Windsor S Way Updated Edition

Author: Tony Windsor
Publisher: Melbourne Univ. Publishing
ISBN: 052287049X
Size: 11.76 MB
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Windsor S Way Updated Edition from the Author: Tony Windsor. After three years in retirement, Tony Windsor refuses to stand by and watch regional Australia relegated being taken for granted. In the forthcoming election he will go head to head with the leader of the National Party, Barnaby Joyce in the seat of New England. Windsor's Way reveals Tony's courageous political path—as a young branch member he moved a no-confidence motion against the National Party leader. He conducted a rigorous 17-day assessment period of Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard's promises following the indecisive 2010 election and then seized the opportunities of the subsequent hung parliament. By staying true to his values and beliefs in difficult and challenging times, Tony Windsor has become an emblem of integrity and decency in Australian politics.

Tony Windsor

Author: Ruth Rae
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1743319258
Size: 70.30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Tony Windsor from the Author: Ruth Rae. Tony Windsor is one of Australia's most popular former politicians. The straight-talking former independent was crucial in gaining benefits for regional Australians in both State and Federal politics. As one of the independents who held the balance of power in the Labor Party minority government from 2010 to 2013 he was at the forefront of Federal politics. He had a similar balance of power role in NSW politics after the 1991 election of Nick Greiner...'Tony Windsor: The biography' (authorised by Windsor), details both his personal and political life. While the book will emphasise Tony's two specific periods in the political spotlight in State and Federal politics - it will also provide insight into a man who was simultaneously respected and reviled by sections of the Australian public...Drawing on interviews with Tony, his wife, three children and other relatives, the book will cover Tony's personal life including the death of his father when Tony was eight, his education, marriage and three children. Based on extensive research and interviews with a broad range of politicians, both friend and foe, it also details Tony's significant political achievements.

Back To The Basics

Author: Johnny Janosik
ISBN: 9781886068094
Size: 46.63 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Back To The Basics from the Author: Johnny Janosik. A true story to help business peole get through the tough times.

Quarterly Essay 42 Fair Share

Author: Judith Brett
ISBN: 1458798615
Size: 75.22 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Quarterly Essay 42 Fair Share from the Author: Judith Brett. Once the country believed itself to be the true face of Australia: sunburnt men and capable women raising crops and children, enduring isolation and a fickle environment, carrying the nation on their sturdy backs. For almost 200 years after white settlement began, city Australia needed the country: to feed it, to earn its export income, to fill the empty land, to provide it with distinctive images of the nation being built in the great south land. But Australia no longer rides on the sheep's back, and since the 1980s, when ''economic rationalism'' became the new creed, the country has felt abandoned, its contribution to the nation dismissed, its historic purpose forgotten. In Fair Share, Judith Brett argues that our federation was built on the idea of a big country and a fair share, no matter where one lived. We also looked to the bush for our legends and we still look to it for our food. These are not things we can just abandon. In late 2010, with the country independents deciding who would form federal government, it seemed that rural and regional Australia's time had come again. But, as Murray - Darling water reform shows, the politics of dependence are complicated. The question remains: what will be the fate of the country in an era of user - pays, water cutbacks, climate change, droughts and flooding rains? What are the prospects for a new compact between country and city in Australia in the twenty - first century? ''Once the problems of the country were problems for the country as a whole. But then government stepped back … The problems of the country were seen as unfortunate for those affected but not likely to have much impact on the rest of Australia. The agents of neoliberalism cut the country loose from the city and left it to fend for itself.'' - Judith Brett, Fair Share.


Author: Brian I. Brown
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1925086984
Size: 62.78 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Conundrums from the Author: Brian I. Brown. This book is a compendium of commentaries on twelve contentious topics that intersect in a perplexing social matrix. These are complex issues that impact directly on the lives of all Australians in the 21st century. Each essay attempts to unravel the complex array of those interactions into a common-sense blueprint of their interactive nature and their inevitable influence on every citizen. This book is a compendium of twelve essays that offer perspicacious commentary on controversial social issues that, superficially, appear to be disparate but which actually interact in a complex matrix, a perplexing array of intersecting dynamics that act intimately on one another. These are complex, interactive topics that impact directly and inexorably on the lives of all Australians. Each of these essays strives to unravel those complexities and offer a common-sense (albeit possibly contentious) blueprint of their interactive nature and their inevitable influence on all Australian citizens of the Blue Planet in the 21st century.

Basin Futures

Author: Daniel Connell
Publisher: ANU E Press
ISBN: 1921862254
Size: 64.33 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Basin Futures from the Author: Daniel Connell. This unique book brings together 27 chapters from some of the world's leading practitioners and experts on environmental water, communities, law, economics and governance. Its goal is to understand the many dimensions of water in the Murray-Darling Basin and provide guidance about how to implement a water management plan that addresses the needs of communities, the economy and the environment. The comprehensiveness of topics covered, the expertise of its authors, and the absolute need to take a multidisciplinary approach to resolving the "wicked problem" of governing our scarce water resource makes this volume a must read for all who care about Australian communities and the environment.

Abbott S Gambit

Author: Carol Johnson
Publisher: ANU Press
ISBN: 1925022099
Size: 79.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Abbott S Gambit from the Author: Carol Johnson. This book provides a truly comprehensive analysis of the 2013 federal election in Australia, which brought the conservative Abbott government to power, consigned the fractious Labor Party to the Opposition benches and ended the ‘hung parliament’ experiment of 2010–13 in which the Greens and three independents lent their support to form a minority Labor government. It charts the dynamics of this significant election and the twists and turns of the campaign itself against a backdrop of a very tumultuous period in Australian politics. Like the earlier federal election of 2010, the election of 2013 was an exercise in bipolar adversarial politics and was bitterly fought by the main protagonists. It was also characterised (again) by leadership changes on Labor’s side as well as the entry of new political parties anxious to deny the major parties a clear mandate. Moreover, the 2013 election continued the trend whereby an increasing proportion of the electorate has chosen not to vote for one of the main two political parties. While the 2013 election delivered a clear victory to the Coalition in the Lower House, it simultaneously produced a much more mixed outcome in the Senate, where the Greens managed to record their largest ever representation and a new party, the Palmer United Party, initially secured three Senate positions at its first attempt (together with the election of Clive Palmer to a Queensland seat in the House of Representatives). With minor and micro parties also winning Senate seats amounting to a total of 18 Senators on the cross-benches, the Abbott government’s ability to govern and pass legislation was placed in some doubt. The 2013 election result suggested that far from ending the preceding tumultuous period of Australian politics, it merely served to prolong this era indefinitely. The 2013 campaign was one of the longest on record, arguably commencing when the besieged Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the date for the election in late January 2013 – then over seven months away. This unconventional tactic overshadowed the election from that date onwards – providing a definite timeline for Labor infighting, influencing the largely negative tactics of the Opposition, and encouraging new parties to proliferate to contest the election. This volume traces these formative influences on the campaign dynamics and explains the electoral outcome that occurred (including the 2014 re-election for the Western Australian Senate seats ordered by the High Court). Abbott’s Gambit includes insightful contributions from academic experts, campaign directors and electoral watchers, political advisers and professional psephologists. Contributors utilise a wide range of sources and approaches, including the Australian Election Survey, to provide a detailed analysis of this important federal election.

Quarterly Essay 56 Clivosaurus

Author: Guy Rundle
Publisher: Black Inc.
ISBN: 1922231916
Size: 34.69 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Quarterly Essay 56 Clivosaurus from the Author: Guy Rundle. Who is Clive Palmer, and what does his ascent say about Australia's creaking political system? In Clivosaurus, Guy Rundle observes Palmer close up, examining his rise to prominence, his beliefs, his deals and his politics - not to mention his poetry. Rundle shows that neither the government nor the media have been able to take Palmer's measure. Convinced they face a self-interested clown, they have failed to recognise both his tactical flexibility and the consistency of his centre-right politics. This is a story about the Gold Coast, money in politics, Canberra's detached political caste and the meaning of Palmer's motley crew. Above all, it is a brilliantly entertaining portrait of "the man at the centre of a perfect storm for Australian democracy, a captain steering his vessel artfully in the whirlpool." In the first half of the year we saw Tony Abbott treated with deference to his values and beliefs, as his chaotic and lying government slid from one side of the ring to the other, while Clive Palmer, ploughing a steady course on a range of key issues, was treated as the inconstant one. No wonder no one could tell what he was going to do next - they weren't even bothering to look at where he had come from. --Guy Rundle, Clivosaurus Guy Rundle is the author of the Quarterly Essay The Opportunist: John Howard and the Triumph of Reaction. He as a co-founding editor of Arena, a magazine of political and social comment. Formerly a theatre critic for the Age, he has written and produced a number of TV programs and stage shows, and contributes regularly to the Age, the Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald and Spiked, and is currently Crikey's global correspondent-at-large.

Against The Machines

Author: Rodney K. Smith
Publisher: Federation Press
ISBN: 9781862876231
Size: 36.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Against The Machines from the Author: Rodney K. Smith. The giant Labor and Coalition parties have dominated New South Wales politics since 1910 when the State settled into a two party system. Dominated but not monopolised. Minor parties and Independents have been a consistent presence outside this duopoly. Rodney Smith tells their story. He covers early challengers to the major parties, such as David Storey's Democrats, the sectarian Democratic Party and Protestant Independent Labor Party; the various minor parties sparked by the turbulent politics of the Lang era; post-war parties like the Democratic Labor Party; more recent parties such as the Australian Democrats, Greens, Fred Nile's Christian Democrats and One Nation; and key Independents like Frank Purdue, Douglas Darby, John Hatton, Ted Mack, Clover Moore and Richard Torbay. The book identifies the variety of political and policy ideas advanced by these minor parties and Independents. It traces their electoral activities, examining their campaigns, the way that their electoral chances have been affected by changes to electoral laws and their influence on election outcomes. It looks at their parliamentary influence, particularly in periods such as 1991 to 1995 when Independents held the balance of power in the Legislative Assembly. Finally, it discusses the organisational politics of minor parties and Independent supporter groups. For all their variety, these minor parties and Independents have been united in their opposition to major party machine politics. A NSW Sesquicentenary of Responsible Government publication.