War Narratives And The American National Will In War

Author: Jeffrey J. Kubiak
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137410140
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War Narratives And The American National Will In War from the Author: Jeffrey J. Kubiak. With the U.S. war in Afghanistan in its twelfth year, axioms regarding the American national will in war not being able to tolerate anything other than quick and costless adventures have been found useless in understanding why the U.S. continues to persist in that endeavor. This book answers complex questions about modern US intervention abroad.

War Time

Author: Mary L. Dudziak
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199913471
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War Time from the Author: Mary L. Dudziak. On the surface, "wartime" is a period of time in which a society is at war. But we now live in what President Obama has called "an age without surrender ceremonies," where it is no longer easy to distinguish between times of war and times of peace. In this inventive meditation on war, time, and the law, Mary Dudziak argues that wartime is not as discrete a time period as we like to think. Instead, America has been engaged in some form of ongoing overseas armed conflict for over a century. Meanwhile policy makers and the American public continue to view wars as exceptional events that eventually give way to normal peace times. This has two consequences: first, because war is thought to be exceptional, "wartime" remains a shorthand argument justifying extreme actions like torture and detention without trial; and second, ongoing warfare is enabled by the inattention of the American people. More disconnected than ever from the wars their nation is fighting, public disengagement leaves us without political restraints on the exercise of American war powers.

One Woman S World War Ii

Author: Violet A. Kochendoerfer
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 9780813130392
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One Woman S World War Ii from the Author: Violet A. Kochendoerfer. Judge Mac Swinford was one of the longest-serving federal judges in United States history. During his lengthy tenure in the Kentucky courts, he came to know and appreciate the deep complexity of the law, understanding that it could be solid and fluid, broad and narrow, kind and harsh, changeless yet always evolving. In this service to the state and to the law, he felt that it was often his fellow lawyers who touched and educated him most. Kentucky Lawyer presents the most humorous, enlightening, and poignant moments of a remarkable fifty-year career. Judge Swinford offers a unique Kentucky history, recounting instances of the drama and romance of the Kentucky bar. In √íA Kentucky Ghost Story,√ď he takes readers to the banks of Crooked Creek in Harrison County, where the spirit of a wrongfully accused man still affects judicial decisions. √íCost of Love√ď recalls a trial in Carlisle County in which a scorned lover files suit against her ex-fianc¬é for breach of promise, claiming ten thousand dollars for a broken heart. Remembering some of Kentucky√ēs most revered and respected jurists, Judge Swinford relates American culture in its most intimate and significant sense, through the acts and expressions of local leaders in the everyday affairs of life. His stories of humble commitment highlight the lives of men such as Henry Clay, Lieutenant Governor Rodes K. Myers, and Senator Joe C.S. Blackburn, who championed unpopular cases and stood on the forefront of government and community affairs. Kentucky Lawyer pays tribute to some of Kentucky√ēs √ítruly great men,√ď with the hope that legend will preserve them for us in memory. Now back in print, this classic book illuminates the varied work and world of the twentieth-century lawyer with elegance and humor.

A History Of Islam In America

Author: Kambiz GhaneaBassiri
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139788914
Size: 25.77 MB
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A History Of Islam In America from the Author: Kambiz GhaneaBassiri. Muslims began arriving in the New World long before the rise of the Atlantic slave trade. Kambiz GhaneaBassiri's fascinating book traces the history of Muslims in the United States and their different waves of immigration and conversion across five centuries, through colonial and antebellum America, through world wars and civil rights struggles, to the contemporary era. The book tells the often deeply moving stories of individual Muslims and their lives as immigrants and citizens within the broad context of the American religious experience, showing how that experience has been integral to the evolution of American Muslim institutions and practices. This is a unique and intelligent portrayal of a diverse religious community and its relationship with America. It will serve as a strong antidote to the current politicized dichotomy between Islam and the West, which has come to dominate the study of Muslims in America and further afield.

Race For Citizenship

Author: Helen Heran Jun
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814742971
Size: 79.42 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Race For Citizenship from the Author: Helen Heran Jun. "Original and compelling. Bringing her considerable knowledge of historical and contemporary political theory to bear on her readings of African and Asian American literature and film, Jun analyzes how discourses of race, gender, and national belonging, American orientalism, and American feminism have shaped African and Asian American lives in relation to each other. Simultaneously sophisticated and accessible, Race for Citizenship fills a critical lacuna in race relations studies." ---ELAINE KIM, University of California, Berkeley --

Ethics Norms And The Narratives Of War

Author: Pamela Creed
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415518105
Size: 34.40 MB
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Ethics Norms And The Narratives Of War from the Author: Pamela Creed. This book examines the ethics and values that render a war discourse normative, and features the stories of American soldiers who fought in the Iraq War to show how this narrative can change. The invasion of Iraq, launched in March 2003, was led by the United States under the now discredited claim that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction (WMD). However, critical questions concerning what we may be able to learn from this experience remain largely unexplored. The focus of this book, therefore, is on soldiers as systems of war ‚Äď and the internal battle many of them wage as they live a reality that slowly emerges as inconsistent with familiar beliefs and value commitments. This work offers a reflective study of identity struggle from the perspective of emotional psychology and delves into the 'narrative field' of socio-politics. Going beyond the political contestations over the U.S. military intervention in Iraq, the author analyses original research on the evolving beliefs and value-commitments of veterans of the war, exploring their faith in its 'just cause' and their personal sense of self and national identity. This book will be of much interest to students of the Iraq War, US foreign policy, military studies, discourse analysis, and IR in general.

Japanese American Internment During World War Ii

Author: Wendy L. Ng
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313313752
Size: 32.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Japanese American Internment During World War Ii from the Author: Wendy L. Ng. Collects sources of information regarding the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, including personal essays, photographs, and biographies of the major figures involved.

Pogue S War

Author: Forrest C. Pogue
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 9780813191607
Size: 62.73 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Pogue S War from the Author: Forrest C. Pogue. " With a foreword by Stephen Ambrose and a preface by Franklin D. Anderson Forrest Pogue (1912-1996) was undoubtedly one of the greatest World War II combat historians. Born and educated in Kentucky, he is perhaps best known for his definitive four-volume biography of General George C. Marshall. But, as Pogue's War makes clear, he was also a pioneer in the development of oral history in the twentieth century, as well as an impressive interviewer with an ability to relate to people at all levels, from the private in the trenches to the general carrying four stars. Pogue's War is drawn from Forrest Pogue's handwritten pocket notebooks, carried with him throughout the war, long regarded as unreadable because of his often atrocious handwriting. Pogue himself began expanding the diaries a few short years after the war, with the intent of eventual publication. At last this work is being published. Supplemented with carefully deciphered and transcribed selections from his diaries, the heart of the book is straight from the field. Much of the material has never before seen print. From D-Day to VE-Day, Pogue experienced and documented combat on the front lines, describing action on Omaha Beach, in the Huertgen Forest, and on other infamous fields of conflict. He not only graphically -- yet also often poetically­­ -- recounts the extreme circumstances of battle, but he also notes his fellow soldiers' innermost thoughts, feelings, opinions, and attitudes about the cruelty of war. As a trained historian, Pogue describes how he went about his work and how the Army's history program functioned in the European Theater of Operations. His entries from his time at the history headquarters in Paris show the city in the early days after the liberation in a unique light. Pogue's War has an immediacy that much official history lacks, and is a remarkable addition to any World War II bookshelf. Franklin D. Anderson, Forrest Pogue's nephew by marriage, is a longtime educator. He lives in Princeton, Kentucky.

Crossing The Pond

Author: Jere Bishop Franco
Publisher: University of North Texas Press
ISBN: 9781574410655
Size: 60.30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Crossing The Pond from the Author: Jere Bishop Franco. "Crossing the Pond also chronicles the unsuccessful efforts of Nazi propagandists to exploit Native Americans for the Third Reich, as well as the successful efforts of the United States government and the media to recruit Native Americans, utilize their resources, and publicize their activities for the war effort. Attention is also given to the postwar experiences of Native American men and women as they sought the franchise, educational equality, economic stability, the right to purchase alcohol, and the same amount of respect given to other American war veterans."--BOOK JACKET.

Nordic Narratives Of The Second World War

Author: Henrik Stenius
Publisher: Nordic Academic Press
ISBN: 9185509809
Size: 39.78 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Nordic Narratives Of The Second World War from the Author: Henrik Stenius. Written by leading Nordic historians, this analysis discusses postwar memory and war historiographies from the perspectives of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden vis-à-vis the Second World War. Focusing on the relationship between scholarly and public understandings of the war, this book presents the overarching themes that set apart the Nordic experience while remaining attentive to the distinctive characteristics of war time in each of the five different countries. A major contribution to the international debate on postwar memory, this fascinating account speaks to all those who have an interest in the modern European history.