White Fang

Author: Jack London
Publisher: Windmill Books
ISBN: 9781607540199
Size: 24.44 MB
Format: PDF
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White Fang from the Author: Jack London. An abridged version of the adventures in the northern wilderness of a dog who is part wolf and how he comes to make his peace with man.

Author: Джек Лондон
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 9661474494
Size: 27.43 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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from the Author: Джек Лондон. Адаптоване видання для дітей 9-13 років. Молодий інженер Відонов Скотт, подорожуючи по Алясці у пошуках золотої жили, стає випадковим свідком кривавого поєдинку бійцівських собак. Викупивши у жорстокого господаря вовка-пса на прізвисько Білий Клик, він не тільки рятує тварину від загибелі, а й приручає його. Народжений у вільному північному лісі, Біле Ікло стає вірним другом людини.

White Fang Study Guide Cd

Author: Saddleback Educational Publishing
Publisher: Saddleback Educational Publ
ISBN: 1602918899
Size: 40.48 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1921
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White Fang Study Guide Cd from the Author: Saddleback Educational Publishing. Thirty-five reproducible activities per guide reinforce basic reading and comprehension skills while teaching high-order critical thinking. Also included are teaching suggestions, background notes, summaries, and answer keys. The guide is digital; simply print the activities you need for each lesson. Timeless Classics--designed for the struggling reader and adapted to retain the integrity of the original classic. These classic novels will grab a student's attention from the first page. Included are eight pages of end-of-book activities to enhance the reading experience.

The Core Teaching Your Child The Foundations Of Classical Education

Author: Leigh A. Bortins
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9780230107687
Size: 79.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1942
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The Core Teaching Your Child The Foundations Of Classical Education from the Author: Leigh A. Bortins. In the past, correct spelling, the multiplication tables, the names of the state capitals and the American presidents were basics that all children were taught in school. Today, many children graduate without this essential knowledge. Most curricula today follow a haphazard sampling of topics with a focus on political correctness instead of teaching students how to study. Leigh Bortins, a leading figure in the homeschooling community, is having none of it. She believes that there are core areas of knowledge that are essential to master. Without knowing the multiplication tables, children can't advance to algebra. Without mastery of grammar, students will have difficulty expressing themselves. Without these essential building blocks of knowledge, students may remember information but they will never possess a broad and deep understanding of how the world works. In The Core, Bortins gives parents the tools and methodology to implement a rigorous, thorough, and broad curriculum based on the classical model, including: - Rote memorization to cement knowledge - Systematic learning of geography, historical facts, and timelines - Reading the great books and seminal historical documents instead of adaptations and abridged editions - Rigorous training in math and the natural sciences

Derrida And Other Animals

Author: Judith Still
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748680985
Size: 78.17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Derrida And Other Animals from the Author: Judith Still. Judith Still analyses Derrida's late writings on animals, especially his seminars The Beast and the Sovereign, to explore ethical questions of how humans treat animals and how we treat outsiders, from slaves to terrorists.

Books In Print 1997 98

Author: R R Bowker Publishing
Publisher: R. R. Bowker
ISBN: 9780835239400
Size: 19.86 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Books In Print 1997 98 from the Author: R R Bowker Publishing.


Author: James P. Stobaugh
Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group
ISBN: 1614580065
Size: 21.11 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Sat from the Author: James P. Stobaugh. A Christian SAT Preparation Expert Coaches You into College Getting ready for college includes performing well on the SAT. The SAT score helps determine acceptance into college and the acquisition of scholarships. In the new expanded edition of the SAT & College Preparation Course for the Christian Student, Dr. James Stobaugh offers the Christian student a unique opportunity to be well prepared for the test. Also, students will focus on the spiritual disciplines of Bible reading, study, Scripture meditation and memorization, and prayer. A former SAT scorer, Stobaugh reports, “the best SAT scores come from students who have serious, disciplined prayer and devotional lives.” For this reason, the introduction to each lesson includes Scripture reading and a devotional journaling exercise. Critical thinking and essay writing are major themes within the SAT. Stobaugh coaches the Christian student who might otherwise passionately respond to a leading essay question without hitting the marks that the test is measuring.

Catalog Of Copyright Entries Third Series

Publisher: Copyright Office, Library of Congress
Size: 73.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Catalog Of Copyright Entries Third Series from the Author: . Includes Part 1A: Books and Part 1B: Pamphlets, Serials and Contributions to Periodicals

Call Of The Wild

Author: Jack London
Publisher: Windmill Books
ISBN: 9781607540021
Size: 11.71 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Call Of The Wild from the Author: Jack London. The adventures of an unusual dog, part St. Bernard, part Scotch shepherd, that is forcibly taken to the Klondike gold fields where he eventually becomes the leader of a wolf pack.