Women Political Leaders And The Media

Author: Donatella Campus
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 0230285287
Size: 26.88 MB
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Women Political Leaders And The Media from the Author: Donatella Campus. This book looks at how media coverage reinforces gender stereotyping and influence the public evaluations of women leaders' candidacies and performance. Through the analysis of several examples and experiences illustrating specific issues, like the double bind; the trivialization effect and personal politics, readers will be introduced to the controversial yet familiar question of why there are so few women in power and why the glass ceiling seems still so difficult to break.The book also analyzes the consequences of recent developments in political communication for female leadership. Processes such as the popularization and the personalization of politics as well as the advent of the new media are changing the nature and the scope of leadership in contemporary democracies. The book discusses some of the implications of such a complex framework in terms of possible changes in the style of female political leadership.

Gender And Women S Leadership

Author: Karen O'Connor
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1483305414
Size: 12.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Gender And Women S Leadership from the Author: Karen O'Connor. This work within The SAGE Reference Series on Leadership provides undergraduate students with an authoritative reference resource on leadership issues specific to women and gender. Although covering historical and contemporary barriers to women's leadership and issues of gender bias and discrimination, this two-volume set focuses as well on positive aspects and opportunities for leadership in various domains and is centered on the 101 most important topics, issues, questions, and debates specific to women and gender. Entries provide students with more detailed information and depth of discussion than typically found in an encyclopedia entry, but lack the jargon, detail, and density of a journal article. Key Features Includes contributions from a variety of renowned experts Focuses on women and public leadership in the American context, women's global leadership, women as leaders in the business sector, the nonprofit and social service sector, religion, academia, public policy advocacy, the media, sports, and the arts Addresses both the history of leadership within the realm of women and gender, with examples from the lives of pivotal figures, and the institutional settings and processes that lead to both opportunities and constraints unique to that realm Offers an approachable, clear writing style directed at student researchers Features more depth than encyclopedia entries, with most chapters ranging between 6,000 and 8,000 words, while avoiding the jargon and density often found in journal articles or research handbooks Provides a list of further readings and references after each entry, as well as a detailed index and an online version of the work to maximize accessibility for today's student audience

New Media Old News

Author: Janice Sharan
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New Media Old News from the Author: Janice Sharan. The aim of this thesis is to examine the representation of women politicians in mainstream online news media. In the last 20 years, there have been increases in the number of women in New Zealand Parliament and women have held key leadership positions, including Prime Minister. Nevertheless, women still only make up about a third of New Zealand Parliament, despite being half the nation's population. The way women politicians are represented in mainstream news media is often referred to as an obstacle to women's participation in politics. Previous studies have concluded that women are frequently underrepresented and misrepresented in mainstream news. News coverage focuses on sexbased stereotypes and/or employs gendered news frames which portray women as political outsiders or agents of change. I conduct a content analysis, underpinned by framing and intersectional theories to assess whether mainstream online news continues to exhibit patterns of gendered news coverage identified in previous research on women, politics and traditional forms of news media. Intersectional theory draws attention to the influence of multiple categories of social difference such as race, age, class and sexuality. The news websites selected for study are Stuff and The New Zealand Herald, as these are the two most visited news websites based in New Zealand. Analysis focuses on women political leaders and leadership candidates. The first case study examines the intersection of gender and race in mainstream online news coverage of Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei during the 2014 general election; while the second examines the intersection of gender and age in mainstream online news coverage of Labour deputy leader candidates Annette King and Jacinda Ardern during the months of August and November 2015. My findings indicate that gendered news frames and sex stereotyping are still evident in mainstream online news media. I also conclude that when we break down the category of women and consider intersecting categories of social difference we find that some women politicians are more likely to be omitted from news stories or portrayed as political outsiders. News coverage therefore not only differs between women and men, but between women politicians as well.

Gendered News

Author: Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant
Publisher: UBC Press
ISBN: 0774826266
Size: 33.97 MB
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Gendered News from the Author: Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant. In the last fifty years, many of the institutional and societal barriers keeping Canadian women from public office have disappeared. Yet today, women hold only a quarter of the seats in the House of Commons � a proportion that rose by just seven percentage points between 1993 and 2011. In this illuminating study, Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant examines a significant obstacle still facing women in political life: gendered media coverage. Based on interviews with MPs and party leaders, and on an analysis of print and television media in the 2000 and 2006 federal elections, Gendered News reveals an unsettling climate that affects the success of women in office, and that could deter them from running at all.

Women Media And Politics

Author: Pippa Norris
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780195105674
Size: 18.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Women Media And Politics from the Author: Pippa Norris. Gender is one of the primary fault lines running through contemporary American politics. The political agenda has become deeply polarized by such issues as affirmative action, abortion rights, and welfare reform. In short, gender politics, once regarded as marginal, has emerged as one of the core dividing lines in identifying politicians, parties, issues, and voters in America. Not surprising, the way media covers gender politics has long been a matter of contention. The issue at the heart of this book is whether, as critics suggest, media coverage of women in America reinforces rather than challenges the dominant culture, thereby contributing towards women's marginalization in public life. This collection of original essays by twenty-one top academics and journalists is the first book to systematically examine the impact of the media on women's power in America. It focuses on how the role of American women as citizens, political leaders, and feminist activists has been influenced by the media, for better or worse, in recent decades. Using multimethod approaches involving surveys, content analysis, focus groups, interviews, and personal experience, the authors analyze the role of women as journalists, the impact of campaign coverage, images of women in power, and coverage of women's movement and feminist policy issues. Women, Media, and Politics will be an important resource for students interested in contemporary political and social debate.

Gender Media And Organization

Author: Jannine Williams
Publisher: IAP
ISBN: 168123534X
Size: 55.76 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Gender Media And Organization from the Author: Jannine Williams. Gender, Media, and Organization: Challenging Mis(s)Representations of Women Leaders and Managers is the fourth volume in the Women and Leadership: Research, Theory, and Practice series. This cross?disciplinary series from the International Leadership Association draws from current research findings, development practices, pedagogy, and lived experience to deliver provocative thinking that enhances leadership knowledge and improves leadership development of women around the world. This volume addresses the lack of critical attention in leadership research to how women leaders and professionals are represented in the media. The volume acts as a companion piece to a Seminar Series, funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Sciences Research Council (ESRC), to address this gap in the research. The lack of research interrogation of gendered media representations of women leaders and professionals is a surprising omission given the wealth of evidence from stakeholders outside academia revealing that women, and women leaders, continue to be underrepresented across all forms of media outlet. This volume contributes to social change, equality, and economic performance by raising consciousness about women’s lack of representation in the media and challenges gendered mis(s)representations of women professionals and leaders in the media through the presentation of a range of empirical investigations and methodological approaches. The volume contributors use various theories and conceptualizations to problematize and analyze women’s limited representation in the media, and the gendered representations of women professionals and leaders. Together, the volume’s 14 chapters reflect the beginning of a rich, diverse, emergent strand of academic research that interrogates relationships between the media in its multiple forms and women’s leadership. Illuminating the positioning of women leaders and professionals as both complex and problematic, these chapters offer an important agenda for management and organization scholars. They attest to the need to describe and make visible women’s mis(s)representations in the media while drawing attention to the importance of situating these mis(s) representations in the broader social, economic, historical, cultural, and political context as a means to gain insight into their development and evolution. As a rich and diverse site of research, examination of the media calls for a broad methodological repertoire. The chapters in this book draw from multiple sources and include, among others, the development of thematic analysis to illuminate stereotypes, the use of critical discourse analysis to understand professional women’s experience, a rhetorical analysis of the covers of Time magazine, and an interrogation of the power dynamics manifested in the media’s practice of nicknaming women leaders. Gender, Media, and Organization is a first step in stimulating further research that poses critical questions concerning gendered and sexualized representations of women leaders in textual and visual forms, and considers the media’s influence on gender equality and social justice. The chapters offer fruitful avenues for future research to continue the momentum of challenging gendered media representations of women leaders and professionals.

Women In Politics And Media

Author: Maria Raicheva-Stover
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1628921072
Size: 23.81 MB
Format: PDF
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Women In Politics And Media from the Author: Maria Raicheva-Stover. Although women constitute half of the world's population, their participation in the political sphere remains problematic. While existing research on women politicians from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada sheds light on the challenges and opportunities they face, we still have a very limited understanding of women's political participation in emerging democracies. Women in Politics and Media: Perspectives From Nations in Transition is the first collection to de-Westernize the scholarship on women, politics and media by: 1) highlighting the latest research on countries and regions that have not been 'the usual suspects'; 2) featuring a diverse group of scholars, many of non-Western origin; 3) giving voice through personal interviews to politically active women, thus providing the reader with a rare insight into women's agency in the political structures of emerging democracies. Each chapter examines the complex women, politics and media dynamic in a particular nation-state, taking into consideration the specific political, historic and social context. With 23 case studies and interviews from Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Russia and the former Soviet republics, this volume will be of interest to students, media scholars and policy makers from developed and emerging democracies.

Gender Politics News

Author: Karen Ross
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118561643
Size: 24.27 MB
Format: PDF
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Gender Politics News from the Author: Karen Ross. Gender, Politics, News: A Game of Three Sides explores the role of gender in the broader processes of political communication The only contemporary book focusing on the relationships between gender, politics, and news media which takes a global perspective An analysis of political journalism as a practice and the development of the field in terms of gendered workplace cultures Offers a solid framework for understanding women’s political representation, including real world case studies of women’s campaigns for the top political job across a range of different geographies and contexts Coverage of hot-button issues, such as political scandal and the role of new and social media in politics and elections, makes this a highly relevant and current work with resonances for a wide audience

Discourse Politics And Women As Global Leaders

Author: John Wilson
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company
ISBN: 9027267979
Size: 25.39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Discourse Politics And Women As Global Leaders from the Author: John Wilson. Discourse, Politics and Women as Global Leaders focuses on the discourse practices of women in global political leadership. It provides a series of discursive studies of women in positions of political leadership. ‘Political leadership’ is defined as achieving a senior position within a political organization and will often indicate a senior role in government or opposition. The volume draws on a diverse collection of studies from across the globe, reflecting a variety of cultures and distinct polities. The primary aim is to consider in what way(s) discursive practice underpins, reflects, or is appropriated in terms of women’s political success and achievements within politics. The chapters employ differing theoretical approaches all bound by the discursive insights they provide, and in terms of their contribution to understanding the role of language and discourse in the construction of gendered identities within political contexts.

The Politics Of Being A Woman

Author: H. Savigny
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137384662
Size: 73.80 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Politics Of Being A Woman from the Author: H. Savigny. What does it mean to be a woman in the 21st century? The feminist movement has a long and rich history, but is its time now passed? This edited collection is driven by the question, why is feminism viewed by some (we would add a majority) as outdated, no longer necessary and having achieved its goals, and what role have the media played in this?