Toward Next Generation Performance Budgeting

Author: Donald Moynihan
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 1464809550
Size: 14.63 MB
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Toward Next Generation Performance Budgeting from the Author: Donald Moynihan. Toward Next-Generation Performance Budgeting: Lessons from the Experiences of Seven Reforming Countries analyzes the difficulties that national governments have had in linking measurement of performance and results to the annual budget process. The book is based on intensive reviews of four advanced countries that were early reformers and three pioneers in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to looking at their current systems, Toward Next-Generation Performance Budgeting looks at how their approaches have evolved over time. This book attempts to fill a gap between survey-based self-assessments and best-practice guides. It was compiled in response to the concerns of budget departments in countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, many of which are committed to adopting some form of performance-based budgeting and are seeking to learn from the experiences of previous reformers what the practical challenges are and how they can adapt best-practice approaches to a messy reality. The case studies demonstrate a general pattern of disappointment with the results of performance budgeting, balanced by a strong belief in the underlying logic, which has resulted in repeated efforts to modify approaches to tighten the links between budgeting and performance. These efforts have resulted in significant variation in how countries have implemented performance budgeting and in the benefits they have derived. These variations offer guidance for models of next-generation performance budgeting, avoiding classic pitfalls, and incorporating modifications introduced by those who have used it longest and found it useful.

Next Generation Ftth Passive Optical Networks

Author: Josep Prat
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402084706
Size: 52.39 MB
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Next Generation Ftth Passive Optical Networks from the Author: Josep Prat. Fibre-to-the-Home networks constitute a fundamental telecom segment with the required potential to match the huge capacity of transport networks with the new user communication demands. Huge investments in access network infrastructure are expected for the next decade, with many initiatives already launched around the globe recently, driven by the new broadband service demands and the necessity by operators to deploy a future-proof infrastructure in the field. Dense FTTH Passive Optical Networks (PONs) is a cost-efficient way to build fibre access, and international standards (G/E-PON) have been already launched, leading to new set of telecom products for mass deployment. However, these systems only make use of less than 1% of the optical bandwidth; thus, relevant research is taking place to maximize the capacity of these systems, with the latest opto-electronic technologies, demonstrating that the huge bandwidth available through the fibre access can be exploited in a cost-efficient and reliable manner. Next-Generation FTTH Passive Optical Networks gathers and analyzes the most relevant techniques developed recently on technologies for the next generation FTTH networks, trying to answer the question: what’s after G/E-PONs?

Author: Фредерік Лалу
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 6171230243
Size: 17.37 MB
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from the Author: Фредерік Лалу. Автор пропонує принципово новий погляд на становлення організацій, який допоможе пе– рейти на наступний рівень розвитку й побуду– вати цілісну та конкуретноспроможну компанію. Ця книжка створювалася як посібник для управлінців, які відчули, що у звичному стилі керівництва чогось бракує, тому потрібно щось змінювати. На яких принципах побудовані компанії майбут– нього? Як вони працюють щодня? Що потрібно для створення організації за цією новою мо– деллю? Чи можна трансформувати компанії, які вже існують? На реальних прикладах — і комер– ційних, і неприбуткових компаній — Лалу розпо– відає, як можна організовувати роботу й досягти неймовірних результатів.

Developing A Performance Management Model

Author: Jon M. Shane
Publisher: Looseleaf Law Publications
ISBN: 1932777741
Size: 74.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Developing A Performance Management Model from the Author: Jon M. Shane. An Action Guide for planning, implementing and monitoring the leadership concepts taught by expert Jon Shane. To be used in conjunction with "What Every Chief Executive Should Know." Contains practical instructions for: defining and managing police performance; understanding performance in the context of social and political purpose of police; translating policy into measurable principles; understanding the tangible nature of police performance; and recognizing the value of quantitative data in expressing "good performance." This Action Guide outlines sequential steps necessary to Develop a Performance Management Model. What is police performance? What does it look like? How would a police executive know if "good performance" existed?

Driving Social Change

Author: Paul C. Light
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470940143
Size: 17.29 MB
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Driving Social Change from the Author: Paul C. Light. Strategies for long-term social impact This important new book illustrates how to create the social breakthroughs needed to solve urgent global threats such as poverty, disease, and hunger. It then turns to three alternative, but complementary, paths to social breakthrough: social protecting, social exploring, and social advocacy, providing a detailed map of the journey from initial commitment to a world of justice and opportunity Examines the current condition of the social impact infrastructure Offers strategies for how to remedy the steady weakening of our social-impact infrastructure Provides tactics to build strong social organizations and networks Illustrates dynamic methods to respond to constant economic and social change Author Paul Light believes we should be less concerned about the tools of agitation (social entrepreneurship, social protecting, social exploring, and social advocacy) and more concerned about the disruption and replacement of the status quo. Timely in its urgency, this book describes the revolutionary social impact cycle, which provides a new approach for framing the debate about urgent threats.

Leading The Web In Concurrent Engineering

Author: Parisa Ghodous
Publisher: IOS Press
ISBN: 9781586036515
Size: 56.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Leading The Web In Concurrent Engineering from the Author: Parisa Ghodous. "This publication contains papers on the recent advances in concurrent engineering research and applications. Concurrent Engineering (CE) is known as a strategic weapon to achieve industrial competitiveness by developing products better, cheaper and faster using multi-functional teamwork. With this book, the editors focus on developing new methodologies, techniques and tools based on Web technologies required to support the key objectives of CE. For several years, with different technologies of information diffusion and sharing provided by the Web, new opportunities have appeared to improve the concurrent engineering approach. This book brings together concurrent engineering with Web technology and applications. The Web is not merely an immense book where people can search, browse, and view information. It is also a vast database that can allow computers to do more useful work. By developing a Web that holds information for both human and machine processing, people solve problems that would otherwise be too tedious or complex to solve. This book is of interest to researchers, industrials and students interested in the recent advances in concurrent engineering research and applications."