Tourism And African Development

Author: Isaac Sindiga
Publisher: Ashgate Pub Limited
ISBN: 9780754612742
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Tourism And African Development from the Author: Isaac Sindiga. The example of Kenya is used to assess whether tourism is a viable development strategy for Africa and, more specifically, what is the contribution of tourism in development. The effect on environment and society is explored, alongside the response of Kenyan communities to international tourism. Recommendations for alternative tourism strategies are made, with applicability to other African countries.

Growth And Institutions In African Development

Author: Augustin K. Fosu
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131759682X
Size: 30.77 MB
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Growth And Institutions In African Development from the Author: Augustin K. Fosu. Recent years have seen a sustained research effort exploring the African development experience. The extant literature has offered a large set of explanations as to why the African development record has lagged behind that of other regions of the developing world. This new volume brings international contributors together to focus on the role of growth and institutions. First, it provides brief evidence on the growth and institutional records, as well as on development outcomes, during the post-independence period. Second, it targets certain growth determinants, including industrial embeddedness, innovation, exchange rate regimes, and environmental quality. Third, it sheds light on the dynamics and distribution of growth, and on growth-enhancing sectors of the economy. Finally, it investigates several issues of institutional development, as well as institutions generating development outcomes. Though focused on these two key areas, the coverage strives to achieve a comprehensive analysis of how Africa’s development may have been enhanced or undermined and to offer lessons for the future. This volume is essential reading for all scholars of development economics and development studies.

Tourism And Development In Sub Saharan Africa

Author: Marina Novelli
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113508632X
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Tourism And Development In Sub Saharan Africa from the Author: Marina Novelli. Over the past 20 years, the perception of tourism as an effective contributor to socio-economic development in the developing world has propagated, with many viewing tourism as a provider for poverty alleviation and towards other UN Millennium Development Goals. Over the same period, readers have become familiar with the paradoxes, complexities and inequalities of tourism in relation to development, wealth creation, growth, redistribution, governance and ‘hosts-guests’ relationships. This volume further extends this critical debate with a much-needed cohesive publication on Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA). In an era of fluctuating tourist arrivals at global level, the growth of tourism in SSA requires deeper consideration in terms of its inconsistent and questionable implications at local level. Taking as a central theme the debate on whether tourism should be used in development efforts, this book examines the way in which tourism has controversially become the way forward to development in several SSA locations and assesses bottlenecks to sustainable development as well as dilemmas and challenges faced by those SSA destinations seeking to achieve development through tourism. It offers an explicit set of chapters adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, drawing upon tourism studies, human geography, sociology, anthropology, political economy, development and environmental studies, and integrates case studies authored by local African practitioners and academics to produce a book that gave voice to local experts on local realities. Combining an overview of key theories, concepts, contemporary issues and debates as well as practical insights from a wide range of regions in SSA, this book will be a valuable resource for those investigating the role of tourism in development.

Institutional Arrangements For Conservation Development And Tourism In Eastern And Southern Africa

Author: René Van der Duim
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9401795290
Size: 59.61 MB
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Institutional Arrangements For Conservation Development And Tourism In Eastern And Southern Africa from the Author: René Van der Duim. This book presents an overview of different institutional arrangements for tourism, biodiversity conservation and rural poverty reduction in eastern and southern Africa. These approaches range from conservancies in Namibia, community-based organizations in Botswana, conservation enterprises in Kenya, private game reserves in South Africa, to sport hunting in Uganda and transfrontier conservation areas. The book presents a comparative analysis of these arrangements and highlights that most arrangements emerged in the 1990s through either a decentralized or centralized change trajectory that was sponsored by donors. They aim to address some of the challenges of the ‘fortress’ types of conservation by combining principles of community-based natural resource management with a neoliberal approach to conservation, evident in the use of tourism as the main mechanism for accruing benefits from wildlife. The book illustrates the empirical relevance of these novel arrangements by presenting their growth in numbers and discuss how these arrangements differ in their form. With respect to the conservation and development impacts of these arrangements, we show that they have secured large amounts of land for conservation, but also generated governance challenges and disputes on tourism benefit sharing, affecting the stability of these arrangements to generate socioeconomic and conservation benefits.

Sex Tourism In Africa

Author: Wanjohi Kibicho
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131705685X
Size: 75.28 MB
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Sex Tourism In Africa from the Author: Wanjohi Kibicho. Illustrated by in-depth empirical research from Kenya - one of the most popular country destinations in Africa for sex tourism - this book gathers much-needed statistics and data, and then critically examines the features of tourism and the sex trade, contextualizing this in relation to tourism development. It addresses the conditions which generate this 'social problem' and, while not taking a potentially problematic moralistic stance it questions whether this trade is exploitative in nature, particularly in cases of child sex tourism. It then critically evaluates the current policies in place to regulate the sex tourism industry and provides suggestions for future direction.