Tourists Perceptions And Assessments

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
ISBN: 1783506172
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Tourists Perceptions And Assessments from the Author: . The volume examines unconscious and conscious cognitions occurring before, during and following virtual and actual leisure-related planned and unplanned travel. It includes a global review of the literature on tourists' perceptions and assessments by Woodside and Metin.

Impact Assessment In Tourism Economics

Author: Álvaro Matias
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319149202
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Impact Assessment In Tourism Economics from the Author: Álvaro Matias. This book presents a series of studies on the socio-economic impacts of tourism, with a special focus on the determinants of tourism competitiveness at the destination level. The authors offer a systematic overview of this important issue, presenting relevant empirical studies from different parts of the world, based on modern theoretical approaches and adequate analysis tools, in the context of their policy or managerial implications. The first part of the book discusses the analysis and assessment of quantitative tourism impacts on local economies, while the second part focuses on non-material aspects of tourism development, in particular those related to the role of innovation and human resources. The final section highlights the different dynamics often observed in tourism destinations arising from the interaction between tourists and local communities.

The Challenge Of Tourism Carrying Capacity Assessment

Author: Harry Coccossis
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351893173
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The Challenge Of Tourism Carrying Capacity Assessment from the Author: Harry Coccossis. Planning and management for tourism growth is becoming essential in the context of sustainable development. Particularly so since many tourist destinations are facing severe pressures from tourist flows and activities. Such pressures are evidenced in terms of dysfunctions (congestion, environmental degradation, etc) which ultimately affect the attraction and competitiveness of tourism destinations. The development of tourism should be considered in accordance with sustainability principles. In this context respecting the capacity of the local system to sustain growth becomes a key challenge. This book examines the use of various tools to define, measure and evaluate tourism carrying capacity (TCC) - a tool aiming to impose limits for entering certain tourist destinations or using certain activities. Drawing on case studies from France, Spain, Italy, Greece, the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Germany and Finland, it presents practical experiences of implementing TCC in various tourist destinations (i.e. historic towns, coastal zones, islands, etc). It draws conclusions regarding the measurement and implementation of TCC assessment and provides further guidelines towards a comprehensive methodological framework for assessing tourism sustainability in the future.

Life Cycle Assessment Lca And Life Cycle Analysis In Tourism

Author: Viachaslau Filimonau
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319262246
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Life Cycle Assessment Lca And Life Cycle Analysis In Tourism from the Author: Viachaslau Filimonau. Tourism is an activity that anyone can take part in, regardless of their age, gender, nationality or level of income. This makes tourism one of the most rapidly developing industries in the world. Despite the number of benefits which tourism produces, it also has significant negative impacts on the environment. To minimise the scope of these negative impacts, joint efforts combining tourism and environmental management are called for. This book examines the application of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method and lifecycle thinking as a tool to generate more accurate and holistic appraisals of the environmental impacts of tourism. Looking at the issue of sustainability of tourism operations, the book evaluates how it can be improved. It highlights the potential of LCA to affect tourist behaviour and contribute to tourism policy-making and managerial practice. This book provides a valuable resource for undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers interested in sustainable tourism, sustainable development and environmental impact assessment.

Cross Cultural Destination Image Assessment Cultural Segmentation Versus The Global Tourist

Author: Wassim El Kadhi
Publisher: Diplomica Verlag
ISBN: 3836672235
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Cross Cultural Destination Image Assessment Cultural Segmentation Versus The Global Tourist from the Author: Wassim El Kadhi. Various scholars consider destination image - a vital part in tourism marketing- as the key in attracting tourists. It is often regarded, as the most important element in a destination's management and may induce success or failure. Within this research project, destination image is being assessed in cross-cultural terms. It scrutinises the extent to which destination image is culture specific. In other words, does a destination's image vary across people from different cultural backgrounds? This question evolves and is vindicated in an era that is subjected to globalisation and increasingly refers to the global tourist. Many academics are convinced that the world tourism market may be treated as a homogenous one due to globalisation. However, the literature also provides some opposing bearings and discusses them. Hence, the author of this book intended to investigate this issue in more depth in order to find a probable answer to the contradicting sources by conducting an exploratory study of Arab-Islamic and Protestant European youth's pre-visitation image on Berlin. In response to the objectives of this study, primary research was carried out. It involved both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. Field and online surveys enabled the researcher to collect 239 completed questionnaires. Besides semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions were carried out. Obtained data was entered into SPSS and frequencies and means were calculated and several ANOVA tests and cross-tabulations conducted in order to stress destination image's specificity in terms of cultural background. This book further gives information on Berlin as a tourist destination, addresses destination image concerning influential cultural factors and the implications of globalisation on consumer behaviour. Finally, it studies the Arab-Islamic and Protestant European youth cultures in the light of globalisation and potential modifying effects. It also provides recommendations

New Business Opportunities In The Growing E Tourism Industry

Author: Eto, Hajime
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466685786
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New Business Opportunities In The Growing E Tourism Industry from the Author: Eto, Hajime. Responding to the dual pressures of globalization and economic downturn, communities across the world formerly driven by agriculture and industry are increasingly turning toward tourism as an economic mainstay. In order for industry leaders to compete with the efforts of competitors and savvy marketers, new business models must be defined which allow for the incorporation of e-tourism tools and expansion into the global marketplace. New Business Opportunities in the Growing E-Tourism Industry offers case studies and research that highlights the impact of globalization on travel and tourism and offers solutions to potential problems. Targeting an audience of researchers and business professionals, this volume brings together a diverse international body of scholars and researchers to provide a holistic perspective of future developments in the e-tourism industry. This volume compiles the research and perspectives of researchers and industry professionals, uniting a variety of topics including medical tourism, traffic-management, route-planning, virtual museums, digital spot-hunting via film-mosaic, and tourism for the elderly and disabled.

Assessing The Standard And Perception On Visibility For Tourists And Local People In Hong Kong

Author: Pak-Hong Yue
Publisher: Open Dissertation Press
ISBN: 9781361362778
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Assessing The Standard And Perception On Visibility For Tourists And Local People In Hong Kong from the Author: Pak-Hong Yue. This dissertation, "Assessing the Standard and Perception on Visibility for Tourists and Local People in Hong Kong" by Pak-hong, Yue, 余柏康, was obtained from The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong) and is being sold pursuant to Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 Hong Kong License. The content of this dissertation has not been altered in any way. We have altered the formatting in order to facilitate the ease of printing and reading of the dissertation. All rights not granted by the above license are retained by the author. Abstract: In recent decades studies all around the world have shown an increasing trend of visibility degradation. In Hong Kong, the visibility has shown a deteriorating trend from 1968 to 2003 (Leung et. al 2004). The level of visibility has been proven to be related to the level of air pollutants causing air pollution. Therefore, visibility degradation is a sign of deteriorating air quality and a potential threat to human health. In addition, visibility degradation will blur the vista of the skyline that tourists are looking for in their trips. The degraded visibility will harm the tourists' enjoyment at popular tourist sites such as the Peak, Hong Kong. This study aims at finding the standard of visibility violation of the lay public and the tourists in Hong Kong and their perception on visibility degradation. The study designs a questionnaire based on a judgement study on photograph of perception and justification of visibility standards by Pryor (1995) and the conceptual model of Sell et al. (1988) to unveil the reason behind the human standard on visibility degradation and the relationship between people's background and their perception. The study suggests the standard of visibility violation is 4.5km in the Peak, Hong Kong and the standard varies from place-to-place while it is very much based on the environmental setting of the vista. A modified model based on the conceptual model by Sell et. al (1988) is introduced to explain the relationship between environmental change, individual, perception and their responses. It is deduced that human perception on visibility degradation will start when the environmental degradation exceeds the acceptance level of people. The finding proved that the standard of visibility violation could be determined. The standard would change according to a place-to-place format and poor visibility was interpreted according to the aesthetic characters and the aesthetic integrity of the vista. The demographic background of different individuals only determined the perception on visibility degradation but not the standard of visibility degradation. Meanwhile, according to the findings, a standard of low visibility based on either health concern or aesthetic concern and an early warning system of low visibility were proposed. DOI: 10.5353/th_b5153674 Subjects: Air - Pollution - China - Hong Kong Visibility - China - Hong Kong

Culture And The Changing Environment

Author: Michael J. Casimir
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 9781845456832
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Culture And The Changing Environment from the Author: Michael J. Casimir. Today human ecology has split into many different sub-disciplines such as historical ecology, political ecology or the New Ecological Anthropology. The latter in particular has criticised the predominance of the Western view on different ecosystems, arguing that culture-specific world views and human-environment interactions have been largely neglected. However, these different perspectives only tackle specific facets of a local and global hyper-complex reality. In bringing together a variety of views and theoretical approaches , these especially commissioned essays prove that an interdisciplinary collaboration and understanding of the extreme complexity of the human-environment interface(s) is possible.

European Journal Of Tourism Research

Publisher: International University College
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European Journal Of Tourism Research from the Author: . The European Journal of Tourism Research is an interdisciplinary scientific journal in the field of tourism, published by Varna University of Management, Bulgaria. Its aim is to provide a platform for discussion of theoretical and empirical problems in tourism. Publications from all fields, connected with tourism such as management, marketing, sociology, psychology, geography, political sciences, mathematics, statistics, anthropology, culture, information technologies and others are invited. The journal is open to all researchers. Young researchers and authors from Central and Eastern Europe are encouraged to submit their contributions. Regular Articles in the European Journal of Tourism Research should normally be between 4 000 and 20 000 words. Major research articles of between 10 000 and 20 000 are highly welcome. Longer or shorter papers will also be considered. The journal publishes also Research Notes of 1 500 – 2 000 words. Submitted papers must combine theoretical concepts with practical applications or empirical testing. The European Journal of Tourism Research includes also the following sections: Book Reviews, announcements for Conferences and Seminars, abstracts of successfully defended Doctoral Dissertations in Tourism, case studies of Tourism Best Practices. The European Journal of Tourism Research is published in three Volumes per year. The full text of the European Journal of Tourism Research is available in the following databases: EBSCO Hospitality and Tourism CompleteCABI Leisure, Recreation and TourismProQuest Research Library Individual articles can be rented via journal's page at DeepDyve. The journal is indexed in Scopus and Thomson Reuters' Emerging Sources Citation Index. The editorial team welcomes your submissions to the European Journal of Tourism Research.

Managing Heritage And Cultural Tourism Resources

Author: Dallen J. Timothy
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351920537
Size: 56.51 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Managing Heritage And Cultural Tourism Resources from the Author: Dallen J. Timothy. This three volume reference series provides an authoritative and comprehensive set of volumes collecting together the most influential articles and papers on tourism, heritage and culture. The papers have been selected and introduced by Dallen Timothy, one of the leading international scholars in tourism research. The first volume 'Managing Heritage and Cultural Tourism Resources' deals primarily with issues of conservation, interpretation, impacts of tourism and the management of those impacts. Sold individually and as a set, this series will prove an essential reference work for scholars and students in geography, tourism and heritage studies, cultural studies and beyond.