Wearable And Autonomous Biomedical Devices And Systems For Smart Environment

Author: Aimé Lay-Ekuakille
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642156878
Size: 34.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Wearable And Autonomous Biomedical Devices And Systems For Smart Environment from the Author: Aimé Lay-Ekuakille. This book is dedicated to wearable and autonomous systems, including devices, offers to variety of users, namely, master degree students, researchers and practitioners, An opportunity of a dedicated and a deep approach in order to improve their knowledge in this specific field. The book draws the attention about interesting aspects, as for instance, advanced wearable sensors for enabling applications, solutions for arthritic patients in their limited and conditioned movements, wearable gate analysis, energy harvesting, physiological parameter monitoring, communication, pathology detection , etc..

Datenschutz Bei Wearable Computing

Author: Silke Jandt
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3834825549
Size: 17.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Datenschutz Bei Wearable Computing from the Author: Silke Jandt. Ein wichtiges Anwendungsfeld des "Ubiquitous Computing" ist das "Wearable Computing" Miniaturisierte elektronische Gerate in der Kleidung, Brillen oder Schmuckstucken konnen die Sicherheit des Nutzers erhohen und seine Arbeit erleichtern. Allgegenwartige Datenverarbeitung ermoglicht allerdings nicht nur neue Formen der Interessendurchsetzung oder des Datenmissbrauchs, sondern verandert die Interaktion des Menschen mit der Informationstechnik grundsatzlich. Im Rahmen eines Rechtsgutachtens fur die Bundesanstalt fur Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin prufen die Autoren am Beispiel von "Wearable Computing" in Schutzanzugen von Feuerwehreinsatzkraften, ob das bestehende Datenschutzrecht bei risikoadaquater Konkretisierung auch beim Einsatz von "Ubiquitous Computing" ausreichend leistungsfahig ist. Der Inhalt Zulassungsvoraussetzungen fur Personliche.-Schutzausrustungen mit I&K-Technik.- Einsatz von personlichen Schutzanzugen mit I&K-Technik.- Gestaltungsvorschlage. Die Zielgruppen Dozierende und Studierende der Wirtschaftsinformatik mit dem Schwerpunkt Datenschutz und -sicherheit; Fach- und Fuhrungskrafte im Bereich Softwareentwicklung, Datenschutz und -sicherheit, Telekommunikation. Die Autoren Prof. Dr. Alexander Rossnagel lehrt Offentliches Recht am Institut fur Wirtschaftsrecht der Universitat Kassel. Er ist dort wissenschaftlicher Leiter der Projektgruppe verfassungsvertragliche Technikgestaltung (provet) und CIO. Dr. Silke Jandt ist Geschaftsfuhrerin von provet, Hendrik Skistims und Julia Zirfas sind dort wissenschaftliche MitarbeiterInnen.

Wearable Monitoring Systems

Author: Annalisa Bonfiglio
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781441973849
Size: 54.59 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Wearable Monitoring Systems from the Author: Annalisa Bonfiglio. As diverse as tomorrow’s society constituent groups may be, they will share the common requirements that their life should become safer and healthier, offering higher levels of effectiveness, communication and personal freedom. The key common part to all potential solutions fulfilling these requirements is wearable embedded systems, with longer periods of autonomy, offering wider functionality, more communication possibilities and increased computational power. As electronic and information systems on the human body, their role is to collect relevant physiological information, and to interface between humans and local and/or global information systems. Within this context, there is an increasing need for applications in diverse fields, from health to rescue to sport and even remote activities in space, to have real-time access to vital signs and other behavioral parameters for personalized healthcare, rescue operation planning, etc. This book’s coverage will span all scientific and technological areas that define wearable monitoring systems, including sensors, signal processing, energy, system integration, communications, and user interfaces. Six case studies will be used to illustrate the principles and practices introduced.


ISBN: 9780780376670
Size: 59.91 MB
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Itab from the Author: .


Author: Fernando Briones
Publisher: Society of Photo Optical
Size: 58.47 MB
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Nanotechnology from the Author: Fernando Briones.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook Second Edition

Author: Hwaiyu Geng
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 1259583120
Size: 50.84 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook Second Edition from the Author: Hwaiyu Geng. Thoroughly Revised, State-of-the-Art Semiconductor Design, Manufacturing, and Operations Information Written by 70 international experts and reviewed by a seasoned technical advisory board, this fully updated resource clearly explains the cutting-edge processes used in the design and fabrication of IC chips, MEMS, sensors, and other electronic devices. Semiconductor Manufacturing Handbook, Second Edition, covers the emerging technologies that enable the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet of Things, data analytics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and and smart manufacturing. You will get complete details on semiconductor fundamentals, front- and back-end processes, nanotechnology, photovoltaics, gases and chemicals, fab yield, and operations and facilities. •Nanotechnology and microsystems manufacturing •FinFET and nanoscale silicide formation •Physical design for high-performance, low-power 3D circuits •Epitaxi, anneals, RTP, and oxidation •Microlithography, etching, and ion implantations •Physical, chemical, electrochemical, and atomic layer vapor deposition •Chemical mechanical planarization •Atomic force metrology •Packaging, bonding, and interconnects •Flexible hybrid electronics •Flat-panel,flexible display electronics, and photovoltaics •Gas distribution systems •Ultrapure water and filtration •Process chemicals handling and abatement •Chemical and slurry handling systems •Yield management, CIM, and factory automation •Manufacturing execution systems •Advanced process control •Airborne molecular contamination •ESD controls in clean-room environments •Vacuum systems and RF plasma systems •IC manufacturing parts cleaning technology •Vibration and noise design •And much more

Nanotechnologie F R Dummies

Author: Richard D. Booker
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527801898
Size: 71.80 MB
Format: PDF
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Nanotechnologie F R Dummies from the Author: Richard D. Booker. Ob in der Chemie, Physik, Biologie, Medizin, Pharmazie oder den Materialwissenschaften: Die Nanotechnologie ist ?berall vertreten und gilt als Forschungsfeld der Zukunft. Schon heute verstecken sich in unserem Alltag viele nanotechnologische Anwendungen und ihre Zahl w?chst st?ndig. Dank ?Nanotechnologie f?r Dummies? erfahren Sie, wie Nanomaterialien erforscht und genutzt werden, welche Anwendungen in Zukunft m?glich sein k?nnten und wie sogar die Umwelt von der Nanotechnologie profitieren kann. Die Autoren erl?utern dabei alles leicht verst?ndlich und lassen auch m?gliche Risiken nicht au?en vor. So lernen Sie alles, was Sie ?ber dieses Trendthema wissen sollten.

Modern Stroke Rehabilitation Through E Health Based Entertainment

Author: Emmanouela Vogiatzaki
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319212931
Size: 46.90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Modern Stroke Rehabilitation Through E Health Based Entertainment from the Author: Emmanouela Vogiatzaki. This book describes a new, “e-Health” approach to stroke rehabilitation. The authors propose an alternative approach that combines state of the art ICT technologies ranging from Augmented and Virtual Reality gaming environments to latest advances in immersive user interfaces for delivering a mixed-reality training platform, along with advanced embedded micro sensing and computing devices exhibiting enhanced power autonomy by using the latest Bluetooth Smart communication interfaces and energy saving approaches. These technologies are integrated under the umbrella of an online Personal Health Record (PHR) services allowing for delivery of personalized, patient-centric medical services whether at home, in a clinic or on the move. Describes innovative ways for achieving mixed-reality gaming environments; Enhances immersive experience by combining virtual projections with user interfaces based on body motion analysis; Offers cost-effective body motion capture by hybridizing wearable sensor data; Utilizes energy-efficient micro-embedded sensors for wearable physiological and sensing and activity monitoring applications; Includes innovative, power autonomous sensing using Body Area Networks; Describes the prototype of the portable, integrated rehabilitation training solution.