Yamada Monogatori Demon Hunter

Author: Richard Parks
Publisher: Prime Books
ISBN: 1607013940
Size: 72.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Yamada Monogatori Demon Hunter from the Author: Richard Parks. In an ancient Japan where the incursions of gods, ghosts, and demons into the living world is an everyday event, an impoverished nobleman named Yamada no Goji makes his living as a demon hunter for hire. With the occasional assistance of the reprobate exorcist Kenji, whatever the difficulty—ogres, demons, fox-spirits—for a price Yamada will do what needs to be done, even and especially if the solution to the problem isn’t as simple as the edge of a sword. Yet, no matter how many monsters he has to face, or how powerful and terrible they may be, the demons Yamada fears the most are his own.

The Mammoth Book Of Angels Demons

Author: Paula Guran
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1780338007
Size: 42.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Mammoth Book Of Angels Demons from the Author: Paula Guran. Despite our tendency to think of the demonic as evil and the angelic as good, our own legends don't always bear this out. Angels can be the incarnation of light and salvation, but they can also fall - Satan himself is a fallen angel. Demons can be truly demonic, but these unearthly creatures can also, on occasion, lend humankind a hand. Temptation can lead to revelation, supernatural messengers who bring true justice may not be welcomed, and beings seeking redemption can be blind to mortal needs. Stories from world-renowned authors of science fiction and fantasy - including Neil Gaiman, George R. R. Martin and Joyce Carol Oates - and rising stars portray angels in all their glory, demons at their most dreadful, and a surprising variety of modern interpretations of ancient myth.


Author: Kenneth Mark Hoover
Publisher: ChiZine
ISBN: 1771481765
Size: 38.74 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Haxan from the Author: Kenneth Mark Hoover. Thermopylae. Masada. Agincourt. And now, Haxan, New Mexico Territory, circa 1874. Through a sea of time and dust, in places that might never be, or can’t become until something is set right, there are people destined to travel. Forever. Marshal John T. Marwood is one of these men. Taken from a place he called home, he is sent to fight an eternal war. It never ends, because the storm itself, this unending conflict, makes the world we know a reality. Along with all the other worlds waiting to be born. Or were born, but died like a guttering candle in eternal night . . . Haxan is the first in a series of novels. “Lonesome Dove meets The Punisher . . . real, gritty, violent, and blatantly uncompromising.”

The Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Of The Year Volume Eight

Author: Jonathan Strahan
Publisher: Solaris
ISBN: 184997666X
Size: 48.12 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Of The Year Volume Eight from the Author: Jonathan Strahan. FEATURING GREG EGAN * YOON HA LEE * NEIL GAIMAN * E LILY YU * K J PARKER * GEOFF RYMAN * M BENNARDO * RAMEZ NAAM * TED CHIANG * PRIYA SHARMA * RICHARD PARKS * LAVIE TIDHAR * THOMAS OLDE HEUVELT * BENJANUN SRIDUANGKAEW * ELEANOR ARNASON * IAN R MACLEOD * SOFIA SAMATAR * AN OWOMOYELA * KARIN TIDBECK * MADELINE ASHBY * CAITLÍN R KIERNAN * ROBERT REED * IAN MCDONALD * VAL NOLAN From the inner realms of humanity to the far reaches of space, these are the science fiction and fantasy tales that are shaping the genre and the way we think about the future. Multi-award winning editor Jonathan Strahan continues to shine a light on the very best writing, featuring both established authors and exciting new talents. Within you will find twenty-eight incredible tales, showing the ever growing depth and diversity that science fiction and fantasy continues to enjoy. These are the brightest stars in our firmament, lighting the way to a future filled with astonishing stories about the way we are, and the way we could be.

The Year S Best Science Fiction Thirty First Annual Collection

Author: Gardner Dozois
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1466865296
Size: 27.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Year S Best Science Fiction Thirty First Annual Collection from the Author: Gardner Dozois. In the new millennium, what secrets lay beyond the far reaches of the universe? What mysteries belie the truths we once held to be self evident? The world of science fiction has long been a porthole into the realities of tomorrow, blurring the line between life and art. Now, in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-First Annual Collection the very best SF authors explore ideas of a new world in the year's best short stories. This venerable collection brings together award winning authors and masters of the field such as Robert Reed, Alastair Reynolds, Damien Broderick, Elizabeth Bear, Paul McAuley and John Barnes. And with an extensive recommended reading guide and a summation of the year in science fiction, this annual compilation has become the definitive must-read anthology for all science fiction fans and readers interested in breaking into the genre.

The Mammoth Book Of Best New Sf 27

Author: Gardner Dozois
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472118774
Size: 42.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Mammoth Book Of Best New Sf 27 from the Author: Gardner Dozois. For decades now Gardner Dozois has been presenting his annual selection of the very best of recently published SF stories, both by undisputed masters of the genre and by outstanding up-and-coming writers. It has been voted Year’s Best Anthology by the readers of Locus magazine an unparalleled eighteen times and remains the definitive anthology for both diehard sci-fi fans and newcomers to the genre. Without fail, Dozois pinpoints the previous year’s most exciting and ambitious science fiction, showcasing truly exceptional contemporary writing. This year’s collection is better than ever, comprising 33 fantastic stories by writers of the calibre of Robert Reed, Aliette de Bodard, Alastair Reynolds, Carrie Vaughn, Ian R. MacLeod and Jay Lake. The Mammoth Book of Best New SF 27 includes, as ever, Dozois’s extensive recommended reading guide and his illuminating and incisive summation of the year in science fiction. Praise for previous editions: 'This annual compilation of the previous year's best short stories and novellas, together with a comprehensive summation of the state of the genre and an extensive "honourable mentions" list, has become an institution over the past three decades.' Guardian 'Quantity as well as quality . . . every piece is a treasure.' The Times 'For more than a quarter century, Gardner Dozois's Mammoth Book of Best New SF has defined the field. It is the most important anthology, not only annually, but overall.' Charles N. Brown, publisher of Locus 'New authors rub shoulders with old hands, and strong work from relative novices Hannu Rajaniemi and Lavie Tidhar suggest that SF's future is as bright as ever.' Financial Times ‘The most respected editor in the field.’ George R. R. Martin

Demon Lord Camio

Author: Michel Decomain
Publisher: Egmont
ISBN: 3770488903
Size: 37.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Demon Lord Camio from the Author: Michel Decomain. Der quirlige DĂ€monenlord Camio verschafft sich unerlaubt Zugang zur Erde. Sein Ziel: einen Großmeister der DĂ€monenbeschwörung finden, um mit dessen Hilfe seinen Bruder Belial aus dem Höllenverlies zu befreien. Doch dabei setzt der kleine Chaot Ereignisse in Gang, die rasch die gesamte kosmische Ordnung ins Wanken bringen. Schon bald sind Himmel und Hölle in Aufruhr und schicken ihren Abgesandten, um Camio und seine GefĂ€hrten zur Strecke zu bringen... --- Dieses spezielle E-Book-Format kann auf allen aktuelleren Tablets und GerĂ€ten mit Zoomfunktion gelesen werden. Dein Leseprogramm sollte die Darstellung von Fixed-Image-E-Books im EPUB3- oder mobi/KF8-Format unterstĂŒtzen. Weitere Informationen findest Du auf der Homepage von Egmont Manga. ---

Love Fever

Author: Papiko Yamada
ISBN: 9783770489992
Size: 73.11 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Love Fever from the Author: Papiko Yamada.

Assassination Classroom Character Book

Author: Yusei Matsui
ISBN: 3551739803
Size: 32.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Assassination Classroom Character Book from the Author: Yusei Matsui. Das ideale Nachschlagewerk fĂŒr junge Meuchelmörder, oder jene, die sich einfach nur fĂŒr alles rund um das gelbe Tentakelwesen namens Korosensei und seine mörderische Schulklasse interessieren! In diesem mit Wissen gefĂŒllten Handbuch findet man die wichtigsten und lustigsten Infos sowie Statistiken ĂŒber die Charaktere des Assassination Classrooms. Gegen dieses Wunderwerk haben nicht einmal Nagisa Shiotas Aufzeichnungen den Hauch einer Chance!


Author: David Anthony Durham
ISBN: 9783442244942
Size: 41.78 MB
Format: PDF
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Acacia from the Author: David Anthony Durham. Ein Opus Magnum, das Bilder von archaischer Kraft heraufbeschwört Seit zweiundzwanzig Generationen herrscht von der Insel Acacia aus das mĂ€chtige Geschlecht der Akarans ĂŒber ein Reich, das fast die gesamte bekannte Welt umspannt. Doch unter der OberflĂ€che aus Glanz und Reichtum schwelt schon seit langem ein Feuer, das jederzeit ausbrechen könnte. Denn Acacias Friede und Wohlstand sind auf Verrat begrĂŒndet. Und als ein AttentĂ€ter aus dem eisigen Norden sich an den Hof von Acacia aufmacht, scheint es, als mĂŒsste König Leodan den Preis fĂŒr diesen Verrat jetzt bezahlen. Und mit ihm sein ganzes Volk - denn dem AttentĂ€ter folgt eine noch viel grĂ¶ĂŸere Bedrohung ... "Eine Eroberung weckt den Durst nach einer weiteren Eroberung." NicolĂĄ Machiavelli "Shakespeare hĂ€tte diesen Roman geliebt." James Patrick Kelly "Der Roman liefert die Schauwerte einer archaischen Welt und prĂŒft sie mit einem modernen Bewusstsein fĂŒr die RelativitĂ€t der Wahrheit." Stuttgarter Zeitung