Who Were You

Author: Gloria Chadwick
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated
ISBN: 9781402760037
Size: 62.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Who Were You from the Author: Gloria Chadwick. There's no need to see a hypnotist to do a past life regression; do it on your own, with guided meditations by spirituality expert and bestselling author Gloria Chadwick. Learn how to relax the body to reach a meditative state of mind, tune into the universal energy of white light, feel colour vibrations so you'll 'rise through the rainbow,' and locate a sacred space to renew your soul. In addition to guidance on regression, Chadwick offers other ideas for exploring past lives, from spontaneous recall to dreams.

Practical Guide To Past Life Memories

Author: Richard Webster
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 9780738700779
Size: 10.29 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 6135
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Practical Guide To Past Life Memories from the Author: Richard Webster. The human soul is eternal, and though physical death marks the end of one life, it heralds a transition to the next. To help us focus on the lessons of our current life, most of us are born without conscious memory of what came before this life. When the time is right, past-life memories can be beneficial. They can reveal our life's purpose and help heal current wounds. Conscious past-life recall can also help you clear karmic imbalances and discover latent skills and talents carried over from previous lifetimes. Because one past-life regression method does not always work for everyone, Richard Webster presents twelve different techniques for investigating your past lives, including: dreaming of your past lives, scrying, hypnotic regressions you can do alone or with a partner, and exploring the Akashic records. Whether you seek to release old traumatic experiences that may be affecting your health and happiness in this lifetime, or you're simply curious about who you have been throughout the ages, this practical guidebook has everything you need to explore your soul's past.

The Complete Do It Yourself Guide To Past Life Regression

Author: Gloria Chadwick
ISBN: 9781883717377
Size: 30.42 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5288
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The Complete Do It Yourself Guide To Past Life Regression from the Author: Gloria Chadwick. Offers everything you need to know about traveling into and through your past lives, with word-for-word, step-by-step instructions, interwoven with an in-depth script, for remembering events and emotions in previous lifetimes. It shows how to balance and heal your karma, as well as resolving both past and present relationships. Included are sidetracks that show how you can use the same information in your present life for many positive purposes, and side trips--interesting adventures and excursions--to experience along the way. You'll learn how to journey into and through your past life memories by aligning and raising your physical energies into your spiritual vibrations. You'll meet your higher self--your guide into the multidimensional realms of your soul. You'll explore previous life connections with people currently in your life, and you'll learn how to bring your awareness of past events into the present. http: //mysticalmindscapes.blogspot.com

The Complete Idiot S Guide To Past Life Regression

Author: Michael Hathaway
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1440650667
Size: 74.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4668
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The Complete Idiot S Guide To Past Life Regression from the Author: Michael Hathaway. A guide to the mysteries of your past... In this fascinating book, a board-certified past life regression therapist goes beyond reincarnation and karma to reveal everything people want to know about the ins and outs of this phenomena. This book covers: € Whether past life regression is for real € What to expect from hypnosis € Whether children are closer to their past lives than adults € How knowledge of past lives can help resolve issues and improve the present

Return Again

Author: Georgina Cannon
Publisher: Weiser Books
ISBN: 9781609256449
Size: 61.58 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Return Again from the Author: Georgina Cannon. Discover your true purpose in this life, by exploring your past life in this do-it-yourself guide to past life regression. Award-winning hypnotherapist Dr. Georgina Cannon shows how we can consciously influence our future by better understanding our past in Return Again: How to Find Meaning in Your Past Lives and Your Interlives. Cannon offers a practical and accessible approach that anyone can use to discover: Body and soul agreementsPlanes of existenceLevels of understandingKarmaSoul Mates—you may have more than one!Past lives and your “interlife”--where you meet those with whom you have a soul contract to plan your next life. Cannon offers a step-by-step process with simple explanations and pragmatic exercises that readers can use to answer questions about their past and current lives. Return Again is an easy-to-use tool that anyone can use to live life to the fullest.

Past Life Regression

Author: Mary LaBay
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1426926065
Size: 76.36 MB
Format: PDF
View: 7733
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Past Life Regression from the Author: Mary LaBay. The quest for self-knowledge and awareness has gained increasing popularity over the past several decades, with an explosion of beliefs and methodologies. Central to these practices is the exploration of past lives. From the curious layperson to the traditional doctor of medicine, people are employing various techniques in an effort to facilitate this experience. Certified hypnotherapy instructor Mary Lee LaBay has written Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners as a comprehensive text for beginning as well as veteran therapists. Ms. LaBay covers both basic and advanced techniques in a philosophical context, to help practitioners generate maximum healing and change during the past life session. Through case studies and concise instructions, the author demonstrates practical and elegant uses of these techniques that allow the client to discover life purpose, aspects of their relationships, roots of disease, addiction, and phobias, as well as a wide range of other life issues.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Author: Gloria Chadwick
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 059547523X
Size: 62.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 7402
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Somewhere Over The Rainbow from the Author: Gloria Chadwick. Amanda is a free spirit who somehow manages to get herself stuck in the energy vibration of a physical body. Of course she did it on purpose; nothing happens by accident. She's a little embarrassed to find herself on earth again and wonders how she ended up here when she vowed she'd never reincarnate again. Her most down-to-earth task is to see through the misty illusions of things for herself and to remember her spiritual nature. In the course of events, she gets sidetracked by what everyone says is real life. But she's not sure what's real anymore. She's been dreaming about rainbows lately, and now she's beginning to wonder if her life is really a dream she's having. Lavender is trying to remember something she's forgotten about her spiritual nature so she registers for school in the universe and begins classes in Time and Space, Energy and Matter, and Reality Awareness. She's a little concerned about the whole idea of synchronicity and the simultaneous time-space concept; she's not sure if she can handle everything at once. Her destiny is to unearth the mysteries of the universe and to rediscover the Scroll of Knowledge she wrote in Egypt. But she's reluctant to remember her experiences as a philosopher and has turned off her spiritual awareness. Rainbow is Amanda's higher self and Lavender's teacher who tries to help them see the light within themselves. But Rainbow is really more than she appears to be at first, or even second, glance.

Doors To Past Lives Future Lives

Author: Joe H. Slate
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 0738730939
Size: 23.61 MB
Format: PDF
View: 7666
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Doors To Past Lives Future Lives from the Author: Joe H. Slate. You have the ability to access the collective wisdom of all your past life experiences. By tapping into this immense storehouse of knowledge through self-hypnosis, you will gain direction, mastery over your fears, a greater sense of self-worth—and the power to take charge of your life. Dr. Joe H. Slate and Carl Llewellyn Weschcke put a unique do-it-yourself spin on hypnosis, teaching you step by step how to conduct your own past-life regression using powerful, scientifically tested methods, such as astral projection and spirit interactions. Fascinating true accounts from Dr. Slate and his subjects highlight the effectiveness of these empowering techniques. —Explore your past and future lives —Delve into life between lifetimes —See how many past lives you have lived —Communicate with departed loved ones —Meet your spirit guides —Discover new spiritual dimensions Once you begin to retrieve your past life experiences, you can apply the lessons learned toward present-day healing, spiritual growth, and enlightenment for the continued evolution of your soul.

In Search Of Home

Author: Carol DeCuffa
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781469703084
Size: 75.59 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5403
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In Search Of Home from the Author: Carol DeCuffa. In 1990 the author was visited by Jesus and was given a message for the world. This experience began her search for Home a place we are all from and will eventually return to. This book is a compilation of her revelations, inspirational stories, personal pearls of wisdom and step by step exercises to remember who you are and from whence you came. Ancient wisdom in modern day form. This book is bursting with knowledge to light your way home. Carol believes that as each person learns about themselves their contribution is essential for the evolution of all of humanity. Her goal is to tell you what she has learned thus far to help you as she has been guided by those before her. A must have for the soul seeker.

Beyond Past Lives

Author: Mira Kelley
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 140194678X
Size: 69.90 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 711
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Beyond Past Lives from the Author: Mira Kelley. In this book, regressionist Mira Kelley shares the life-changing lessons she has learned from her clients to help you find support and understanding, and to empower you in your own growth. Mira teaches you how to connect with your Higher Self in any moment to receive guidance. You’ll come to understand how everything around you is just a reflection of yourself, why is it important to forgive, why you have the right to love yourself, and how the Universe always supports you lovingly and unconditionally. The stories contained in these pages will help you discover how to heal your body, mind, and spirit as you learn about the nature of time, karma, destiny, and free will—as well as how each choice creates a new reality for you. As you read Beyond Past Lives, you’ll see how regression has helped others shift to a reality of health and well-being, and you will be guided to achieve the same for yourself. Prepare for a powerful transformation as you experience the profound lesson of your past lives!