When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us

Author: Jane Adams
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439106822
Size: 44.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us from the Author: Jane Adams. How do today's parents cope when the dreams we had for our children clash with reality? What can we do for our twenty- and even thirty-somethings who can't seem to grow up? How can we help our depressed, dependent, or addicted adult children, the ones who can't get their lives started, who are just marking time or even doing it? What's the right strategy when our smart, capable "adultolescents" won't leave home or come boomeranging back? Who can we turn to when the kids aren't all right and we, their parents, are frightened, frustrated, resentful, embarrassed, and especially, disappointed? In this groundbreaking book, a social psychologist who's been chronicling the lives of American families for over two decades confronts our deepest concerns, including our silence and self-imposed sense of isolation, when our grown kids have failed to thrive. She listens to a generation that "did everything right" and expected its children to grow into happy, healthy, successful adults. But they haven't, at least, not yet -- and meanwhile, we're letting their problems threaten our health, marriages, security, freedom, careers or retirement, and other family relationships. With warmth, empathy, and perspective, Dr. Adams offers a positive, life-affirming message to parents who are still trying to "fix" their adult children -- Stop! She shows us how to separate from their problems without separating from them, and how to be a positive force in their lives while getting on with our own. As we navigate this critical passage in our second adulthood and their first, the bestselling author of I'm Still Your Mother reminds us that the pleasures and possibilities of postparenthood should not depend on how our kids turn out, but on how we do!

Author: Ренсом Ріггз
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 6171212342
Size: 40.98 MB
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from the Author: Ренсом Ріггз. Таємничий острів. Покинутий притулок. Після жахливої ​​сімейної трагедії Джейкоб опинився в цьому загадковому місці. Підліток знайшов руїни старого будинку і з`ясував, що тут жили дуже дивні діти. Він починає розуміти, що на цьому відлюдному острові діти опинилися невипадково — їх здібності були воістину неймовірними і небезпечними! І хоча будинок давно зруйнований, можливо, вони досі живі. А зовсім скоро Джейкоб з жахом усвідомлює, що він — один з них... Книга проілюстрована унікальними старовинними фотографіями.

The Family Therapy Treatment Planner With Dsm 5 Updates 2nd Edition

Author: Frank M. Dattilio
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119064074
Size: 37.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Family Therapy Treatment Planner With Dsm 5 Updates 2nd Edition from the Author: Frank M. Dattilio. This timesaving resource features: Treatment plan components for 40 behaviorally based presenting problems Over 1,000 prewritten treatment goals, objectives, and interventions—plus space to record your own treatment plan options A step-by-step guide to writing treatment plans that meet the requirements of most accrediting bodies, insurance companies, and third-party payors Includes new Evidence-Based Practice Interventions as required by many public funding sources and private insurers PracticePlanners® THE BESTSELLING TREATMENT PLANNING SYSTEM FOR MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS The Family Therapy Treatment Planner, Second Edition provides all the elements necessary to quickly and easily develop formal treatment plans that satisfy the demands of HMOs, managed care companies, third-party payors, and state and federal agencies. New edition features empirically supported, evidence-based treatment interventions Organized around 40 main presenting problems including child/parent conflicts, depression, abuse, death and loss issues, blended family problems, and loss of family cohesion Over 1,000 prewritten treatment goals, objectives, and interventions—plus space to record your own treatment plan options Easy-to-use reference format helps locate treatment plan components by behavioral problem Designed to correspond with The Family Therapy Progress Notes Planner, Second Edition and the Brief Family Therapy Homework Planner, Second Edition Includes a sample treatment plan that conforms to the requirements of most third-party payors and accrediting agencies including CARF, The Joint Commission (TJC), COA, and the NCQA Additional resources in the PracticePlanners® series: Progress Notes Planners contain complete, prewritten progress notes for each presenting problem in the companion Treatment Planners. Homework Planners feature behaviorally based, ready-to-use assignments to speed treatment and keep clients engaged between sessions. For more information on our PracticePlanners®, including our full line of Treatment Planners, visit us on the Web at: www.wiley.com/practiceplanners

Your Kids Are Grown

Author: Francine Toder
Publisher: Insight Books
ISBN: 9780306447617
Size: 74.49 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Your Kids Are Grown from the Author: Francine Toder. Your Kids Are Grown: Moving on With and Without Them is an extraordinary book that brings together effective tools for forging new parent and adult-child relationships, while emphasizing a review and revamping of personal life goals. Dr. Francine A. Toder, a clinical psychologist with expertise in parenting skills and midlife transitions, focuses on middle adulthood, a stage of life that can bring about incredible personal growth but parental frustration and disappointment. In clear and understandable language, she describes the myriad situations that are sources of major or minor conflict between parents and adult children, especially: personality and style differences; disappointed expectations; departure from family traditions; conflicting values; competition between adult siblings; and differing views of adult responsibilities.

Author: Lauren Groff
Publisher: Nash Format (PublishDrive)
ISBN: 6177388329
Size: 16.20 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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from the Author: Lauren Groff. В центрі сюжету — життя успішного драматурга Ланселота «Лотто» і його коханої дружини Матильди, яка усе життя провела в тіні чоловіка. Дія роману розгортається у Нью-Йорку впродовж двадцяти п’яти років. Але одного дня стає зрозуміло, що самозакоханий геній Лотто — лише маріонетка в руках своєї дружини. Зовні ідеальний шлюб іде тріщинами: повага поступається місцем брехні, кохання — інтригам.

Annual Editions The Family

Author: Kathleen R. Gilbert
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Dushkin
ISBN: 9780073545790
Size: 49.12 MB
Format: PDF
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Annual Editions The Family from the Author: Kathleen R. Gilbert. Provides access articles selected from the best of the public press. This book features: an annotated listing of selected World Wide Web sites; an annotated table of contents; a topic guide; a general introduction; brief overviews for each section; a topical index; and, an instructor's resource guide with testing materials.

When You Re Facing The Empty Nest

Author: Mary Ann Froehlich
Publisher: Bethany House Pub
ISBN: 9780764200182
Size: 62.63 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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When You Re Facing The Empty Nest from the Author: Mary Ann Froehlich. "Ideal for women whose children are graduating from high school, this sensitive book lets readers know they aren't alone in their feelings of loss. It offers a sense of hope for the future and practical suggestions for parenting their young adult children