What Chefs Feed Their Kids

Author: Fanae Aaron
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 076278301X
Size: 28.92 MB
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What Chefs Feed Their Kids from the Author: Fanae Aaron. DIVDIVHow chefs make food an adventure for their kids and get them to eat healthy—and how you can, too! Recipes and techniques for cultivating a love of good food./div/div

What Chefs Feed Their Kids

Author: Fanae Aaron
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762777419
Size: 13.11 MB
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What Chefs Feed Their Kids from the Author: Fanae Aaron. How chefs make food an adventure for their kids—and you can, too! How do the people who know the most about food tackle the special challenges of cooking for children’s palates? How do they get their children to join them at the dinner table when most kids would rather play under the tablecloth? Why do some kids love to eat broccoli, sushi, or pesto while others insist on chicken nuggets every night? A lifelong foodie and a first-time mother, Fanae Aaron had lots of questions about how to teach her son to enjoy a variety of fresh, whole foods. So she sought out a diverse group of twenty award-winning chefs who are also parents. The book’s first-class lineup includes: Eric Bromberg, Marc Murphy, Zack Gross, Ana Sortun, Piero Selvaggio, and Floyd Cardoz. These chefs stimulate their kids’ curiosity about new foods by engaging them in the process without coercing them, and they share their tips and stories, which provide an intimate glimpse into the chefs’ family lives. Chefs’ strategies include allowing their kids to help prepare meals, taking them to farmers’ markets, and giving them choices with healthy family style meals. What Chefs Feed Their Kids also features seventy-five flavorful recipes—such as Kale and Scrambed Eggs, Baby Lamb Chops, Nori Chips, and Risotto with Pumpkin, Ginger, and Sage—from a variety of cuisines.

Deceptively Delicious

Author: Jessica Seinfeld
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061983551
Size: 13.40 MB
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Deceptively Delicious from the Author: Jessica Seinfeld. It has become common knowledge that childhood obesity rates are increasing every year. But the rates continue to rise. And between busy work schedules and the inconvenient truth that kids simply refuse to eat vegetables and other healthy foods, how can average parents ensure their kids are getting the proper nutrition and avoiding bad eating habits? As a mother of three, Jessica Seinfeld can speak for all parents who struggle to feed their kids right and deal nightly with dinnertime fiascos. As she wages a personal war against sugars, packaged foods, and other nutritional saboteurs, she offers appetizing alternatives for parents who find themselves succumbing to the fastest and easiest (and least healthy) choices available to them. Her modus operandi? Her book is filled with traditional recipes that kids love, except they're stealthily packed with veggies hidden in them so kids don't even know! With the help of a nutritionist and a professional chef, Seinfeld has developed a month's worth of meals for kids of all ages that includes, for example, pureed cauliflower in mac and cheese, and kale in spaghetti and meatballs. She also provides revealing and humorous personal anecdotes, tear–out shopping guides to help parents zoom through the supermarket, and tips on how to deal with the kid that "must have" the latest sugar bomb cereal. But this book also contains much more than recipes and tips. By solving problems on a practical level for parents, Seinfeld addresses the big picture issues that surround childhood obesity and its long–term (and ruinous) effects on the body. With the help of a prominent nutritionist, her book provides parents with an arsenal of information related to kids' nutrition so parents understand why it's important to throw in a little avocado puree into their quesadillas. She discusses the critical importance of portion size, and the specific elements kids simply must have (as opposed to adults) in order to flourish now and in the future: protein, calcium, vitamins, and Omega 3 and 6 fats. Jessica Seinfeld's book is practical, easy–to–read, and a godsend for any parent that wants their kids to be healthy for a long time to come.

The Sneaky Chef

Author: Missy Chase Lapine
Publisher: Running Press
ISBN: 0762430753
Size: 44.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Sneaky Chef from the Author: Missy Chase Lapine. Tips and tricks for how to get children to eat nutritious foods are followed by recipes for healthy and tasty snacks, meals, and desserts that kids will love to eat.

The Chef Says

Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1616893648
Size: 59.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Chef Says from the Author: . Compelling quotations from 150 chefs—including James Beard, Julia Child, Gordon Ramsay, April Bloomfield—to inspire and delight professional chefs, foodies, and anyone who's ever resolved a crisis by adding more butter. "Clean plates don't lie." —Dan Barber Great chefs are not self-effacing or meek—there's no room for indecision in the professional kitchen, where the slightest stumble can send an entire restaurant into the weeds. So it follows that even in quieter moments, what chefs have to say is usually opinionated and always illuminating. The Chef Says invites readers to the ultimate food-lover's dinner party, where cooks from ancient Greece rub shoulders and talk shop with today's rising stars. These unruly culinarians compliment, compete, and disagree with one another as they discuss childhood and training, taste preferences and trends, the quest for perfection, and the grueling but exhilarating business of opening a restaurant. The Chef Says will captivate anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen, been inspired by a flawlessly ripe tomato, or resolved a crisis by adding more butter. • The first compendium to focus on quotations from chefs themselves, it is the perfect gift for professionals, foodies, home cooks, and anyone interested in culinary culture • Features 150 quotes from an international roster of chefs, including Ferran Adrià, Lidia Bastianich, Mario Batali, James Beard, Daniel Boulud, Anthony Bourdain, David Chang, Julia Child, Tom Colicchio, Elizabeth David, Wylie Dufresne, Gabrielle Hamilton, Thomas Keller, Jim Lahey, Sarabeth Levine, Edna Lewis, Anita Lo, Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Samuelsson, Andre Soltner, Charlie Trotter, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Alice Waters, and many others • The fourth volume in our successful Words of Wisdom series (following The Architect Says, The Designer Says, and The Filmmaker Says) • Authors Nach Waxman and Matt Sartwell are the owner and manager, respectively, of the celebrated Kitchen Arts & Letters bookstore in New York City, which offers 13,000 food- and drink-related titles

Mini Chef

Author: Sheridan Rogers
ISBN: 9781742574189
Size: 29.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mini Chef from the Author: Sheridan Rogers. With recipes ranging from baked eggs to tacos to the full roast dinner, together with full colour photographs and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, the kids will be 'plating up' in no time! Sheridan Rogers is an award winning food and travel writer, broadcaster and food stylist and as a teacher has conducted cooking classes for adults and children for almost ten years.


Author: Questlove
Publisher: Clarkson Potter Publishers
ISBN: 0553459422
Size: 19.25 MB
Format: PDF
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Somethingtofoodabout from the Author: Questlove. "Somethingtofoodabout puts Questlove in conversation with notable chefs such as Ludo Lefebvre (Trois Mec/The Taste), Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn), and Nathan Myhrvold (Modernist Cuisine) to explore and share their different creative processes, how their philosophies have evolved, and how they work within the space of their restaurant--both physically and conceptually--to create experiences. Each chapter will center on one chef, opening with an essay that sets the context of the restaurant, and then moving into a conversation between Questlove and the chef. These chapters will be punctuated by gorgeous, artistic photography, illustrations, sketches, and sidebars that introduce us to the things that influence the chefs and inspire Questlove's curiosity about their food."

Don T Give The Dog Sugar With His Tea

Author: G. S. McClellan
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781477525630
Size: 39.47 MB
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Don T Give The Dog Sugar With His Tea from the Author: G. S. McClellan. Don't Give the Dog Sugar With His Tea! tells the wild adventure of a dog who has had too much sugar! The chase between the dog, cat and mouse might feel a little like your own house after the kids have filled up on sugar! Recent Reviews: "Love is what I feel for this book. I loved the humorous and engaging story and the beautiful, colorful illustrations. My kids absolutely loved this story too. They were laughing at all the shenanigans the dog got into after getting hopped up on sugar. We try to eat very healthy in our home and my children knew exactly why the dog was going bananas. Don't Give The Dog Sugar With His Tea! is a great story to teach kids to limit their sugar intake and the consequences if they don't. I will create a whole classroom lesson around this book! I highly recommend it and rate it 5 stars." - Emily Lewis, Mrs. Mommy Booknerds Book Reviews “Don't Give the Dog Sugar With his Tea!” is a well-told tale for young children that subtly sends kids and parents the message that excess sugar can make for some over-abundant energy. With a light touch, author Gordon McClellan shows what happens to a dog who has a sweet tooth – parents might recognize the 'sugar high' their own children get when they have too much of a good thing. Humorous and fun, and not at all heavy-handed, “Don't Give the Dog Sugar With his Tea!” is a great picture book." - Connie Brooks; Owner, Battenkill Books, Cambridge, NY "Don't Give the Dog Sugar With His Tea! is a wonderful story to help teach children about how eating sugar can affect them. The best thing we can do is help our children learn how to eat foods that are healthy and make us feel good, and this book for young learners gets them off to a great start!" - Fanae Aaron, author; What Chefs Feed Their Kids; NPR Books Cookbook of the Year (2011)

Start Fresh

Author: Tyler Florence
Publisher: Rodale
ISBN: 1609611950
Size: 12.21 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Start Fresh from the Author: Tyler Florence. Chef Tyler Florence believes that everybody deserves to eat delicious food prepared with care and the very best ingredients--and that goes for babies and children, too. In Start Fresh, he takes the expertise he has used to create his own line of organic baby food and presents quick, user-friendly recipes for 60 purees packed with simple, easy-to-digest fruits, vegetables, and grains straight from the earth--nothing fake or processed allowed. A practical, timely guide to health, nutrition, and truly delicious cooking from a chef that hundreds of thousands have come to trust, Start Fresh gives concerned parents all the tools they need to prepare nutritious meals their babies will love to eat--for a truly fresh and healthy start.

The Feed Zone Cookbook

Author: Biju K. Thomas
Publisher: VeloPress
ISBN: 1937716430
Size: 43.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Feed Zone Cookbook from the Author: Biju K. Thomas. The Feed Zone Cookbook offers 150 athlete-friendly recipes that are simple, delicious, and easy to prepare. When Dr. Allen Lim left the lab to work with pro cyclists, he found a peloton weary of food. For years the sport's elite athletes had been underperforming on bland fare and processed bars and gels. Science held few easy answers for nutrition in the real world, where hungry athletes must buy ingredients; make meals; and enjoy eating before, during, and after each workout, day after day. So Lim set out to make eating delicious and practical. His journey began with his mom, took him inside the kitchens of the Tour de France, and delivered him to a dinner party where he met celebrated chef Biju Thomas. Chef Biju and Dr. Lim vetted countless meals with the world’s best endurance athletes in the most demanding test kitchens. In The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes, Thomas and Lim share their energy-packed, wholesome recipes to make meals easy to prepare, delicious to eat, and better for performance. The Feed Zone Cookbook provides 150 delicious recipes that even the busiest athletes can prepare in less time than it takes to warm up for a workout. With simple recipes requiring just a handful of ingredients, Biju and Allen show how easy it is for athletes to prepare their own food, whether at home or on the go. The Feed Zone Cookbook strikes the perfect balance between science and practice so that athletes will change the way they think about food, replacing highly processed food substitutes with real, nourishing foods that will satisfy every athlete’s cravings. The Feed Zone Cookbook includes 150 delicious recipes illustrated with full-color photographs Breakfasts, lunches, recovery meals, dinners, snacks, desserts Dr. Allen Lim's take on the science and practice of food Portable real food snacks, including Lim’s famous rice cakes Dozens of quick-prep meals for before and after workouts Shortcuts, substitutions, and techniques to save time in the kitchen Over 100 gluten-free and vegetarian alternatives to favorite dishes