The Traumatic Colonel

Author: Michael J. Drexler
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 1479888168
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The Traumatic Colonel from the Author: Michael J. Drexler. "In American political fantasy, the Founding Fathers loom large, at once historical and mythical figures. In The Traumatic Colonel, Michael J. Drexler and Ed White examine the Founders as imaginative fictions, characters in the specifically literary sense, whose significance emerged from narrative elements clustered around them. From the revolutionary era through the 1790s, the Founders took shape as a significant cultural system for thinking about politics, race, and sexuality. Yet after 1800, amid the pressures of the Louisiana Purchase and the Haitian Revolution, this system could no longer accommodate the deep anxieties about the United States as a slave nation. Drexler and White assert that the most emblematic of the political tensions of the time is the figure of Aaron Burr, whose rise and fall were detailed in the literature of his time: his electoral tie with Thomas Jefferson in 1800, the accusations of seduction, the notorious duel with Alexander Hamilton, his machinations as the schemer of a breakaway empire, and his spectacular treason trial. The authors venture a psychoanalytically-informed exploration of post-revolutionary America to suggest that the figure of 'Burr' was fundamentally a displaced fantasy for addressing the Haitian Revolution. Drexler and White expose how the historical and literary fictions of the nation's founding served to repress the larger issue of the slave system and uncover the Burr myth as the crux of that repression. Exploring early American novels, such as the works of Charles Brockden Brown and Tabitha Gilman Tenney, as well as the pamphlets, polemics, tracts, and biographies of the early republican period, the authors speculate that this flourishing of political writing illuminates the notorious gap in U.S. literary history between 1800 and 1820"--

The Truth Of I Ek

Author: Paul Bowman
Publisher: Continuum Intl Pub Group
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The Truth Of I Ek from the Author: Paul Bowman. Slavoj Zizek is widely regarded as one of the world's most important contemporary thinkers. His vociferous and challenging body of work amounts to a sustained, terrain-shifting and far reaching intervention into a wide range of academic disciplines, intellectual fields and cultural debates. Accordingly, Zizek's work demands a rigorous critical assessment. The Truth of Zizek is a major response to this demand: addressing the full range of Zizek's interventions and critically assessing the political, philosophical, psychoanalytical, cultural and institutional stakes of his ideas. The Truth of Zizek provides the first sustained assessment of the significant impact of Zizek's work. Book jacket.

Traumatizing Theory

Author: Karyn Ball
Publisher: Other PressLlc
ISBN: 9781590512494
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Traumatizing Theory from the Author: Karyn Ball. A volume in the Contemporary Theory Series edited by Frances Restuccia An interdisciplinary collection of essays that critically reflect on the value and limits of psychoanalysis for conceptualizing traumatic affect. A page-turner for anyone even remotely drawn to the subject of trauma, Traumatizing Theory includes essays that go beyond psychoanalysis in rethinking the cultural significance of traumatic anxiety, melancholy, and the representation of suffering in testimony, self-narration, and politics. Traumatizing Theory is unmistakably on the cutting edge and moves trauma theory into a new postmodern phase. Karyn Ball's introduction reframes debates about psychoanalysis within trauma studies. Bettina Bergo's essay revisits the historical development of hysteria as Freud's model for traumatic anxiety in both men and women. Dorothea Olkowski also focuses on traumatic anxiety, but problematizes Freud's masculinist and scientistic premises. Sarah Murphy and Susannah Radstone examine the disciplinary effects of public confession and testimony while Ball and Kligerman critique Deleuze's post-psychoanalytic Cinema books and Gerhard Richter's haunted October 18, 1977 Cycle, respectively, as testimonies to the latent impact of traumatic history. For Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky, philosophy serves ineluctably as a medium of testimony in Sarah Kofman's autobiographical writings about ambivalence toward her biological Jewish mother and guilty love for the French woman who adopted Sarah during the Nazi occupation. Drucilla Cornell also explores conflicted self-narrations among transnationally adopted children and their parents. The collection concludes with essays by Juliet Flower-MacCannell, Lauren Berlant, and John Mowitt on the politics of traumatic identification in the public sphere.

Research Programs To Aid The Handicapped

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science and Technology
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Research Programs To Aid The Handicapped from the Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science and Technology.

God Is Not Here A Soldier S Struggle With Torture Trauma And The Moral Injuries Of War

Author: Lieutenant Colonel Bill Russell Edmonds
Publisher: Pegasus Books
ISBN: 1605987751
Size: 62.88 MB
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God Is Not Here A Soldier S Struggle With Torture Trauma And The Moral Injuries Of War from the Author: Lieutenant Colonel Bill Russell Edmonds. A powerful and intimate look into torture and its effect on both the tortured and the torturer. In May of 2005, the U.S. government finally acknowledged that the invasion of Iraq had spawned an insurgency. With that admission, training the Iraqi Forces suddenly became a strategic priority. Lt. Col. Bill Edmonds, then a Special Forces captain, was in the first group of "official" military advisors. He arrived in Mosul in the wake of Abu Ghraib, at the height of the insurgency, and in the midst of America’s rapidly failing war strategy. Edmonds’ job was to advise an Iraqi intelligence officer—to assist and temper his interrogations—but not give orders. But he wanted to be more than a wallflower, so he immersed himself in the experience, even learning Arabic. In a makeshift basement prison, over countless nights and predawn hours, Edmonds came to empathize with Iraqi rules: do what’s necessary, do what works. After all, Americans and Iraqis were dying. Edmonds wanted to make a difference. Yet the longer he submerged himself in the worst of humanity, the more conflicted and disillusioned he became, slowly losing faith in everything and everyone. In the end, he lost himself. He returned home with no visible wounds, but on the inside he was different. He tried to forget—to soldier on—but memories from war never just fade away... In God Is Not Here, the weight of history is everywhere, but the focus is on a young man struggling to learn what is right when fighting wrong. Edmonds provides a disturbing and thought-provoking account of the morally ambiguous choices faced when living with and fighting within a foreign religion and culture, as well as the resulting psychological and spiritual impacts on a soldier. Transcending the genre of the traditional war memoir, Edmonds’ eloquent recounting makes for one of the most insightful and moving books to emerge from America’s long war against terrorism.

A New System Of Slavery

Author: Hugh Tinker
Publisher: Hansib Publishing (Caribbean), Limited
Size: 30.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A New System Of Slavery from the Author: Hugh Tinker. The first comprehensive historical survey of a hitherto neglected and only partially known migration: the export of Indians to supply the labour needed in producing plantation crops in Mauritius, South and East Africa, Caribbean and other countries. This followed the legal ending of slavery and Professor Tinker shows the many features the two systems had in common.

Soldier Dead

Author: Michael Sledge
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231509375
Size: 11.74 MB
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Soldier Dead from the Author: Michael Sledge. What happens to members of the United States Armed Forces after they die? Why do soldiers endanger their lives to recover the remains of their comrades? Why does the military spend enormous resources and risk further fatalities to recover the bodies of the fallen, even decades after the cessation of hostilities? Soldier Dead is the first book to fully address the complicated physical, social, religious, economic, and political issues concerning the remains of men and women who die while serving their country. Michael Sledge traces the changes in the handling of our Soldier Dead over time and their reflection of advances in technology and the shifting attitudes of the public, government, and military. He also considers the emotional stress experienced by those who handle the dead; the continuing efforts to retrieve bodies from Korea and elsewhere; and how unresolved issues regarding the treatment of enemy dead continue to affect U.S. foreign relations.