Treating Self Destructive Behaviors In Trauma Survivors

Author: Lisa Ferentz
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317626680
Size: 33.15 MB
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Treating Self Destructive Behaviors In Trauma Survivors from the Author: Lisa Ferentz. Treating Self-Destructive Behaviors in Trauma Survivors, 2nd ed, is a book for clinicians who specialize in helping trauma survivors and, during the course of treatment, find themselves unexpectedly confronted with client disclosures of self-destructive behaviors, including self-mutilation and other manifestations of deliberately "hurting the body" such as bingeing, purging, starving, substance abuse and other addictive behaviors. Arguing that standard safety contracts are not effective, renowned clinician Lisa Ferentz introduces viable treatment alternatives, assessment tools, and new ways of understanding self-destructive behavior using a strengths-based approach that distinguishes between the "experimental" non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) that some teenagers occasionally engage in and the self-destructive behaviors that are repetitive and chronic. In the new edition, many of the treatment strategies are cross referenced to a useful workbook, giving therapists and clients concrete ways to integrate theory into practice. In addition, Ferentz emphasizes the importance of assessing for and strengthening clients' self-compassion, and explains how nurturing this idea cognitively, emotionally, and somatically can become the catalyst for motivation and change. The book also explores a cycle of behavior that clinicians can personalize and use as a template for treatment. In its final sections, the book focuses on counter-transferential responses and the different ways in which therapists can work with self-destructive behaviors and avoid vicarious traumatization by adopting tools and strategies for self-care. Treating Self-Destructive Behaviors in Trauma Survivors, 2nd ed, can be used on its own or in conjunction with the accompanying client-focused workbook, Letting Go of Self-Destructive Behaviors: A Workbook of Hope and Healing.

Letting Go Of Self Destructive Behaviors

Author: Lisa Ferentz
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317626656
Size: 36.82 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Letting Go Of Self Destructive Behaviors from the Author: Lisa Ferentz. Letting Go of Self-Destructive Behaviors offers inspiring, hopeful, creative resources for the millions of male and female adolescents and adults who struggle with eating disorders, addictions, any form of self-mutilation. It is also a workbook for the clinicians who treat them. Using journaling exercises, drawing and collaging prompts, guided imagery, visualizations, and other behavioral techniques, readers will learn how to understand, compassionately work with, and heal from their behaviors rather than distracting from or fighting against them, which can dramatically reduce internal conflict and instill genuine hope. Techniques are provided in easy-to-follow exercises that focus on calming the body, containing overwhelming emotions, managing negative and distorted thoughts, re-grounding from flashbacks, addressing tension and anxiety, decreasing a sense of vulnerability, strengthening assertiveness and communication skills, and accessing inner wisdom. This workbook can be used in conjunction with Treating Self-Destructive Behaviors in Trauma Survivors, 2nd ed, also by Lisa Ferentz, to allow therapists and their clients to approach the behaviors from the same strengths-based perspective. Workbook exercises can be completed as homework assignments or as part of a therapy session. In either case, the client is given the opportunity to process their work and share their insights with a compassionate witness and trained professional, making the healing journey even safer and more rewarding.

Der K Rper Vergi T Nicht

Author: Bessel van der Kolk
ISBN: 9783944476131
Size: 73.57 MB
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Der K Rper Vergi T Nicht from the Author: Bessel van der Kolk.

Psychiatric Treatment Of Victims And Survivors Of Sexual Trauma

Author: Jamshid A. Marvasti
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher
ISBN: 0398074607
Size: 22.14 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Psychiatric Treatment Of Victims And Survivors Of Sexual Trauma from the Author: Jamshid A. Marvasti. Psychological trauma is a multifaceted phenomenon with extensive involvement of biochemical and neurological changes. This book originated on the basis of clinical observations and the authors believe that trauma is the region in which psych and soma meet each other and integrate, becoming a single entity. In this text, the authors attempt to integrate the psychosocial and bio-neuro-endocrine aspects of human experience, including trauma. Chapter 1 provides a psychobiological perspective of incest, and sexual abuse, and considers the stages of and reactions to incest that trauma clients have experienced. Chapter 2 focuses on trauma-related syndromes associated with survivors of sexual abuse. Chapter 3 continues the theme of the second chapter, providing further discussion of the link between sexual trauma and somatic sensations of discomfort and pain. Chapter 4 describes the frustration in treating drug/alcohol addicts and the discovery that these individuals have a history of hidden trauma which haunts them and prevents recovery. Chapter 5 explores the victims response to trauma and examines the nontraditional treatment models for psychological trauma. Chapter 6 presents psychotherapy practices used with incest survivors, and details treatment principles and goals and explains new treatment options. Chapter 7 explores the practice of pharmacotherapy in treating trauma-related disorders and focuses on the use of a variety of psychiatric medications for the treatment of PTSD. Chapter 8 presents creative and rehabilitative practices for treating victimized children and adolescents, pointing to the importance of art therapy in the recovery process of traumatized individuals. Chapter 9 provides an overview of play therapy/cognitive-behavioral therapy for sexually abused children and adolescents. Readers will find in this text a diversity of research topics and a variety of clinical observations that are not only useful but timely.

Treating Trauma Survivors With Ptsd

Author: Rachel Yehuda
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub
ISBN: 9781585627844
Size: 50.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Treating Trauma Survivors With Ptsd from the Author: Rachel Yehuda. In recent years, considerable research, as well as clinical guidelines based on study findings, has been published on the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A gap remains, however, between the controlled environments and protocols used in intervention research and the more complex and often imperfect settings and situations that clinicians must navigate in daily practice. Moreover, clinicians routinely see patients whose comorbid substance abuse, self-destructive behavior, or medical illness would likely exclude them from research studies. In short, although the extensive literature is certainly helpful in articulating the various treatment modalities available to clinicians, the strength of the evidence for the efficacy of the treatments, and the recommendations and personal preferences of experts, the literature does not address the real-life dilemmas that clinicians face in attempting to treat trauma survivors. What is needed is a way to bridge the gap between research and practice -- to "translate" study findings into everyday clinical realities. Treating Trauma Survivors With PTSD answers that need. Its authors, experienced researchers and clinicians who are at the forefront of conceptual discourse on trauma and PTSD, are uniquely qualified to offer guidance on these issues. Among the specific topics covered are the following: Diagnosis and assessment of and treatment planning for trauma survivors with PTSD, including clinical presentations related to trauma exposure and PTSD and the implications of comorbid symptoms and disorders Treatment matching in clinical practice -- how treatment outcome findings can be used to develop profiles for predicting which patients are most likely to respond to which treatments Medications useful in the treatment of PTSD and the strength of the empirical evidence for their efficacy Trauma in children and the efficacy of various treatments, including a discussion of how treatment for children differs from that for adults Assessment and treatment of multiply traumatized patients -- those with both recent trauma and a history of childhood trauma or abuse Treatment of trauma survivors in the acute aftermath of traumatic events, including a review of some of the exciting developments in the field regarding risk factors (e.g., normal vs. pathological coping responses) that influence which individuals are most likely to develop PTSD after such events. These topics have never been more relevant than now, in the wake of the attacks that shook our country on September 11, 2001. It is the authors' hope that by reading this book, mental health practitioners will gain more confidence in applying the specialized techniques described in empirical studies to their own practices and clinical realities.

Exploring The Essentials Of Healthy Personality What Is Normal

Author: Camay Woodall
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440831955
Size: 15.64 MB
Format: PDF
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Exploring The Essentials Of Healthy Personality What Is Normal from the Author: Camay Woodall. What are the elements upon which a healthy personality is built? This fascinating book identifies the key components and shares vivid case studies that demonstrate what happens when those elements are missing. • Underscores the universal and key importance of healthy relationships in achieving emotional health and happiness • Provides clear, accessible, and educational text that includes vignettes in each chapter to illustrate key points • Identifies parallels between emotional health and subjective feelings of "happiness" and well-being • Examines the root causes for common personality traits and behaviors such as aggression, eating disorders, guilt, intolerance, narcissism, and shame

Young People In Forensic Mental Health Settings

Author: Joel Harvey
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137359803
Size: 30.65 MB
Format: PDF
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Young People In Forensic Mental Health Settings from the Author: Joel Harvey. Youth crime and youth violence blights our communities and shapes the lives of many, whether they are victims, perpetrators or family members. This book examines the application of psychological thinking and practice when working with young people who display high risk behaviours across a broad range of forensic mental health settings in the UK. It provides an up-to-date account of current thinking and practice in the field and the challenges of applying effective psychological approaches within forensic settings for young people. The contributors to Young People in Forensic Mental Health Settings are drawn from a range of environments including universities, youth offending services, secure in-patient settings, young offender institutions, Community Forensic Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (F-CAMHS), and secure children's homes. This volume serves as an important platform for debate and as a forum for discussing the future delivery of psychologically informed services, intervention and mental health provision with young people who display high-risk behaviours.

Healing The Fragmented Selves Of Trauma Survivors

Author: Janina Fisher
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1134613016
Size: 21.78 MB
Format: PDF
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Healing The Fragmented Selves Of Trauma Survivors from the Author: Janina Fisher. Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors integrates a neurobiologically informed understanding of trauma, dissociation, and attachment with a practical approach to treatment, all communicated in straightforward language accessible to both client and therapist. Readers will be exposed to a model that emphasizes "resolution"—a transformation in the relationship to one’s self, replacing shame, self-loathing, and assumptions of guilt with compassionate acceptance. Its unique interventions have been adapted from a number of cutting-edge therapeutic approaches, including Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, mindfulness-based therapies, and clinical hypnosis. Readers will close the pages of Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors with a solid grasp of therapeutic approaches to traumatic attachment, working with undiagnosed dissociative symptoms and disorders, integrating "right brain-to-right brain" treatment methods, and much more. Most of all, they will come away with tools for helping clients create an internal sense of safety and compassionate connection to even their most dis-owned selves.

Introduction To Working With Adult Survivors Of Childhood Trauma Techniques And Strategies

Author: Carolyn Knight
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1111796343
Size: 59.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Introduction To Working With Adult Survivors Of Childhood Trauma Techniques And Strategies from the Author: Carolyn Knight. INTRODUCTION TO WORKING WITH ADULT SURVIVORS OF CHILDHOOD TRAUMA: TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES represents the first primer for practice with victims of childhood trauma. Author, professor, and practicing social worker Carolyn Knight focuses on skills and techniques for which there is solid theoretical and empirical support, emphasizing strategies that are likely to be useful to practitioners of varying professional backgrounds and working in diverse practice settings. The book is organized around phases in the helping relationship and is based on the assumption that core practice skills have their greatest utility at different points in the work. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Leaving It At The Office

Author: John C. Norcross
Publisher: Guilford Publications
ISBN: 146251507X
Size: 15.11 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Leaving It At The Office from the Author: John C. Norcross. Wise, warm, and authoritative, this straight-talking guide addresses the real-world struggles that psychotherapists face in balancing their professional and personal lives. It demonstrates that recognizing and tending to one's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs not only feels good--it also leads to more effective and ethical practice as a clinician. The book describes and illustrates 12 self-care strategies that are grounded in the authors' extensive research and clinical experience. Interwoven throughout are insights and recommendations from other master therapists, "self-care checklists," and suggestions for further reading. Lively and engaging, this affordable resource is ideal for a broad range of professionals and students.