for raising confident daughters. In clear, concise prose -- filled with anecdotes and humor -- The Confident Woman focuses on what women say they want: practical advice that they can use now. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Dr Bob S Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit

Author: Sue Clancy
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1624886140
Size: 66.21 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Dr Bob S Emotional Repair Program First Aid Kit from the Author: Sue Clancy. We all feel bad from time to time but how do we deal with these feelings? Do the ways we cope with emotional issues hurt us further or do they help us? Perhaps we need a new story. Over the years Dr. Bob Hoke, a psychiatrist, has created a series of therapeutic discussions devoted to “Emotional Repair”. Dr. Bob, in his “Emotional Repair Program” uses fictional stories to help us learn to repair our own emotions and deal with the non-fictional world. During animated conversation Dr. Bob shared his stories and their therapeutic context within the “Emotional Repair Program” with Sue Clancy, an artist, who wrote notes and illustrated the stories as Dr. Bob talked. Sue, with Dr. Bob’s encouragement, collected her notes and cartoon illustrations into this book. Dr. Bob’s Emotional Repair Program is based on the following assumptions: - People DO have the resources and strengths to resolve their complaints and create emotional growth. - Emotional repair does NOT require long-term therapy. - Practical results can be achieved in a short time. This First Aid Kit focuses on the immediately needed skills to quickly repair emotions and develop the inner resources to resolve emotional problems. The First Aid Kit is a series of fictional stories – and non-fiction cognitive behavior practices – which come with a strong warning: Keep this First Aid Kit to yourself! Resist the impulse to teach the practices in this book to anyone else! You live these practices first – let other people learn from your example! As the master said “Don’t try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and irritates the pig.”