The Mushroom Jungle

Author: Stephen Holland
Publisher: Zardoz Books
Size: 40.95 MB
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The Mushroom Jungle from the Author: Stephen Holland. Nominated for a Bouchercon Anthony Award. The definitive story of the emergence of the post war publishers, with an introduction to pre-war publishers. Extensive coverage of: the emergence of Panther, Corgi, Pan and others from the fly by night post war publishing world; the mystery surrounding publishers such as Scion, Gannet, Muir Watson, Brown Watson, R&L Locker, Harborough and many, many more; the search for the origins of those many pseudonyms and house names, such as Griff, Hank Janson, Ben Sarto, Vector Magroon, Volsted Gridban, Roland Vane, Dale Bogar. The story of the entanglement of publishing with a sleazy underworld and the complete low down on the Hank Janson Obscenity Trials. Also a run down on the 1950s comics purge, the superb artists of the period -- Reginald Heade, Ron Turner, Denis McLoughlin, James McConnell, Perl -- with prime examples of their work, and interviews and comments from the authors and publishers of the era. A superb book that documents Steve Holland's many years of research in a one well-illustrated authoritative volume. All the information is illustrated by many black and white and colour illustrations of those great paperback covers.

The Princes Of India

Author: Sir Edward Robert Sullivan
Publisher: London : [s.n.]
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The Princes Of India from the Author: Sir Edward Robert Sullivan.

Travancore State Manual

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Travancore State Manual from the Author: V. NAGAM AIYA. TRAVANCORE STATE MANUAL was written in the closing years of the 1800s. It is a fascinating book in that the perspective of historical events that took place in the region known as the Indian Peninsula is markedly different from what is being taught in current day schools and colleges. There is need to bring this book out in a very readable form. That is what has been attempted here. VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS has written a foreword, which aims to elucidate the various differences in perspective, and also tries to focus on varying issues which are nowadays, hidden away from public knowledge. What ultimately comes out as background of unvarying strength is the fact that the English rule, especially that by the British EAST INDIA COMPANY was really of benign qualities, towards the common man of this area. This book contains the story of an independent kingdom at the southern most end of the Indian Peninsula, which lost its independence in 1947, in the wake of a fool coming to power in England.

Dirt Tracks

Author: Vivek Wilson
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 8184757085
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Dirt Tracks from the Author: Vivek Wilson. HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO FOR VENGEANCE? Meet Shiva, the unquestioned king of street fighting. Cold, calculating and methodical, he is unbeatable, until Jacob beats him completely—with kindness. This is the beginning of their deep and lasting friendship that seemingly changes Shiva for the better. But like tracks baked into dirt, the debt of violence owed to the streets doesn’t wash away easily. Enter Shravan, a dark reminder of Shiva’s past. Hate is a strong word but not strong enough for him. It’s when life starts taking an ugly turn that Shiva realizes that Shravan needs to be stopped. It’s something Jacob would never approve of. But Shiva knows that certain debts cannot be repaid with kindness. They have to be paid in kind.