Thirteen Ways Of Looking At The Novel

Author: Jane Smiley
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571317685
Size: 16.42 MB
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Thirteen Ways Of Looking At The Novel from the Author: Jane Smiley. A Pulitzer Prize-winning author's revelatory celebration of the novel - at once an anatomy of the art of fiction, a guide for readers and writers and a memoir of literary life. Over her 20 year career, Jane Smiley has written many kinds of novels - mystery, comedy, historical fiction, epic. But when her impulse to write faltered after 9/11, she decided to approach novels from a different angle: she read 100 of them, from the 1000-year-old Tale of Genji to the recent bestseller White Teeth by Zadie Smith, from classics to little-known gems. With these books and her experience of reading them as her reference, Smiley discusses the pleasure of reading; why a novel succeeds - or doesn't; and how the form has changed over time. She delves into the character of the novelist and reveals how (and which) novels have affected her own life.

13 Ways Of Looking At The Novel

Author: Jane Smiley
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 0307480984
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13 Ways Of Looking At The Novel from the Author: Jane Smiley. An essential guide for writers and readers alike, here is Smiley’s great celebration of the novel. As she embarks on an exhilarating tour through one hundred titles—from classics such as the thousand-year-old Tale of Genji to recent fiction by Zadie Smith and Alice Munro—she explores the power of the form, looking at its history and variety, its cultural impact, and just how it works its magic. She invites us behind the scenes of novel-writing, sharing her own habits and spilling the secrets of her craft, and offering priceless advice to aspiring authors. Every page infects us anew with the passion for reading that is the governing spirit of this gift to book lovers everywhere.

Thirteen Ways Of Looking

Author: Colum McCann
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1408869861
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Thirteen Ways Of Looking from the Author: Colum McCann. A story in this collection has been longlisted for the Sunday Times EFG short story award As it was, it was like being set down in the best of poems, carried into a cold landscape, blindfolded, turned around, unblindfolded, forced, then, to invent new ways of seeing. It is a cold day in January when J. Mendelssohn wakes in his Upper East Side apartment. Old and frail, he is entirely reliant on the help of his paid carer, and as he waits for the heating to come on, the clacking of the pipes stirs memories of the past; of his childhood in Lithuania and Dublin, of his distinguished career as a judge, and of his late wife, Eileen. Later he leaves the house to meet his son Elliot for lunch, and when Eliot departs mid-meal, Mendelssohn continues eating alone as the snow falls heavily outside. Moments after he leaves the restaurant he is brutally attacked. The detectives working on the case search through the footage of Mendelssohn's movements, captured by cameras in his home and on the street. Their work is like that of a poet: the search for a random word that, included at the right instance, will suddenly make sense of everything. Told from a multitude of perspectives, in lyrical, hypnotic prose, Thirteen Ways of Looking is a ground-breaking novella of true resonance. Accompanied by three equally powerful stories set in Afghanistan, Galway and London, this is a tribute to humanity's search for meaning and grace, from a writer at the height of his form, capable of imagining immensities even in the smallest corners of our lives.

Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Black Man

Author: Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307765652
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Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Black Man from the Author: Henry Louis Gates, Jr.. "This is a book of stories," writes Henry Louis Gates, "and all might be described as 'narratives of ascent.'" As some remarkable men talk about their lives, many perspectives on race and gender emerge. For the notion of the unitary black man, Gates argues, is as imaginary as the creature that the poet Wallace Stevens conjured in his poem "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird." James Baldwin, Colin Powell, Harry Belafonte, Bill T. Jones, Louis Farrakhan, Anatole Broyard, Albert Murray -- all these men came from modest circumstances and all achieved preeminence. They are people, Gates writes, "who have shaped the world as much as they were shaped by it, who gave as good as they got." Three are writers -- James Baldwin, who was once regarded as the intellectual spokesman for the black community; Anatole Broyard, who chose to hide his black heritage so as to be seen as a writer on his own terms; and Albert Murray, who rose to the pinnacle of literary criticism. There is the general-turned-political-figure Colin Powell, who discusses his interactions with three United States presidents; there is Harry Belafonte, the entertainer whose career has been distinct from his fervent activism; there is Bill T. Jones, dancer and choreographer, whose fierce courage and creativity have continued in the shadow of AIDS; and there is Louis Farrakhan, the controversial religious leader. These men and others speak of their lives with candor and intimacy, and what emerges from this portfolio of influential men is a strikingly varied and profound set of ideas about what it means to be a black man in America today. From the Hardcover edition.

Thirteen Ways

Author: Robert Harbison
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262581707
Size: 43.56 MB
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Thirteen Ways from the Author: Robert Harbison. In this book, Robert Harbison offers a novel interpretation of what architectural theory might look like. The title is an echo of Wallace Stevens's "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird." Like the poem, Harbison's work is a composite structure built of oblique meanings and astonishing shifts that add up to an engaging portrait--in this case a portrait of architecture in which use, symbol, and metaphor coexist.The chapter titles indicate Harbison's themes, all of which bear parallel, implied, or tangential relations to architecture: Sculpture, Machines, the Body, Landscape, Models, Ideas, Politics, the Sacred, Subjectivity, and Memory. The journey through the chapters is roughly a journey from the physical to the metaphysical, a journey that is at once poetic, technical, and philosophical. Harbison examines his subjects with as few preconceptions as possible, taking familiar concepts and stripping away all associations until they become strange, producing ideas that are refreshing and new for architecture. The book straddles the ground between the intellect and the senses, leading the reader beyond the realm of theory and practice into the universe of the imagination, where "space" is experienced as something touched, seen, and thought.

Author: Lauren Groff
Publisher: Nash Format (PublishDrive)
ISBN: 6177388329
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from the Author: Lauren Groff. В центрі сюжету — життя успішного драматурга Ланселота «Лотто» і його коханої дружини Матильди, яка усе життя провела в тіні чоловіка. Дія роману розгортається у Нью-Йорку впродовж двадцяти п’яти років. Але одного дня стає зрозуміло, що самозакоханий геній Лотто — лише маріонетка в руках своєї дружини. Зовні ідеальний шлюб іде тріщинами: повага поступається місцем брехні, кохання — інтригам.

Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Crow

Author: Dennis Lucas
ISBN: 9781880516058
Size: 14.13 MB
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Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Crow from the Author: Dennis Lucas. Poetry. Dennis Lucas's poems are portrait-parables, his connect-the-dots, vernacular style outlining his crazy subjects, his pilgrims on the road to nowhere. Each poem forms a kind of event-horizon: "I saw three crows / standing in tall grass / hiding from the highway / as if it were / a wanted poster of them." Lucas projects himself into these poems as an everyman who can see around corners. Each person he meets seems like an actor on the verge of stepping out of his role: "I pulled up / and parked in / the employee of the month / parking space / but a guard / came out / and immediately told me to / get the hell out / before there / was any trouble." Conflict haunts these poems, but the reader adjusts to it as to a familiar song played in a strange key: "The river is moving. / The black-bird must by flying." "The kite is stealing groceries. The crow must be at the movies."


Author: G. Thomas Couser
Publisher: OUP USA
ISBN: 0199826900
Size: 45.50 MB
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Memoir from the Author: G. Thomas Couser. A compact, pithy guide to the most popular form of life-writing, Memoir: An Introduction provides a primer to the ubiquitous literary form and its many subgenres.

Author: Адам Джонсон
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 617120773X
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from the Author: Адам Джонсон.