The Works

Author: William Shakespeare
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The Works from the Author: William Shakespeare.

Soldier Of Rome 2 Judea

Author: Bob Base
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1326555529
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Soldier Of Rome 2 Judea from the Author: Bob Base. This is book two in the series Soldier of rome, and it follows our contubernium to Judea at the beginning of the Jewish uprising and Romes response which was led by Vespasian and his son. We follow our men as Praetorians throughout that war from the sea of Galilee to Alexandria in Egypt and back to Rome and the Civil war as Vespasian makes his bid for power. These are not supermen but simple soldiers recruited from the Empire and trained to be part of the Legions killing machine. There are no Heroes,no women and no romance this is the legions at the lowest level and war at its worst as man v man with steel and club I have tried to make it as accurate as i can but the time frame may be compressed slightly so as to speed up the continuity within the story and if there are any glaring inaccuracies use the contact form and i shall revise the book. Please download the preview before buying.

Spqr Vii The Tribune S Curse

Author: John Maddox Roberts
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 1429908351
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Spqr Vii The Tribune S Curse from the Author: John Maddox Roberts. Decius Caecilius Metellus is happy. The weather is beautiful and he is standing for office (literally; standing, in the Roman Forum soliciting votes) with a sure chance of winning. And Caesar's ongoing dreary war is far off in Gaul. Decius is confident that another war looming over Rome, instigated by one Crassus against the Parthians (for no reason but possible worldly gain); will be voted down in the Senate. But the vote does not stop Crassus. On the day he and his troops set out from Rome, the Tribune Ateius Capitus, leader of the opposition, shrieks an ancient and terrible curse over the huge crowd assembled -- a curse that frightens not only the man in the street but the highest Romans. When Ateius is murdered soon after, Decius, solver of past mysteries, has the ugly task of finding the killer. Fascinating details of Rome's mixed attitudes about the power of magic and the practice of rational politics illuminate this latest of Roberts's strong historical mysteries.

The Politics Of Whiteness

Author: Michelle Brattain
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 9780820326047
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The Politics Of Whiteness from the Author: Michelle Brattain. The Politics of Whiteness presents the first sustained analysis of white racial identity among workers in what was the South’s largest industry for much of the twentieth century: textiles. Michelle Brattain, who grounds her work in a study of Rome, Georgia, from the Great Depression to the 1970s, adds a significant new dimension to a field that before had focused primarily on antiunionism, paternalism, or mill village culture. Many scholars have argued that racial tensions kept black and white workers from seeing their shared interests. While that may be so, says Brattain, Jim Crow and southern industry also functioned to give white workers very different and racially specific interests. Most important, Brattain uncovers considerable white working-class political influence and activism, which, by re-creating and defending southern institutions grounded in the idea of racial difference, helped pave the way for resistance to the civil rights movement.