Understanding Employee Engagement

Author: Zinta S. Byrne
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136736166
Size: 43.47 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Understanding Employee Engagement from the Author: Zinta S. Byrne. Employee engagement is a novel concept that has been building momentum in recent years. Understanding Employee Engagement: Theory, Research, and Practice exposes the science and practice of employee engagement. Grounded in theory and empirical research, this book debates the definitions of engagement, provides a comprehensive evaluation of empirical findings in the engagement field including a focus on international findings, and offers implications for science and practice in organizations. Employers can learn how to foster and drive engagement to increase productivity and happiness, and researchers can master the existing engagement literature and begin to study the many propositions and new models Zinta S. Byrne, Ph.D. proposes throughout the book.

50 Activities For Employee Engagement

Author: Peter Garber
Publisher: Human Resource Development
ISBN: 1599969807
Size: 26.56 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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50 Activities For Employee Engagement from the Author: Peter Garber. Getting employees engaged is not easy to do. Nor is it something you should undertake unless youOCOre in it for the long haul. This collection of skill-building activities will help you understand what employee engagement really means, how it can help your organization and how to create and maintain an engaged workforce. Managers, supervisors and even engaged employees will gain the perspective and insight necessary to make this exciting cultural transition successfully. Are you just beginning your engagement journey? YouOCOll find activities to help you define employee engagement, measure the current level of engagement in your organization and understand critical underlying principles. Are you interested in sustaining and growing employee engagement? Move on to the activities on overcoming obstacles, motivating engaged employees, how world famous leaders lead engagement and other advanced topics. The activities are organized into six, easy-to-reference sections: Understanding employee engagement; Getting started to engage employees; Leading employee engagement; Measuring employee engagement; Creating an engaged workplace; Employee engagement communications. Each of these fun and easy-to-use employee activities focuses on a different aspect of employee engagement and can be completed in 30-45 minutes. Each activity includes the purpose, description, time guidelines, resources, presentation instructions, debriefing guidelines and a handout."

The Executive Guide To Understanding And Implementing Employee Engagement Programs

Author: Patrick L. Townsend
Publisher: ASQ Quality Press
ISBN: 9780873897181
Size: 44.76 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Executive Guide To Understanding And Implementing Employee Engagement Programs from the Author: Patrick L. Townsend. "This book is for anyone who is currently in a position to impact the future of an organization - or anyone who hopes to be in a position to lead or support such an effort in the future. This includes not only for-profit business enterprises, but any organization. For many, this approach to performance excellence will require a willingness to rethink their approach both to other people and to the workplace. Once you head down this path, everything changes."--BOOK JACKET.

Employee Engagement

Author: Emma Bridger
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 0749472022
Size: 66.49 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Employee Engagement from the Author: Emma Bridger. Achieving employee engagement is crucial to the success and continued high performance of any organization. But with budgets tighter than ever before, economic struggles and an increasingly stressful workplace for staff, it has become an increasingly difficult task. Aimed at HR practitioners and managers, Employee Engagement offers a complete, practical resource for understanding, measuring and building engagement. Grounded in engagement theory and an understanding of psychology combined with practical tools, techniques and diagnostics, this book will help you assess and drive engagement in your organization. Case studies include British Gas, Capital One, Asda, Ministry of Justice, Mace and RSA.

Engage Your Workforce

Author: Linda Russell
Publisher: American Society for Training and Development
ISBN: 1562867245
Size: 16.36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Engage Your Workforce from the Author: Linda Russell. This Infoline offers you a roadmap for creating an engaged workforce in your company.

Getting To The Heart Of Employee Engagement

Author: Les Landes
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1475948018
Size: 64.57 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Getting To The Heart Of Employee Engagement from the Author: Les Landes. During the past two decades, few pursuits have captured the passion of American business as fervently as the quest to unleash the power of people. While some of those pursuits have been fruitful, significant employee engagement remains largely untapped. In this captivating tale, author and consultant Les Landes offers a new path to the promised land of extraordinary employee engagement. It begins with a thought-provoking premise about the essential differences between human beings and other living creatures—imagination and free will—and how those two qualities are inseparably linked. That premise opens the door to a fresh understanding and appreciation for human nature in the workplace, and it sets the stage for a breakthrough in optimizing employee performance. The book tells the story of two principal characters: Tom Payton, a human resources and employee communications manager who’s looking for insights on employee engagement as well as a promotion, and David Kay, an enigmatic consultant who guides Tom on a journey of discovery. Over the course of the story, their conversations run the gamut from the silly to the sublime, from the humorous to the serious, from the novelty of Barney the purple dinosaur to the elegant wisdom of Henry David Thoreau. Together, Tom and David explore essential topics related to employee engagement, such as continuous improvement, performance development, and communication. They also challenge mistaken notions about people in the workplace, and the ideas captured in their dialogue offer approaches to employee engagement based on insights from historically significant thinkers. This unique business fable shows how tapping into the power and purpose of imagination and free will can help you create the type of organization where employees love to work and customers love doing business.

Enhancing Employee Engagement

Author: J. Lee Whittington
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319547321
Size: 21.65 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Enhancing Employee Engagement from the Author: J. Lee Whittington. This book provides an evidence-based approach to understanding declining levels of employee engagement, offering a set of practices that individuals and organizations can adopt in order to improve productivity and organizational performance. It introduces a model outlining how the experience of meaningful work impacts engagement and other organizational attitudes and behaviors. It recognizes the antecedents and consequences of such behavior, recognizing that they must be considered as components of an organizational system rather than in isolation. It will be useful for scholars and practitioners in identifying and remedying the endemic trend of disconnected workers and their negative impact on organizational goals.

Understanding Leadership S Role With Employee Engagement

Author: Jessie Gentry
Size: 61.79 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Understanding Leadership S Role With Employee Engagement from the Author: Jessie Gentry. The Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport Board has a vision of connecting the world. To accomplish this, it is important that each employee be engaged and believe in the organizational drivers and beliefs. This research addresses a problem related to employee engagement and why the DFW Airport Fire Department's (DFWFD) employee engagement fell below the organizations expectations of all departments. The purpose of this research was to gain an understanding of leadership's role with regard to employee engagement.

Power Of Federal Employee Engagement

Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 1437915426
Size: 23.83 MB
Format: PDF
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Power Of Federal Employee Engagement from the Author: . This report emphasizes the role that employee engagement plays in improving Federal agency outcomes. A focus on strategies to further engage the Federal work force is critical as agencies attempt to improve their operations within budget constraints, and as they face increasing numbers of retirement-eligible employees in a labor market where there is intense competition for top talent. This report examines what engages Federal employees -- that is, what contributes to a heightened connection between Federal employees and their work or their organization. It explores the extent that different groups of employees are engaged and, more importantly, discusses how employee engagement relates to improved Federal agency outcomes. Illustrations.