Jamie Vardy The Boy From Nowhere The True Story Of The Genius Behind Leicester City S 5000 1 Winning Season

Author: Frank Worrall
Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1786061899
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Jamie Vardy The Boy From Nowhere The True Story Of The Genius Behind Leicester City S 5000 1 Winning Season from the Author: Frank Worrall. PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS On 2 May 2016, 5000-1 outsiders Leicester City were confirmed as winners of the Premier League, in one of the greatest sporting shocks in history. This most momentous of victories was fuelled by the goals, determination and desire of one Jamie Richard Vardy, a man who only a few years previously had been stuck in non-league football. Too small to play, too slight to mix it, earning so little that he was being forced out of the game he loved, the odds on what was to follow could not have been longer. Yet after a meteoric rise through the football ranks, Jamie Vardy squared his shoulders against all the naysayers and set the Premier League on fire. By the time Christmas of 2015 rolled around, he had scored in eleven consecutive games, breaking Manchester United's Ruud van Nistelrooy's twelve-year-old record in the process, and Leicester were well on their way to this most stunning of footballing triumphs. In The Boy From Nowhere, bestselling sports writer Frank Worrall traces the true story of how Jamie Vardy went from non-league journeyman to inspirational talisman for Premier League champions Leicester City. This is the incredible tale of Jamie Vardy, the boy who came from nowhere to the top of the world.

Premier League By The Numbers 2016 17 Season Review

Author: R Burton
Publisher: Lazy Fan Sports Ltd
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Premier League By The Numbers 2016 17 Season Review from the Author: R Burton. Old school love of the game, with a new twist. Take a look back at the 2016/17 Premier League Season. With new statistics and analytics you won't find in any other book on the market we delve deeper into the performances of the key 18 players that helped shape the season. Using our new analytics we rank players by how they really perform on the field so comparing two players is now much easier. With the new xG (expected goals) grading system we can show who is the best striker in the Premier League, and who is the best goal scoring midfielder. Using a shot matrix system each midfielder and forward receives a grade based on how many goals he was expected to score based on the shots he took. xGA (expected goals against) measures how many goals a goalkeeper saves his team per season based on shot location. All in a fun and informative style. Plus full analytics and statistics on every player to pull on a shirt in the 2016/17 Premier League season. 525 pages

Author: Коллектив авторов
Publisher: Azərnəşr
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from the Author: Коллектив авторов.

Author: Алиев, Камал Гасан оглы
Publisher: Баку, Азернешр
ISBN: 5552006658
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from the Author: Алиев, Камал Гасан оглы.


Author: Дмитрий Ростовский
Publisher: Litres
ISBN: 5457981649
Size: 51.97 MB
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2 from the Author: Дмитрий Ростовский. «Жития святых» Дмитрия Ростовского – это знаменитые Четьи-Минеи, которые имели и продолжают иметь колоссальное духовное влияние на многие поколения православных христиан. Дмитрия Ростовского часто называли «Златоустом Российской словесности», «Пастырем добрый», «Звездой всю страну ученьми и чудесы озарившей», «Райской ветвью Малороссии», «Святителем с медоточивыми устами». Святитель Димитрий Ростовский писал «Жития святых» на каждый день года в течение двадцати лет. Четьи-Минеи можно буквально передать как (чтение на каждый месяц). Это книги житий святых Православной Церкви, причем повествования эти излагаются по порядку месяцев и дней каждого месяца, откуда и название их «минеи». «Жития святых» – сборники оригинальных и переводных памятников, житийных и риторических церковно-учительных слов и других сочинений Отцов Церкви и предназначавшихся для ежедневного чтения в течение месяца.

Jamie Vardy From Nowhere My Story

Author: Jamie Vardy
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1473550467
Size: 24.34 MB
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Jamie Vardy From Nowhere My Story from the Author: Jamie Vardy. The Sunday Times Bestseller and Number 1 Sport Book of 2016 'A tale that's truly inspirational' The Sun An ordinary lad from Sheffield, Jamie Vardy has become known as an against-the-odds footballing hero the world over. Yet a few years ago, things couldn’t have been any more different. Rejected as a teenager by his boyhood club, Jamie thought his chance was gone. But from playing pub football and earning £30 a week at Stocksbridge Park Steels, while still working in a factory, his off-the-cuff performances saw him rise. Jamie had a wild and turbulent youth, but football became his saving grace and, once he filled his boots with goals at FC Halifax Town and Fleetwood Town, he moved to Leicester City. After the miracle of surviving relegation, the team of unlikely outsiders bonded together to achieve the unthinkable: Jamie set the record as the first player to score in 11 consecutive Premier League matches and Leicester beat odds of 5000-1 to become champions. Jamie has now been nominated for the Ballon d’Or, firmly establishing himself as one of England’s leading goal scoring footballers. Not forgetting his roots, however, he has set up the V9 Academy in a bid to find the next big talent from non-league football. Defying all expectations, this is the story of the boy from nowhere who reached the top in his own unflinching, honest words.

Author: Александр Петрович Каждан
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from the Author: Александр Петрович Каждан.

Rupert Thomson

Author: Robert Duggan
Publisher: Gylphi Limited
ISBN: 1780240597
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Rupert Thomson from the Author: Robert Duggan. Rupert Thomson's innovative and unsettling writing ranges from dystopian alternative futures to meditations on crime and cultural memory, and from historical fictions to explorations of contemporary gender violence. The essays in this collection argue that Thomson's novels and memoir are compelling case-studies in late twentieth and early twenty-first-century literature, which engage with contemporary cultural and political preoccupations through persistently off-beat and often experimental literary forms, and trouble stable definitions of genre in the process. With chapters focusing on borders, panopticism, haunting, child sexual abuse, shame, atmosphere and intertextuality, this collection offers a critical introduction to an author whose work has been overlooked by the academy for too long.