Tourism Globalization And Development

Author: Donald G. Reid
Publisher: Pluto Press
ISBN: 9780745319995
Size: 18.21 MB
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Tourism Globalization And Development from the Author: Donald G. Reid. Tourism is booming worldwide -- it makes up a massive part of the global economy. Donald G., Reid's book focuses on tourism in developing and less-developed countries. He examines its social and environmental impact and offers a timely critical analysis of the part it plays in globalization. Many of the world's poorest countries rely on the tourist trade for the major part of their income. However, all too often, the local communities involved do not reap the benefits of this trade. Developers often exclude local communities from the initial planning and decision-making process, viewing them either as a benign resource to be exploited, or as an impediment. Reid presents a rigourous critique of corporate-led tourism development and lays out alternatives that would give planning and control to the local communities involved. He argues that only in this way can the vastly differing requirments of each community be addressed, and social and environmental issues can be dealt with properly. The book includes a discussion of macro planning theory, and offers three case studies of locally controlled projects that show clearly how communities developing a tourist trade can benefit from it.

Tourism And Sustainability

Author: Martin Mowforth
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317747224
Size: 70.19 MB
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Tourism And Sustainability from the Author: Martin Mowforth. By January 2015 the world’s richest 80 people had as much wealth as the poorest 50 per cent of the world’s population. It is a global unevenness through which the barriers to in-migration of Third World migrants to wealthy First World nations go ever higher, while the barriers to travel in the reverse direction are all but extinct. So how exactly does tourism contribute to narrowing this glaring inequality between the rich and poor? Are ever-expanding tourism markets a smoke-free, socioculturally sensitive form of human industrialisation? Is alternative tourism really a credible lever for reducing global inequality and eliminating poverty? Tourism and Sustainability critically explores the most significant universal geopolitical norms of the last half century – development, globalisation and sustainability – and through the lens of new forms of tourism demonstrates how we can better get to grips with the rapidly changing new global order. The fourth edition has been extensively revised and updated, and benefits from the addition of new material on climate change and tourism. Drawing on a range of examples from across the Third World, Mowforth and Munt expertly illustrate the social, economic and environmental conditions that continue to affect the tourism industry. With the first edition hailed by Geoffrey Wall as ‘one of the most significant books produced on tourism [since the turn of the millennium]’, Tourism and Sustainability remains the essential resource for students of human geography, environmental sciences and studies, politics, development studies, anthropology and business studies as well as tourism itself.

Globalization And Sustainable Tourism Development

Author: M.L. Narasaiah
Publisher: Discovery Publishing House
ISBN: 9788171418510
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Globalization And Sustainable Tourism Development from the Author: M.L. Narasaiah. Globalization has become today s buzzword. It has also become a battle ground for two radically opposed groups. There are the antiglobalists, who fear globalization and stress only its downside, seeking therefore powerful intervention aimed at taming, if not (unwitting) crippling it. Then there are the globalists (a class to which I belong) who celebrate globalization instead, emphasize its upside, while seeking only to ensure that its few rough edges be handled through appropriate policies that serve to make globalization yet more attractive.

Tourism Globalisation And Cultural Change

Author: Donald V. L. Macleod
Publisher: Channel View Publications
ISBN: 9781873150719
Size: 31.94 MB
Format: PDF
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Tourism Globalisation And Cultural Change from the Author: Donald V. L. Macleod. In what ways does tourism change the host community? This book offers original insights into the broad and deep influences of tourism, and places them within the historical context of globalisation. Intensive fieldwork spanning many years on a Canary Island has produced a rich portrayal of the community, examining the changes experienced in areas including their working lives, families, identities, local culture, values, attitudes, political structure and economic base. The tourists, predominantly independent, are also examined, and their unique impact analysed. The research emphasises the indigenous experience, and makes cross-cultural comparisons, especially with island communities. It employs the methods of sociocultural anthropology and includes the multidisciplinary findings of tourism studies: in doing so it is innovative and challenges standard understandings of the influence of specific types of tourism on small communities.

Tourism Development

Author: P. Burns
Publisher: CABI
ISBN: 1845934261
Size: 42.85 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Tourism Development from the Author: P. Burns. A collection of essays from scholars evaluating tourism as a means of simulating economic growth and fighting economic inequalities in poor countries. It takes a look at the successes and failures of tourism in this role, and considers why tourism as a catalyst for economic development can be a controversial device.

Sport And Tourism

Author: James Higham
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136435875
Size: 40.94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Sport And Tourism from the Author: James Higham. Sport and Tourism: Globalization, Mobility and Identity marks a new era in sport tourism texts. Written by global experts whose previous collaborations have been integral to the development of the field, the book applies key social science concepts and issues relevant to the academic study of sport and tourism. This is a ground-breaking text, which: Critically explores the wider manifestations of sport-related tourism and mobility Addresses key themes such as globalization, mobility and identity Explores the unique interrelationship that exists in a sport tourism context between activity, people and place Includes case studies written by a range of leading scholars from around the world Set to be the an essential text for any student or academic in the field, this book cements and advances previous studies by building upon existing literature, while extending the field by exploring avenues of study that are yet to be comprehensively addressed. The latest collaboration by internationally renowned authors applies new theoretical perspectives for the advancement of sport tourism.

Pro Poor Tourism

Author: Colin Michael Hall
Publisher: Channel View Publications
ISBN: 1845410750
Size: 66.21 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Pro Poor Tourism from the Author: Colin Michael Hall. Pro-poor tourism is currently receiving enormous attention from the World Tourism Organization, government, industry, and NGOs. Through a series of cases and reviews this book provides one of the first assessments of the effectiveness of pro-poor tourism as a development strategy and tackles the issue of who benefits from tourisms potential role in poverty reduction.

Tourism Tourism Development And Sustainability

Author: Stephen Williams
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415243759
Size: 39.90 MB
Format: PDF
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Tourism Tourism Development And Sustainability from the Author: Stephen Williams. This collection of key articles from the most influential journals and books in the field examines what social scientists mean by the term tourism, and what it means to be a tourist. Carefully selected and introduced by the editor, this material charts the sociological changes that have occurred in tourism, and the change from the upper-class grand tours of the late nineteenth-century to the mass tourism of the present day. The collection also assesses the economic impacts of tourism on local economies, environmental considerations, and whether the growth of tourism is sustainable in a post-September 11th world. "Tourism: Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences" is an accessible and comprehensive resource designed for academics and scholars researching in tourism, globalization, and human geography.

Tourism And Politics

Author: Peter M. Burns
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 008045075X
Size: 40.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Tourism And Politics from the Author: Peter M. Burns. Tourism and Politics aims to disseminate ideas on the critical discourse of tourism and tourists as they relate to politics, through a series of case studies from around the world written by specialists with an emphasis on linking theory to practice. That tourism is a profoundly important economic sector for most countries and regions of the world is widely accepted, even if some of the detail remains controversial. However, as tourism matures as a subject, the theories underpinning it necessarily need to be more sophisticated; tourism cannot be simply 'read' as a business proposition with a series of impacts. Wider questions of politics, power and identity need to be articulated, investigated and answered. While the making and consuming of tourism takes place within complex political milieux with multiple stakeholders competing for benefit, the implications are not fully understood. Literature on tourism and politics is surprisingly limited. This book will make a substantial contribution to the theoretical framework of tourism. *Examines the intersection between tourism, tourists, and politics *Uses international case studies to link theory to practice *Adopts a critical perspective and contributes to the theoretical framework of tourism