Wiretapping And Electronic Surveillance In America 1862 1920

Author: Kerry Segrave
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 078649624X
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Wiretapping And Electronic Surveillance In America 1862 1920 from the Author: Kerry Segrave. Following the 2013 revelations of Edward Snowden, Americans have come to realize that many of us may be under surveillance at any time. It all started 150 years ago on the battlefields of the Civil War, where each side tapped the other's telegraph lines. It continued in 1895, when the New York Police Department began to tap telephone lines. It was 20 years before it was public knowledge, and by then the NYPD was so busy tapping they had a separate room set aside for the purpose. Wiretapping really took off in 1910, when the dictograph--the first ready-to-use bug that anyone could operate--arrived, making it easier still to engage in electronic surveillance. Politicians bugged other politicians, corporations bugged labor unions, stockbrokers bugged other stockbrokers, and the police bugged everybody. And we were well on our way to the future that George Orwell envisioned, the world Edward Snowden revealed: Big Brother had arrived.

Women And Smoking In America 1880 1950

Author: Kerry Segrave
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786422122
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Women And Smoking In America 1880 1950 from the Author: Kerry Segrave. During the last 20 years of the 19th century, cigarette smoking was transformed from a lower-class habit to a favored form of tobacco use for men and practically the only form available to women. The trend continued to grow through the 1950s, when smoking was a significant part of America's social fabric for both men and women. This social history traces the evolution of women's smoking in the United States from 1880 to 1950. From 1880 to 1908, women were not allowed to smoke in public places, with strong opposition based on moral concerns. Most smoking was done by upper class women in the home, at private parties, or at socials. By 1908, women smokers went public in greater numbers and challenged the prejudices against smoking that applied to them alone. By 1919, most restaurants allowed women to smoke, though most other public places did not permit it. More and more women smokers went public in the period between 1919 and 1927, with college students leading the way. By 1928, advertisers began to target female smokers, and over the next two decades women smokers gradually gained equality with male smokers.

Spies Wiretaps And Secret Operations A J

Author: Glenn P. Hastedt
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1851098070
Size: 14.26 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Spies Wiretaps And Secret Operations A J from the Author: Glenn P. Hastedt. A comprehensive two-volume overview and analysis of all facets of espionage in the American historical experience, focusing on key individuals and technologies. * Includes over 750 entries in chronologically organized sections, covering important spies, spying technologies, and events * Written by an expert team of contributing scholars from a variety of fields within history and political science * Provides a chronology of key events related to the use of espionage by the United States or by enemies within our borders * A glossary of key espionage terms * An extensive bibliography of print and electronic resources for further reading * Photos of key individuals plus maps of geographical locations and military engagements where espionage played an important role

The Cult Of The Presidency

Author: Gene Healy
Publisher: Cato Institute
ISBN: 1933995157
Size: 28.56 MB
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The Cult Of The Presidency from the Author: Gene Healy. Examines how Americans have expanded presidential power over recent decades by expecting solutions for all national problems, and concludes by calling for the president's role to return to its properly defined constitutional limits.

Product Placement In Hollywood Films

Author: Kerry Segrave
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9780786481637
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Product Placement In Hollywood Films from the Author: Kerry Segrave. This is the history of advertising in motion pictures from the slide ads of the 1890s to the common practice of product placement in the present. Initially, product placement was seen as a somewhat sleazy practice and also faced opposition from the film industry itself; it has grown dramatically in the past 25 years. From Maillard's Chocolates advertising with a shot of Cardinal Richelieu enjoying a hot cup of cocoa in 1895, to product placements in 2002's Minority Report, for which advertisers were rumored to have paid $25 million, this book explores the developing union of corporate America and Hollywood. This work addresses such topics as television's conditioning of filmgoers to accept commercials, companies' donation of props, the debate about advertising such activities as smoking and drinking in films, and "product displacement," or demands by companies to keep their products absent from unpopular or controversial films. Film stills and a bibliography complete the book.

The Precariat

Author: Guy Standing
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1849664544
Size: 34.97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Precariat from the Author: Guy Standing. This book presents the Precariat ? an emerging class, comprising the rapidly growing number of people facing lives of insecurity, moving in and out of jobs that give little meaning to their lives. Guy Standing argues that this class is producing instabilities in society. Although it would be wrong to characterise members of the Precariat as victims, many are frustrated and angry. The Precariat is dangerous because it is internally divided, leading to the villainisation of migrants and other vulnerable groups. Lacking agency, its members may be susceptible to the siren calls of political extremism. To prevent a 'politics of inferno', Guy Standing argues for a 'politics of paradise', in which redistribution and income security are reconfi gured in a new kind of Good Society, and in which the fears and aspirations of the Precariat are made central to a progressive strategy.

The Soft Cage

Author: Christian Parenti
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 9780465054848
Size: 39.39 MB
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The Soft Cage from the Author: Christian Parenti. Presents a history of the use of surveillance in the United States from the antebellum South to the present day.