Working Class Formation In Taiwan

Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137399937
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Working Class Formation In Taiwan from the Author: MING-SHO HO. This book offers a fresh look at Taiwan's state workers in from the postwar period to the present day and examines the rise and fall of labor insurgency in the past two decades. Challenging the conventional image of docile working class, it unearths a series of workers resistance, hidden and public, in a high authoritarian era.

Putting Class In Its Place

Author: Elizabeth J. Perry
Publisher: Univ of California Inst of East
ISBN: 9781557290502
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Putting Class In Its Place from the Author: Elizabeth J. Perry.

Gentrification A Working Class Perspective

Author: Kirsteen Paton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131712930X
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Gentrification A Working Class Perspective from the Author: Kirsteen Paton. Focusing on the working-class experience of gentrification, this book re-examines the enduring relationship between class and the urban. Class is so clearly articulated in the urban, from the housing crisis to the London Riots to the evocation of housing estates as the emblem of ’Broken Britain’. Gentrification is often presented to a moral and market antidote to such urban ills: deeply institutionalised as regeneration and targeted at areas which have suffered from disinvestment or are defined by ’lack’. Gentrification is no longer a peripheral neighbourhood process: it is policy; it is widespread; it is everyday. Yet comparative to this depth and breadth, we know little about what it is like to live with gentrification at the everyday level. Sociological studies have focused on lifestyles of the middle classes and the working-class experience is either omitted or they are assumed to be victims. Hitherto, this is all that has been offered. This book engages with these issues and reconnects class and the urban through an ethnographically detailed analysis of a neighbourhood undergoing gentrification which historicises class formation, critiques policy processes and offers a new sociological insight into gentrification from the perspective of working-class residents. This ethnography of everyday working-class neighbourhood life in the UK serves to challenge denigrated depictions which are used to justify the use of gentrification-based restructuring. By exploring the relationship between urban processes and working-class communities via gentrification, it reveals the ’hidden rewards’ as well as the ’hidden injuries’ of class in post-industrial neighbourhoods. In doing so, it provides a comprehensive ’sociology of gentrification’, revealing not only how gentrification leads to the displacement of the working class in physical terms but how it is actively used within urban policy to culturally displace the working-class subject and traditional

Class Politics And The Radical Right

Author: Jens Rydgren
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415690528
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Class Politics And The Radical Right from the Author: Jens Rydgren. One of the most significant events in European politics the past two decades is the emergence of radical right-wing parties, mobilizing against immigration and multiethnic societies. Such parties have established themselves in a large number of countries, often with voter shares exceeding ten and sometimes even twenty percent. Many of these parties exert a real influence on the policy within respective country. The emergence of the recent wave of radical right-wing party politics has generated a large and growing literature, spanning a variety of dimensions--such as ideology, voting, and policy impact. This volume will cover all these dimensions, but it will in particular focus on two questions: why is it that the working class tends to be especially attracted by the radical right-wing parties? And what does the radical right-wing parties growing electoral successes mean for Social Democracy and the traditional left in Europe, which are meeting growing competition from the radical right over working class voters? Bringing together the leading scholars within this field, this book makes a unique contribution by focusing on the relationship between class politics and the radical right.

Transnational Migration And Work In Asia

Author: Kevin Hewison
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134204086
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Transnational Migration And Work In Asia from the Author: Kevin Hewison. Focusing on the issues associated with migrating for work both in and from the Asian region, this book sheds light on the debate over migration and trafficking. With contributions from an international team of well-known scholars, the book sets labour migration firmly within the context of globalization, providing a focused, contemporary discussion of what is undoubtedly a major twenty-first century concern. Transnational Migration and Work in Asia analyzes workers motivations and rationalities, highlighting the similarities of migration experiences throughout Asia. Presenting in-depth case studies of the real-life experiences and problems faced by migrant workers, the book discusses migrants’ relations with the state and their vulnerability to exploitation, as well as the major policy issues now facing governments, employers, NGOs and international agencies.

Formations Of Class Gender

Author: Beverley Skeggs
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1848609213
Size: 64.34 MB
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Formations Of Class Gender from the Author: Beverley Skeggs. Explanations of how identities are constructed are fundamental to contemporary debates in feminism and in cultural and social theory. Formations of Class & Gender demonstrates why class should be featured more prominently in theoretical accounts of gender, identity and power. Beverley Skeggs identifies the neglect of class, and shows how class and gender must be fused together to produce an accurate representation of power relations in modern society. The book questions how theoretical frameworks are generated for understanding how women live and produce themselves through social and cultural relations. It uses detailed ethnographic research to explain how 'real' women inhabit and occupy the social and cultural positions of class, femininity and sexuality. As a critical examination of cultural representation - informed by recent feminist theory and the work of Pierre Bourdieu - the book is an articulate demonstration of how to translate theory into practice.

Labor Class Formation And China S Informationized Policy Of Economic Development

Author: Yu Hong
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 073913728X
Size: 31.10 MB
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Labor Class Formation And China S Informationized Policy Of Economic Development from the Author: Yu Hong. In Labor, Class Formation, and China's Informationized Policy of Economic Development, Yu Hong examines crucial connections between the evolving political economy of information and communications technology (ICT) and the reconstitution of class relations in China. Situating China's ICT development over the last thirty years at the intersection of transnational trends, domestic policies, and institutional arrangements, Hong shows how evolving class relations in the ICT sector are shaped by and shaping the transnational capitalist dynamics and domestic socio-economic transformations. She goes on to argue that the huge and still expanding pool of Chinese ICT workers and their newly attained identities-as wage labor rather than consumers-constitute a missing but important dimension of human experiences of the rise of the 'information society.'