Hawthorne S Visual Artists And The Pursuit Of A Transatlantic Aesthetics

Author: Kumiko Mukai
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783039113682
Size: 18.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Hawthorne S Visual Artists And The Pursuit Of A Transatlantic Aesthetics from the Author: Kumiko Mukai. Among Hawthorne's primary themes, the visual arts have usually been regarded as an afterthought and have only been examined to elucidate his own personal philosophy. Hawthorne's own contemporaries derided him for his 'mediocre' aesthetics and that view has been taken as received wisdom up to the present day. This study reexamines Hawthorne's aesthetics, and suggests that he was much more familiar with the art and artists of the time than has previously been acknowledged by critics. He developed his own eclectic and transatlantic view of art, a view which incorporated decorative arts like embroidery, while maintaining a modest estimation of his own talents. This book examines the full range of visual artists whom Hawthorne portrays. It argues that these portrayals illuminate the artist's dilemma of being fettered by New England Puritanism while at the same time being attracted to the richness and depth of both Victorian aesthetics and the artistic sense of Old World Catholicism. The ambiguous destinies of his artist-characters include misunderstandings and disputes, while at the same time they suggest a reconciliation of the conflicting sentiments and transatlantic perspectives of the writer himself.

The Highlander

Author: Kerrigan Byrne
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 1466887427
Size: 58.41 MB
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The Highlander from the Author: Kerrigan Byrne. In The Highlander, a stunning, gorgeous Victorian romance from Kerrigan Byrne, can the fiercest master of battle conquer a woman’s heart? They call him the Demon Highlander. The fearsome Lieutenant Colonel Liam MacKenzie is known for his superhuman strength, towering presence, and fiery passion in the heat of battle. As Laird to the MacKenzie clan, the undefeated Marquess has vanquished his foes with all rage and wrath of his barbaric Highland ancestors. But when an English governess arrives to care for his children, the master of war finds himself up against his greatest opponent. . . in the game of love. Defying all expectations, Miss Philomena is no plain-faced spinster but a ravishing beauty with voluptuous curves and haughty full lips that rattle the Laird to his core. Unintimidated by her master’s raw masculinity and savage ways, the headstrong lass manages to tame not only his wild children but the beast in his soul. With each passing day, Liam grows fonder of Miss Mena—and more suspicious. What secret is she hiding behind those emerald eyes? What darkness brought her to his keep? And how can he conquer this magnificent woman’s heart . . . without surrendering his own? “Romantic, lush, and suspenseful.” —Suzanne Enoch on The Highwayman


Author: Hope Tarr
Publisher: Medallion Media Group
ISBN: 1605425168
Size: 37.38 MB
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Vanquished from the Author: Hope Tarr. Sent to bring down the reputation of suffragist leader Caledonia (Callie) Rivers, Hadrian St. Claire soon discovers he is the one in danger of being vanquished.

Virginia Woolf And The Victorians

Author: Steve Ellis
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139468960
Size: 68.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Virginia Woolf And The Victorians from the Author: Steve Ellis. Criticism of Woolf is often polarised into viewing her work as either fundamentally progressive or reactionary. In this 2007 book, Steve Ellis argues that her commitment to anxiety about modernity coexists with a nostalgia and respect for aspects of Victorian culture threatened by radical social change. Ellis tracks Woolf's response to the Victorian era through her fiction and other writings, arguing that Woolf can be seen as more 'Post-Victorian' than 'modernist'. He explains how Woolf's emphasis on continuity and reconciliation related to twentieth-century debates about Victorian values, and he analyses her response to the First World War as the major threat to that continuity. This detailed and original investigation of the range of Woolf's writing attends to questions of cultural and political history and fictional structure, imagery and diction. It proposes a fresh reading of Woolf's thinking about the relationships between the past, present and future.

Bloody Lessons A Victorian San Francisco Mystery

Author: M. Louisa Locke
Publisher: M. Louisa Locke
Size: 65.35 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Bloody Lessons A Victorian San Francisco Mystery from the Author: M. Louisa Locke. In Bloody Lessons, it's the winter of 1880, and the teachers of San Francisco are under attack: their salaries slashed and their competency and morals questioned in a series of poison pen letters. Annie Fuller, the reluctant clairvoyant, has been called in to investigate by Nate Dawson, her lawyer beau, and the case becomes personal when they discover that Laura, Nate's sister, may be one of the teachers being targeted. In this installment of the Victorian San Francisco Mystery series, readers will find the same blend of a cozy mystery and romantic suspense, played out against the historical backdrop of late 19th century San Francisco, that they found in Maids of Misfortune and Uneasy Spirits. If you are new to this series, you will still enjoy spending time with the lively residents of Annie Fuller's boarding house and visiting San Francisco when Golden Gate Park was filled with horse-drawn carriages, politics were controlled by saloon-keepers, and kisses were stolen under gaslight.

Why Translation Studies Matters

Author: Daniel Gile
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 902722434X
Size: 74.83 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Why Translation Studies Matters from the Author: Daniel Gile. Whether Translation Studies really matters is an important and challenging question which practitioners of translation and interpreting raise repeatedly. TS scholars, many of whom are translators and interpreters themselves, are not indifferent to it either. The twenty papers of this thematic volume, contributed by authors from various parts of Europe, from Brazil and from Israel, address it in a positive spirit. Some do so through direct critical reflection and analysis, arguing in particular that the engagement of TS with society should be strengthened so that the latter could benefit more from the former. Others illustrate the relevance and contribution of TS to society and to other disciplines from various angles. Topics broached include the cultural mediation role of translators, issues in literary translation, knowledge as intellectual capital, globalization through English and risks associated with it, bridging languages, mass media, corpora, training, the use of modern technology, interdisciplinarity with psycholinguistics and neurophysiology.

The Victorians And Germany

Author: John R. Davis
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783039110650
Size: 80.36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Victorians And Germany from the Author: John R. Davis. Of all the parts of the world to interest the Victorians, Germany was among the most important. Though less well known today, partly in consequence of the events of the twentieth century, German influences in Britain were strong, and their legacy substantial. This book charts the emergence, development and course of the Victorian interest in Germany. Its multidisciplinary approach, which binds together for the first time the latest research conducted in a variety of areas, shows how a discourse developed in Britain regarding Germany and the Germans which spilled over from one area of life to another, and included some of the most prominent figures in Victorian life. It provides a framework for understanding the causes of the Victorian fascination with Germany, and argues forcefully that the roots of this lay in the processes of modernisation taking place in each place respectively. It also points to the deep impact this had upon the course of British history and reveals how it prepared the ground for the future direction of Anglo-German relations.