The Transformation Of Medieval England 1370 1529

Author: J.A.F Thomson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317872606
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The Transformation Of Medieval England 1370 1529 from the Author: J.A.F Thomson. A detailed survey which examines the major developments in English society during this period of social crises, population decline, agarian unrest, the introduction to enclosures - and political tensions particularly over succession.

Chaucer In Context

Author: Stephen Henry Rigby
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719042362
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Chaucer In Context from the Author: Stephen Henry Rigby. Amongst the most written about works of English literature, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales still defy categorization, claims the author of this book. Was Chaucer a poet of profound religious piety or a sceptic who questioned all religious and moral certainties? Do his pilgrims reflect the society of the day, or were they a product of an already well-established literary tradition and convention? Surveying and assessing competing critical approaches to Chaucer's work, this text emphasizes a need to see Chaucer in historical context; the context of the social and political concerns of his own day.

Biblical Imagery In Medieval England 700 1550

Author: Claus Michael Kauffmann
Publisher: Harvey Miller Pub
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Biblical Imagery In Medieval England 700 1550 from the Author: Claus Michael Kauffmann. This study covers the whole of the Middle Ages from the Lindisfarne Gospels to the Reformation and concentrates on the relationship "Text - Image and Viewer." Within a broadly chronological framework, the treatment is thematic from the earliest carved stone crosses, through Anglo-Saxon Old Testament cycles and high medieval Psalters to the painted and carved imagery in the fifteenth-century parish church. Each section is firmly grounded in its historical context and the images are examined for their relationship with the biblical text and for the ways in which they served their patrons and viewers. Naturally enough, much of the imagery is based directly on the narrative books of the Bible but an almost equal part was inspired by commentaries interpreting the symbolism of the text and by apocryphal tales. It is from images, for example, that we know that the ox and ass were present at the Nativity, but they are not mentioned in the Gospels and their presence is derived from early biblical exegesis. As medieval writers freely admitted, the image often has a much more memorable impact than the text. To the viewer, therefore, an image could be, and often was, part of an extensive narrative cycle as well as being endowed with symbolic significance and charged with emotional power as an aid to devotion. For each period and each type of artefact, the viewer or patron is identified, often with surprising results, and his - or more often her - needs discussed. Illuminated manuscripts are the main survivors and their readership was, until the late Middle Ages, essentially clerical or aristocratic. But the same images on a monumental scale on wall paintings or in sculpture or stained glass were seen by all classes of worshippers even if some of the layers of meaning comprehensible to monks and higher clergy remained hidden to the wider lay audience.

Late Medieval England 1377 1485

Author: Joel Thomas Rosenthal
Publisher: Western Michigan Univ Medieval
ISBN: 9781879288164
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Late Medieval England 1377 1485 from the Author: Joel Thomas Rosenthal.

The Shaping Of A Community

Author: Beat A. K├╝min
ISBN: 9781859281642
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The Shaping Of A Community from the Author: Beat A. K├╝min. This is a close examination of the communal life, especially the financial life, of late medieval and Tudor parishes. Predominantly a work of social history, it also sheds new light on the popular religious attitudes of the period. Beat Kumin focuses his study on the role of the laity and, in particular, on the office of churchwarden. He assesses and evaluates the rising levels of parish income, the importance of the social context of the parish for fund-raising activities and the growing expenditure on priests, voluntary activities and administrative duties. The final section of his study discusses the Reformation-related reduction in religious options and the accelerating trend towards oligarchical parish regimes and official local government responsibilities. Throughout, the English experience is put into sharper contrast by comparisons with local ecclesiastical life on the Continent, and appendices provide a detailed financial analysis for a large number of parishes.


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Albion from the Author: . Vols. for 1969-1970 consist of the proceedings of the Conference on British Studies, Pacific Northwest Section; summer 1971-winter 1972 consists of the proceedings of the Conference on British Studies at its Regional and National Meetings; spring 1979-winter 1980 includes proceedings of the Conference on British Studies at its Regional and National Meetings; spring 1983- includes proceedings of the North Americna Conference on British Studies.