What S Wrong With My Child

Author: Sandra Surace
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1452010757
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What S Wrong With My Child from the Author: Sandra Surace. At least six million American children have difficulties that are diagnosed as serious mental disorders, according to government surveys — a number that has tripled since the early 1990s. But there is little convincing evidence that the rates of illness have increased in the past few decades. Rather, many experts say it is the frequency of diagnosis that is going up, in part because doctors are more willing to attribute behavior problems to mental illness, and in part because the public is more aware of childhood mental disorders (NY Times, 2006). According to the US Attorney General, “Mental disorders are characterized by abnormalities in cognition, emotion or mood, or the highest integrative aspects of behavior, such as social interactions or planning of future activities.” The process of diagnosing these disorders comes with a great deal of controversy. Before a diagnosis is accepted the practitioner must be able to explain how the behaviors differ from normal developmental behaviors. In Hope’s case medical treatment would not be effective in reducing symptoms because her environment never changed. The sexual abuse never stopped and Hope was merely medicated into submission. Once the need for medications for such a young girl reached three the psychiatrist should have started asking other questions. However, since psychiatry categorizes the individual, once labeled, it stops questioning the diagnosis as being potentially ‘false’ and, thereby, confines treatment to the social standard of normal.

What S Wrong With My Child

Author: Shelly R. Wilson
Publisher: Publishamerica Incorporated
ISBN: 9781424113231
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What S Wrong With My Child from the Author: Shelly R. Wilson. When John Marcus Wilson was born in 1982, he weighed just under five pounds. He grew and was a blessing to his parents, Larry and Shelly Wilson. But it wasn't long before Shelly realized that there was something different about her baby. By the time he was two years old, she noticed a lot of things were different. Shelly began asking the doctors and then later the teachers: "What's wrong with Marcus?" When he was in second grade, the answer came. Shelly was relieved and scared. Marcus did have something wrong and it had a name. This is a true account of a little boy struggling with life and how his family helped him.

What S Wrong With My Child

Author: Ruth Gattozzi
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
ISBN: 9780070387812
Size: 66.13 MB
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What S Wrong With My Child from the Author: Ruth Gattozzi.

What S Wrong With Children S Rights

Author: Martin Guggenheim
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674038028
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What S Wrong With Children S Rights from the Author: Martin Guggenheim. Children's rights: the phrase has been a legal battle cry for twenty-five years. But as this provocative book by a nationally renowned expert on children's legal standing argues, it is neither possible nor desirable to isolate children from the interests of their parents, or those of society as a whole. From foster care to adoption to visitation rights and beyond, Martin Guggenheim offers a trenchant analysis of the most significant debates in the children's rights movement, particularly those that treat children's interests as antagonistic to those of their parents. Guggenheim argues that children's rights can serve as a screen for the interests of adults, who may have more to gain than the children for whom they claim to speak. More important, this book suggests that children's interests are not the only ones or the primary ones to which adults should attend, and that a best interests of the child standard often fails as a meaningful test for determining how best to decide disputes about children.

Raising A Moody Child

Author: Mary A. Fristad
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 1462506674
Size: 76.94 MB
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Raising A Moody Child from the Author: Mary A. Fristad. Every day can be an ordeal for families struggling with the difficult, moody, "impossible" behavior that may point to childhood depression or bipolar disorder. Effective help for kids does exist, but it often requires a customized combination of medication, therapy, coping skills, and support. From esteemed clinician and researcher Dr. Mary Fristad and fellow treatment expert Dr. Jill Goldberg Arnold, this indispensable book explains how treatment works and what additional steps parents can take at home to help children with mood disorders--and the family as a whole--improve the quality of their lives. Explained are why symptoms look so different (and can be so much harder to manage) in children and teens than in adults, how to find the right doctor or therapist, and how to help kids develop their own "coping toolkits." Bursting with practical tools, FAQs, and examples, the book covers everything from dealing with medical crises to resolving school problems, sibling conflicts, and marital stress.

What S Wrong With My Kid And Recovering My Kid Bundle

Author: Joseph Lee
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1616494956
Size: 74.97 MB
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What S Wrong With My Kid And Recovering My Kid Bundle from the Author: Joseph Lee. A down-to-earth, judgment-free guide on recognizing the warning signs of alcohol and drug use in their kids, recognizing if there’s a problem, and creating a safe, supportive environment during treatment and throughout recovery. A down-to-earth, judgment-free guide on recognizing the warning signs of alcohol and drug use in their kids, recognizing if there’s a problem, and creating a safe, supportive environment during treatment and throughout recovery. Raising a child is tough as it is, but when your kid becomes addicted to alcohol or other drugs, it can feel as if you’re living a nightmare. You’re not alone. In the What’s Wrong with My Kid? and Recovering My Kid bundle, authors George E. Leary, Jr., and Dr. Joseph Lee, take worried, confused, and angry parents by the hand and addresses their most pressing questions and fears: What are the warning signs of addiction? Is my child addicted? What is addiction? What happens when my child returns home from treatment? How can my family support his or her recovery? What if my child relapses? How can my family get well again?This book will help family members begin to identify whether or not their child has a problem, and if so, they will be able to understand what their loved one is going through and how they can help the addict adjust to a clean-and-sober life while still taking care of themselves.

Teaching Your Child With Love And Skill

Author: Joyce Show
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 9780857005694
Size: 10.68 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Teaching Your Child With Love And Skill from the Author: Joyce Show. Parents of children with autism can often feel out of their depth when it comes to nurturing their child's learning and development. This book helps parents to make sense of the baffling array of educational interventions available, showing how to adapt different strategies to meet the specific needs of their child, including those with moderate to severe autism. Guided by love, faith and unwavering resolve, Joyce Show offers practical advice based on her experiences as both a mother and a physician. She takes the reader by the hand through all the steps of cognitive, social, and emotional development from initial engagement to abstract thinking, and provides straightforward primers for popular interventions such as Floortime and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Parents will learn how to motivate play, build up communication, deal with challenging behaviors, and teach important everyday life skills, while growing in a trusting relationship with their child. This book offers encouragement and guidance to the parents of any child on the autism spectrum whether high or low functioning, as well as the teachers, therapists, family members, and friends who support them.

9 Ways To Bring Out The Best In You Your Child

Author: Maggie Reigh
Publisher: Wood Lake Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 189683664X
Size: 36.58 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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9 Ways To Bring Out The Best In You Your Child from the Author: Maggie Reigh. This book is for every parents who recognises parenting as an important job in their life. It is a book about raising children full of spirit and life, and teaching them to be caring human beings. But it is also about parents learning how to empower themselves and their children and how to turn their power struggles into powerful relationships. This book offers nine valuable chapters on raising children who are respectful, responsible and resilient. Combining profound insights with practical ideas, this book will show parents how to encourage children to develop the courage to discover their own strengths and offer their gifts to others. The book is full of stories and examples that bring parenting tools and concepts to life. Parenting is a matter of the heart, it offers us the personal and spiritual growth opportunity of a lifetime, and this book allows parents to take full advantage of this opportunity while bringing out the best in their child.

What S Wrong With My Kid

Author: George E. Leary
Publisher: Hazelden Publishing
ISBN: 1616491191
Size: 59.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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What S Wrong With My Kid from the Author: George E. Leary. Leary was a longtime youth worker when his son became an addict. Through this heart wrenching experience, he changed his life's path and committed to working with those with substance abuse problems. In this guide, he applies his personal experience andexpertise to explain the steps that can be taken to put your family back together.

Cure Your Child With Food

Author: Kelly Dorfman
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN: 0761176918
Size: 72.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Cure Your Child With Food from the Author: Kelly Dorfman. Why treat your child with drugs when you can cure your child with nutrition? Grounded in cutting-edge science and filled with case studies that read like medical thrillers, this is a book for every parent whose child suffers from mood swings, stomachaches, ear infections, eczema, anxiety, tantrums, ADD/ADHD, picky eating, asthma, lack of growth, and a host of other physical, behavioral, and developmental problems. Previously published as What’s Eating Your Child? and now with a new chapter on the unexpected connection between gluten and insatiable appetite, Cure Your Child with Food shows parents how to uncover the clues behind their children’s surprisingly nutrition-based health issues and implement simple treatments—immediately. You’ll discover how zinc deficiency can cause picky eating and affect growth. The panoply of problems caused by gluten and dairy. How ear infections and mood disorders, such as anxiety and bipolar disorder, can be a sign of food intolerance. Plus, how to get your child to sleep, soothe hyperactivity, and deal with reflux using simple nutritional strategies. Ms. Dorfman, a nutritionist whose typical family arrives at her practice after seeing three or more specialists, gives parents the tools they need to become nutrition detectives; to recalibrate their children’s diets through the easy E.A.T. program; and, finally, to get their children off drugs—antibiotics, laxatives, Prozac, Ritalin—and back to a natural state of well-being.