Wordsworth S Historical Imagination Routledge Revivals

Author: David Simpson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317620313
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Wordsworth S Historical Imagination Routledge Revivals from the Author: David Simpson. Traditionally, Wordsworth’s greatness is founded on his identity as the poet of nature and solitude. The Wordsworthian imagination is seen as an essentially private faculty, its very existence premised on the absence of other people. In this title, first published in 1987, David Simpson challenges this established view of Wordsworth, arguing that it fails to recognize and explain the importance of the context of the public sphere and the social environment to the authentic experience of the imagination. Wordsworth’s preoccupation with the metaphors of property and labour shows him to be acutely anxious about the value of his art in a world that he regarded as corrupted. Through close examination of a few important poems, both well-known and relatively unknown, Simpson shows that there is no unitary, public Wordsworth, nor is there a conflict or tension between the private and the public. The absence of any clear kind of authority in the voice that speaks the poems makes Wordsworth’s poetry, in Simpson’s phrase, a ‘poetry of displacement’.

Romantic Ecology Routledge Revivals

Author: Jonathan Bate
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135089396
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Romantic Ecology Routledge Revivals from the Author: Jonathan Bate. First published in 1991, Romantic Ecology reassesses the poetry of William Wordsworth in the context of the abiding pastoral tradition in English Literature. Jonathan Bate explores the politics of poetry and argues that contrary to critics who suggest that the Wordsworth was a reactionary who failed to represent the harsh economic reality of his native Lake District, the poet’s politics were fundamentally ‘green’. As our first truly ecological poet, Wordsworth articulated a powerful and enduring vision of human integration with nature which exercised a formative influence on later conservation movements and is of immediate relevance to great environmental issues today. Challenging the orthodoxies of new historicist criticism, Jonathan Bate sets a new agenda for the study of Romanticism in the 1990s.

Blake And The New Age Routledge Revivals

Author: Kathleen Raine
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136663940
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Blake And The New Age Routledge Revivals from the Author: Kathleen Raine. First published in 1979, this is a very welcome reissue of Kathleen Raine's seminal study of William Blake - England’s only prophet. He challenged with extraordinary vigour the premises which now underline much of Western civilization, hitting hard at the ideas of a naive materialist philosophy which, even in his own day, was already eating at the roots of English national life. In his insistence that ‘mental things are alone real’, Blake was ahead of his time. Materialist views are now challenged from various quarters; the depth psychologies of Freud and Jung, the study of Far Easter religion and philosophy, the reappraisal of myth and folk lore, the wealth of psychical research have all prepared the way for an understanding of Blake’s thought. We are ready to acknowledge that in attacking ‘the sickness of Albion’ Blake penetrated to the inner worlds of man and explored them in a way that is quite unique. Dr Raine, who has made a long study of Blake’s sources, presents him as a lonely powerful genius who stands within the spiritual tradition of Sophia Perennis, ‘the Everlasting Gospel’. From the standpoint of this great human Norm, our immediate past described by W.B. Yeats as ‘the three provincial centuries’, is a tragic deviation; catastrophic, as Blake believed, in its spiritual and material consequences. Only now do we possess the necessary knowledge to understand William Blake and the ever-growing number of people who turn to him surely justifies his faith in the eternal truths he strove to communicate.

Author: Джейн Остен
Publisher: Folio
ISBN: 9660327641
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from the Author: Джейн Остен. Світ творів англійської письменниці Джейн Остен (1775—1817) — світ звичайних чоловіків і жінок, доволі буденний, розмірений і в той же час не позбавлений драматизму. Тонкий психолог і знавець людського серця, письменниця створила надзвичайно виразні й правдиві образи. Її герої — живі люди, з усіма їх достоїнствами і недоліками, здатні і на високі почуття, і на великі помилки. Емма Вудхаус, героїня однойменного роману, з неприпустимим марнославством і самовпевненістю вважала, що вміє читати в чужих серцях і здатна розпоряджатися чужими долями, навіть не замислюючись, що це може завдати комусь болю, більше того, стати загрозою її власному щастю — втратою відданого друга, який щиро кохає її.