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Trefoil from the Author: .


Author: Hillary Dumas
Publisher: Hillary Dumas
ISBN: 9780962923609
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Trefoil from the Author: Hillary Dumas. TREFOIL catalogues the highly-praised Mills College 1990 exhibition of rugs from China, Turkestan, Persia, Anatolia, Spain & the Caucasus. The authors discuss seven design groups - Guls, Stars, Wheels, Quatrefoils, Gardens, Mihrabs & Beasts. The 33 color illustrations include a previously unpublished large-size 15th-c. "Holbein," two early "Animal/Tree" rugs, a village "Star Ushak," a silk Yarkand prayer rug, a Ladik prayer rug lacking a tulip panel, & a 21 ft. silk pile Kashgar Saph (now in the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco). "Trefoil...a major exhibition designed for the knowledgeable & committed rug exhibition of international importance..." - George O'Bannon, "TREFOIL at mills College," ORIENTAL RUG REVIEW, Vol. 10:4 (1990). "An intellectual's taste of classical & early village themes." - Thomas Murray, "Trefoil", HALI #51 (1990). "TREFOIL contains numerous insights, especially concerning the continuity of certain, possibly emblematic, designs...(It) is very much worth adding to any rug library." - Pamela Bensoussan, "TREFOIL" ORIENTAL RUG REVIEW, Vol. 11:6 (1991). TREFOIL, 248 Trinity Ave., Kensington, CA 94708; 510-526-3265. 33% library discount.


Author: M. Moore
Publisher: M C Moore
ISBN: 1466459670
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Trefoil from the Author: M. Moore. Some days are just like fairy tales. You wake up a normal teenager in NYC, but by dinner time you find out you're a fairy princess. Meckenzie Desmond's life took that turn as she and her triplet brother and sister find out that their mother, who disappeared when they were ten, is the fairy queen and they are meant to rule the world of Aquanis. Like every fairy tale, there is an evil lurking in the shadows to make sure there is no happily ever after.

The Scarlet Trefoil

Author: L. A. Kelly
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 0800731565
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The Scarlet Trefoil from the Author: L. A. Kelly. The exciting saga of Tahn Dorn concludes. Will Tahn and Netta miss their chance at happiness when Netta is kidnapped by the murderously jealous Baron Lionel Trent.


Author: Margaret P. Macdonald
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Trefoil from the Author: Margaret P. Macdonald. Follows the adventures in life and love of three girls who vow to maintain their close friendship after they finish school.

Trail Of The Trefoil

Author: Edith Ballinger Price
ISBN: 9781258500825
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Trail Of The Trefoil from the Author: Edith Ballinger Price.

Land Use Systems In Grassland Dominated Regions

Author: A. L├╝scher
Publisher: vdf Hochschulverlag AG
ISBN: 9783728129406
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Land Use Systems In Grassland Dominated Regions from the Author: A. L├╝scher. "Land Use Systems in Grassland Dominated Regions" was the stimulating theme of the 20th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation. This topic was not solely tailored to Switzerland and the other countries in the Alpine zone, but also to all other European regions dominated by grassland. In such regions, grasslands are fundamental for agricultural production and landscape value, including the conservation of natural resources. Changes or losses of the basic functions of grassland can have dramatic impacts on regional developments in grassland areas. In adapting these functions, grassland farming faces tremendous challenges caused by economic, political and technical factors.The emphasis of the conference was on five aspects. The first topic dealt with the difficulty in combining ecological and economic goals on a farm scale and at a regional level under given ecological conditions and agro-environmental policy regimes. The second was dedicated to the fact that grassland meets human needs through the services that it provides to society. This was shown by highlighting the benefits and potential risks of grassland systems. The third aspect concerned the efficient use of plant nutrients in soil-plant-animal systems in order to optimise grass growth and minimise environmental impacts. The fourth session concentrated on the relevance of forage quality for the quality and safety of dairy and meat products, and the last session was dedicated to the transfer of knowledge into agricultural practise.This book contains the complete proceedings of the conference. Also available is the Book of Abstracts.