Author: Michael
Publisher: Medallion Media Group
ISBN: 1933836857
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Tolteca from the Author: Michael. His name is Topiltzin. He is the son of the Dragon, a blue-eyed Mesoamerican hero. He is also a godless ballplayer, a wanderer, a rogue warrior. He will become known as the Plumed Serpent, the man who became a god, who transcended death to become the Morning Star. In the world of the Fourth Sun, Topiltzin is the unconquered hero of the rubberball game. When he comes with his companions to a city to play, children flock to meet him, maidens cover the roadway with flowers for him to tread on, and people gather to watch the mighty Turquoise Lords of Tollan. They are the undefeated champions of the ancient game of ritual, a game so fanatically revered that spectators would often wager their own children on its outcome. To lose meant decapitation. The Turquoise Lords of Tollan never lost. At least until now. The Smoking Lord, descended from Highland Mountain kings, has come with vast armies. He has learned of the splendid Tolteca from a priest who tried to teach him the true way of the one god. After offering the old man up as a sacrifice to the midnight sun, Smoking Mirror has now come north to see if the legends are true. An army has come, and a new age. Topiltzin witnesses its horrors. He finds cities destroyed, villagers raped and ritualistically slaughtered by sorcerer priests sent as heralds to offer up human sacrifice. Unable to stop the blood slaughter of innocents, realizing the vast armies of the Shadow Lords will annihilate even the mighty Tolteca, Topiltzin becomes obsessed with one final objective, one last move in the rubberball game: the death of the Smoking Mirror.

Escultura Tolteca

Author: Xavier Noguez
Publisher: Consejo Nacional Ral de Publicacio
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Escultura Tolteca from the Author: Xavier Noguez.


Author: Federica Sodi Miranda
ISBN: 9789680300228
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Tolteca from the Author: Federica Sodi Miranda.

Historia Tolteca Chichimeca

Author: Paul Kirchhoff
Publisher: Fondo de Cultura Economica USA
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Historia Tolteca Chichimeca from the Author: Paul Kirchhoff. Historia tolteca-chichimeca es una obra hist rica intermedia que recuerda los c dices prehisp nicos que contienen listas de personas, lugares conquistados o tocados en una emigraci n y de a os (ya no en glifos, sino en escritura alfab tica), o bien recuerda, en algunas partes, los libros medievales europeos ilustrados con miniaturas.

Mesoam Rica Tolteca

Author: Bernd Walter Federico Fähmel Beyer
Publisher: UNAM
ISBN: 9789683605023
Size: 70.86 MB
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Mesoam Rica Tolteca from the Author: Bernd Walter Federico Fähmel Beyer.

El Despertar De La Conciencia Tolteca

Author: Juanita Delgadillo Ramírez
Publisher: Palibrio
ISBN: 1617644129
Size: 50.71 MB
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El Despertar De La Conciencia Tolteca from the Author: Juanita Delgadillo Ram√≠rez. Cihualpilli Tzapozintli m√≠stica soberana de Tonal√° y su valiente hija Xochiatzin conforman esta historia que nos transporta al pasado, justamente a la conquista espa√Īola encabezada por Nu√Īo de Guzm√°n. Entre narraci√≥n y poes√≠a vive estos momentos que te internaran en el fascinante mundo de la sabidur√≠a ind√≠gena que podemos rescatar hoy conociendo el legado que nos heredaron. La princesa Xochiatzin y el caballero √Āguila Altecatl llegan a amarse intensamente y juntos enfrentar valerosamente al ejercito espa√Īol. El final de esta historia nos conduce a una profunda reflexi√≥n del olvido en que est√°n sumergidos los conocimientos ancestrales toltecas.