Fire Cast On The Earth Kindling Being Mercy In The Twenty First Century

Author: International Research Conference
ISBN: 0557047595
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Fire Cast On The Earth Kindling Being Mercy In The Twenty First Century from the Author: International Research Conference. "Fire Cast on the Earth -- Kindling": Being Mercy in the Twenty- First Century is the proceedings of the International Research Conference sponsored in California in November 2007 by the International Research Commission of the Sisters of Mercy. The book contains the theological reflection process used at the conference, the sixteen research papers presented by international Mercy research scholars, the Vision, Theology, and Praxis that emerged at the conference, and other material. This publication will be of interest to Sisters of Mercy and to all those who are committed to indepth reflection on and response to the global human sufferings in the contemporary world.

Le Pacifique Sud

Author: Frédéric Angleviel
Publisher: Presses Univ de Bordeaux
ISBN: 9782905081179
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Le Pacifique Sud from the Author: Frédéric Angleviel.

God S Family God S Earth

Author: Kaoma, Kapya J.
Publisher: Kachere Series
ISBN: 9990802629
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God S Family God S Earth from the Author: Kaoma, Kapya J.. This book explores how the mounting ecological crisis has religious, political, and economic roots that enable and promote social and environmental harm. It presents the thesis that religious traditions, including their ethical expressions, can effectively address the crisis, ameliorate its effects, and advocate social and environmental betterment, now and in the future. The ecological overtones of African traditional religions and Christianity are examined along with a discussion on African morality. Recognition is given to the conflict between ecological values and religious teachings in an examination contrasting the awareness of socio-economic problems caused by overpopulation.

Reweaving The Relational Mat

Author: Joan Filemoni-Tofaeono
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315478641
Size: 17.28 MB
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Reweaving The Relational Mat from the Author: Joan Filemoni-Tofaeono. Reweaving the Relational Mat is an integrative response to the problem of violence against women which grounds theological and sociological analysis in the praxis of Oceanian Christian women's experiences of violence. It focuses on the collusion of the church in the problem of violence against women by critiquing the ways in which its theology and practices have contributed to 'power-over' ways of relating. Employing the Oceanian metaphor of weaving the mat, the analysis 'unravels' the 'patriarchal relational mat,' paving the way for a constructive 'reweaving' of a Christocentric 'egalitarian relational mat.' The study begins by unravelling the correlation between violence and the ideology of patriarchy. It then highlights the various strands of violence against women, and examines the complex mosaic of socio-cultural sources and manifestations of violence against women in Oceania. This leads to an analysis of the interwoven strands of religion and violence, focusing particularly on the church's captivity to patriarchy. The ensuing explication of problematic theological and biblical interpretations and church practices ends with a critique of male clergy power, particularly as it functions in the Oceanian context. This leads to an examination of the relationship between flawed theological education and violence against women. Case studies of violence against women in the Oceanian theological education setting are analysed. The subsequent 'reweaving of the relational mat' issues forth in specific challenges to church leaders, theological educators and church women.

Pacific Genes Life Patents

Author: Aroha Te Pareake Mead
Publisher: Call of Earth Llamado de La Tierra and United Nations Univer
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Pacific Genes Life Patents from the Author: Aroha Te Pareake Mead.

Globalisation And Governance In The Pacific Islands

Author: Stewart Firth
Publisher: ANU E Press
ISBN: 192094298X
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Globalisation And Governance In The Pacific Islands from the Author: Stewart Firth. "The Pacific Islands are feeling the effects of globalisation. Free trade in sugar and garments is threatening two of Fiji's key industries. At the same time other opportunities are emerging. Labour migration is growing in importance, and Pacific governments are calling for more access to Australia's labour market. Fiji has joined Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu and Kiribati as a remittance economy, with thousands of its citizens working overseas. Meantime, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands grapple with an older kind of globalisation in which overseas companies exploit mineral and forest resources. The Pacific Islands confront unique problems of governance in this era of globalisation. The modern, democratic state often fits awkwardly with traditional ways of doing politics in that part of the world. Just as often, politicians in the Pacific exploit tradition or invent it to serve modern political purposes. The contributors to this volume examine Pacific globalisation and governance from a wide range of perspectives. They come from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Hawai'i, the Federated States of Micronesia, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand and Jamaica as well as Australia."--Publisher's description.

Introducing World Christianity

Author: Charles E. Farhadian
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1405182482
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Introducing World Christianity from the Author: Charles E. Farhadian. "This is an engaging multidisciplinary introduction to the worldwide spread and impact of Christianity. Bringing together chapters from leading scholars in history, sociology, anthropology, and religious studies, this book examines the major transformations in contemporary societies brought about through the influence of Christianity. Each chapter shows how the broad themes within Christianity have been adopted and adapted by Christian demoninations within each major region of the world. So, the book paints a global picture of the impact of Christianity, enriched by detailed historic and ethnographic material for each particular region. Throughout, the chapters examine Protestant, Evangelical, Catholic and Orthodox forms of Christianity. However, the approach is non-theological, focusing on the impact of and response to Christianity, rather than questions of faith. The combination of broader perspectives and deep analysis of particular regions, illuminating the social, cultural, political, and religious features of changes brought about by Christianity, makes this book essential reading for students of world Christianity"--