Watch And Learn

Author: Eef Masson
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 9089643125
Size: 14.26 MB
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Watch And Learn from the Author: Eef Masson. Sinds de late jaren negentig is er een toenemende academische belangstelling voor zogenoemde 'gebruiksfilms'; films die bedoeld zijn om te informeren, te trainen of onderwijzen, of te overtuigen van het nut van een service of product. Onderzoek richtte zich tot nu toe in de meeste gevallen vooral op de productie- of distributiegeschiedenis van dergelijke films of hun pedagogische effect. Minder aandacht is er voor de tekstuele dimensie van deze films; de middelen die worden ingezet ter onderbouwing van hun informatieve, educatieve of commerciële argument. Intussen hebben 'gebruiksfilms' echter nog steeds het imago van een zeer 'formulair' genre. Eef Masson nuanceert dit beeld in haar boek en stelt een methodologie voor die de aandacht vestigt op de retorische diversiteit van deze films.

Watch And Learn

Author: Stephanie Bond
Publisher: Harlequin Enterpises AU
ISBN: 1460818296
Size: 57.80 MB
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Watch And Learn from the Author: Stephanie Bond. Gemma Jacobs needs a life a sex life. Newly divorced, she vows that this time it's going to be all about her! So when she receives a letter containing an assignment she did for a sex ed course in college, she takes it as a sign. In the letter, Gemma had confessed her most secret sexual fantasies as well as her most forbidden sexual vice. She liked to be watched. By strangers. And she still does. Lucky for Gemma, her sexy new neighbour, Chev Martinez, is totally enjoying the show. But how well will her voyeuristic little game hold up when Chev decides to venture behind the scenes?

Real Men Rugged Rebels Watch And Learn Under His Skin Her Perfect Hero Mills Boon M B

Author: Stephanie Bond
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 140892904X
Size: 64.37 MB
Format: PDF
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Real Men Rugged Rebels Watch And Learn Under His Skin Her Perfect Hero Mills Boon M B from the Author: Stephanie Bond. Men who work hard - and play harder! Watch and Learn Freshly divorced Gemma vows that her new life’s going to be all about her – and discovering her sexual freedom! Luckily for Gemma, her new neighbour, sexy carpenter Chev, couldn’t agree more...

Watch And Learn

Author: Brent Delaine
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Watch And Learn from the Author: Brent Delaine. "As urbanization and globalization continue to disrupt the intergenerational transmission of Ojibwe/Anishinaabemowin and other Indigenous languages, innovative approaches to language revitalization are increasingly necessary. (Re)establishing Ojibwe as a home language is an important part of this process; however, the needs of adult learners with no access to traditional classrooms must also be met. One way is to harness the power of user-friendly digital media tools and their potential to disseminate information across vast distances using the Internet. By combining some aspects of traditional Anishinaabe pedagogy with contemporary videographic techniques, a dramatic mini-series called Bamitaagewin was created. The goal of Bamitaagewin is to entertain adult viewers while exposing them to target language chosen for its potential use at home with children.This Master's thesis study was designed to assess the efficacy and feasibility of a narrative video-based approach to Indigenous language revitalization. Twenty participants viewed the entire series and completed a language test. Two weeks later, they returned and underwent a "cold" test to assess how much of the target language they had retained. After viewing a review episode, participants completed a third round of testing. Next, they were interviewed to discover how they felt about learning Ojibwe from a narrative video series.Results indicate that viewing the video series fostered the retention of Ojibwe imperative verbs, even after only a single viewing. During the interviews, participants overwhelmingly reported a positive and entertaining learning experience. These results suggest that narrative language-teaching videos may fill an important but oft-neglected niche, and thereby contribute to Indigenous language revitalization. " --

Sex For Beginners Box Set

Author: Stephanie Bond
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460334221
Size: 62.42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sex For Beginners Box Set from the Author: Stephanie Bond. Introducing a temptingly sensual trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Bond! In SEX FOR BEGINNERS, three women get a sexy wake-up call long after taking a Sexual Psyche class in college. Each has received a letter she wrote to herself ten years ago…and within each letter is her deepest fantasies. The letter reminds Gemma Jacobs, who is reeling from a recent divorce, that she has a favorite sexual vice. She likes to be watched. Lucky for her, her sexy new neighbor, Chev Martinez, is totally enjoying the show! Zoe Smythe, an international flight attendant, has never experienced bondage…and she very much wants to. On a flight to Australia, yummy passenger Colin Cannon is willing to indulge Zoe's every whim. But is mind-blowing sex enough for Zoe to turn her entire life upside down? Violet Summerlin has her own concierge business and is a self-professed workaholic. Then she's invited on a working holiday by millionaire client Dominick Burns. The man seems to know just how to please her. Every slow stroke, every breath-stealing adventure, takes her to new heights of sexual ecstasy. But mixing business and pleasure can be a dicey combination. Especially when Violet discovers Dominick's been hiding something from her… Read Watch and Learn, In a Bind and No Peeking, and unleash your own hidden fantasies.

The Guitarist S Tablature Book

Author: Peter Vogl
Publisher: Watch & Learn
ISBN: 9781893907362
Size: 12.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Guitarist S Tablature Book from the Author: Peter Vogl. The Guitarist's Tablature Book by Peter Vogl is simply the most useful tablature book available. Designed based on many years of teaching experience, this must-have book contains input from several master guitar teachers throughout the Southeast. In addition to the blank sheet music the book features ample pages of large tablature & chord diagrams - easy to write on and easy to read. Also included are handy reference materials such as commonly played chords and scales, lesson logs, and manuscript paper. Full guitar neck diagrams give plenty of room for the teacher to write out longer scales or riffs. Pages are perforated for easy tear-out, and the book lays flat for writing. And there's even a useful "tip" on every tablature page. The Guitarist's Tablature Book helps the teacher spend more time teaching and less time writing! It's a valuable and useful tool for all guitar players, whether they're teachers, students, or professionals.