V Is For Virgin

Author: Kelly Oram
Publisher: Bluefields
ISBN: 0985627727
Size: 73.74 MB
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V Is For Virgin from the Author: Kelly Oram.

Bible Basics For Babes In Christ

Author: Jenell Sanford
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1483663361
Size: 76.53 MB
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Bible Basics For Babes In Christ from the Author: Jenell Sanford. Now we all know Zedekiah and Mahershalalhashbaz, don't we? Well most people do not. Introducing Bible Basics for Babes in Christ - a fun, new, interactive book that will take you through the Bible from A to Z. It can be used in a personal or group setting. Don't know where to start? How about with "A" or with the first letter of your first name or how about "Z"? There are 26 starting points and each is just as appropriate as the next. So dive into the people, places and things of the Bible from Adam to Zerrubbabel, Asia to Zoar and Altar to Zap in one big book of fun, simplicity and truth. Increase your Bible knowledge, uncover cool facts, apply what you've learned and along the way develop a great relationship with the author of the book - God. This book is for beginners, lay people and those versed in the Word. It is non intimidating and yet still challenging for young and old alike. Bible Basics for Babes in Christ is filled with a "Did You Know..." section for each letter of the alphabet uncovering little known or unknown pieces of information in the Bible. +"A" - Did You Know...The Bible only names 4 angels. Who are they? Each letter of the alphabet includes a brief biographical sketch of up to 8 key people. "H" - Ham (the man not the meat!) was the father of the Canaanities, whose land was also known as the "Promised Land" which was given to the Israelites, descendants of his brother Shem. There are also sections for places and things for each letter of the alphabet. "P" - A Parable is an everyday truth that has spiritual application. "Z" - Zion began as the name of the City of David (2Sam. 5:7) and has been used figuratively to mean Israel as the people of God (Is. 60:14) and has gone on to mean the Church of God and the heavenly Jerusalem (Rev. 14:1). Other sections include: Scripture... (Fill in the blank) How much was Delilah paid for information about Samson? _______________________ (Judges 16:5) Trivia... Lot is the first "caveman" mentioned in the Bible (Gen. 19:30). A question to ponder: Why did Thomas doubt the report of the other disciples about Jesus' appearance? Something to do: There was a man who threw a party, yet his intended guests made excuses as to why they could not attend. Throw a party and invite people you normally would NOT invite. Have a small get together with people you normally would NOT get together with. Have lunch with someone you would NOT normally have lunch with. Bible Basics for Babes in Christ is a must have for the bible beginner, a refresher for the bible intermediate and an easy to use companion for any clergy. So let's begin our stroll through the greatest book ever written...the bible! +Answer: Isaiah 14:12 Lucifer, Luke 1:19 Gabriel, Jude 1:9 Michael, Revelation 9:11 Apollyon/Abaddon

V Is For Vampyre

Author: Irene Patino
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1612355722
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V Is For Vampyre from the Author: Irene Patino. He was new to this world of night dancers, a fledgling. He was born at the age of 33, and had much to learn. He watched as a cohort of vampires worked their way through the crowd at Carnival, seducing first this one and then that one. It was fascinating at first, then titillating. But, the titillation only affected his mind; it was the last vestige of humanity to cling to the long, dead, man. He now looked for that same titillation in new places among the living, as well as the dead.


Author: Naomi Klein
Publisher: Nash Format
ISBN: 6177279309
Size: 47.76 MB
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I from the Author: Naomi Klein. Ця книга не про те, що знають усі. У ній Наомі Кляйн – авторка трьох світових бестселерів – майстерно аналізує те, як великі корпорації та ідеологія вільного ринку блокують і без того непевні спроби боротися з кліматичними змінами. Більше того, Кляйн викриває та відверто критикує багатьох наших так званих рятівників – великі організації «зелених», які автор пов’язує з нафтовими компаніями; мільярдерів на зразок Річарда Бренсона, котрі, за її словами, більше обіцяють, ніж роблять. У цій книзі ви не знайдете жодних повчань і не почуєте голосу моралізаторства. На основі різних думок, культурологічних досліджень та журналістських розслідувань авторка знаходить рішення проблеми кліматичних змін та пояснює те, як з нею пов’язана економічна система. Можете забути те, що ви коли-небудь чули про кліматичні зміни. Ця книга «змінить усе», зокрема і ваше уявлення про них.

Medical Physics

Author: Gerardo Herrera Corral
Publisher: American Inst. of Physics
Size: 46.44 MB
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Medical Physics from the Author: Gerardo Herrera Corral. During the X Mexican Symposium on Medical Physics a special session was dedicated to Hadron Therapy. The technology of accelerators has been applied to cancer therapy for many years. High energy electrons are used to treat tumors, but the energy deposition in living tissue is not optimal considering that it is not focused on the desired volume. The use of protons offers a better option to irradiate tumors. Protons lose most of their energy at the end of their penetration depth. This opens a new technology that makes use of hadrons to get a more precise dose delivery. Topics like MRI, Photoacustic Techniques, Biomagnetism, etc. are discussed as well.