Thinking The Faith With Passion

Author: Paul L. Holmer
Publisher: Casemate Publishers
ISBN: 0227174127
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Thinking The Faith With Passion from the Author: Paul L. Holmer. In his teaching and his writing, Paul L. Holmer (1916-2004), Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota (1946-1960) and Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theology at Yale Divinity School (1960-1987), made many important contributions to recent theology. One of the most insightful American students of Kierkegaard of his generation, Holmer perceived early on Wittgenstein's importance for theology, and employed both thinkers to inspire his own fresh consideration of perennial issues in philosophical theology: understanding, belief, faith, the emotions, and the importance of the virtues. While best known for his essays in 'The Grammar of Faith' (1978), Holmer penned numerous other interesting and original essays, some published but many unpublished, which circulated widely in typescript during his tenure at Yale. In 2005, his family donated his papers to the Yale Divinity School Library. In reviewing the papers, the editors have chosen a selection of his most seminal essays, beyond those in 'The Grammar of Faith', demonstrating the breadth and range of his contributions. In this, the second volume of The Paul L. Holmer Papers, the editors present pieces that illuminate four significant areas of Holmer's contributions: essays on Kierkegaard; essays on Wittgenstein; theology, understanding, and faith; and emotions, passions, and virtues. Taken together, these essays invite in-depth exploration of the thought of this important American philosophical theologian. The series also includes volume 1, 'On Kierkegaard and the Truth', and volume 3, 'Communicating the Faith Indirectly: Selected Sermons, Addresses, and Prayers'. 'Disciplined by a careful, undogmatic appropriation of Wittgenstein's later achievements, Paul Holmer may just be the best balanced and most plainspoken expositor of Kierkegaard's ethical-religious thought in the English language to date. Holmer was an outstanding teacher, and this collection is a treasure for those privileged to hear his lectures and for those who did not.' Robert L. Perkins, Stetson University. 'This collection of previously published and unpublished essays by Paul L. Holmer on a wide range of topics demonstrates his incisive thought and writing on some of the perplexing 'knots of understanding' in philosophy and theology, which he sought to untie with exceptional acuity and conceptual clarity by way of Kierkegaard, Wittgenstein, and his own pioneering efforts in the rehabilitation of virtue ethics in our time.' Sylvia Walsh, Scholar in Residence, Stetson University. David J. Gouwens is Professor of Theology at Brite Divinity School. He is the author of 'Kierkegaard's Dialectic of the Imagination' (1989) and 'Kierkegaard as Religious Thinker'. Lee C. Barrett III is Stager Professor of Theology at Lancaster Theological Seminary. He is the author of 'The Heidelberg Catechism', 'Foundations of Modern Theology: Kierkegaard', and co-editor of 'Kierkegaard and the Bible'.

Thinking With Kierkegaard And Wittgenstein

Author: Richard Griffith Rollefson
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630875295
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Thinking With Kierkegaard And Wittgenstein from the Author: Richard Griffith Rollefson. Paul L. Holmer influenced the development of the so-called Yale School and several generations of students by seeing common logical and ethico-religious themes in the works of Soren Kierkegaard and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Holmer is perhaps the preeminent interpreter of Kierkegaard with his analysis of the logic of Kierkegaard's "truth as subjectivity" and "the morphology of the life of Christian belief." In his polemical and constructive work The Grammar of Faith, Holmer explored the significance of the later philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein for theology and proposed a critical alternative to contemporary academic theology. In his C. S. Lewis: The Shape of His Life and Thought, Making Christian Sense, and various essays now compiled in The Paul L. Holmer papers, Holmer's reassessment of the traditional concepts of virtues and vices, his recognition of the importance of Christian praxis in providing the context for theological and ethical reflection, together with his emphasis on the role of emotions and passions in the life of faith, portray how the Christian faith forms character and helps one "make sense" with one's life.

On Kierkegaard And The Truth

Author: Paul L. Holmer
Publisher: Casemate Publishers
ISBN: 0227680049
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On Kierkegaard And The Truth from the Author: Paul L. Holmer. Paul L. Holmer (1916-2004) was one of the most significant American students of Kierkegaard of his generation. Although written in the 1950s and 1960s, Holmer's theological and philosophical engagement with Kierkegaard challenges much contemporary scholarly discussion. Unlike many, Holmer refuses reductionist readings that tie Kierkegaard to any particular "school." He likewise criticizes biographical readings of Kierkegaard, much in vogue recently, seeing Kierkegaard rather as an indirect communicator aiming at his reader's own ethical and religious capacities. Holmer also rejects popular existentialist readings of Kierkegaard, seeing him as an analyzer of concepts, while at the same time denying that he is a "crypto-analyst." In his important reading of Kierkegaard on "truth," Holmer pits Kierkegaard against those who see "truth" empirically, idealistically, or relativistically. His carefully textured account of Kierkegaard's conceptual grammar of "truth" in ethical and religious contexts addresses immediately current discussions of truth, meaning, reference, and realism versus antirealism, relativism, and hermeneutics. It will be of great interest to all interested in Kierkegaard and his importance for contemporary theology and philosophy.

A Passion Redeemed The Daughters Of Boston Book 2

Author: Julie Lessman
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 1441204326
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A Passion Redeemed The Daughters Of Boston Book 2 from the Author: Julie Lessman. Graced with physical beauty, though shallow of heart, Charity O'Connor is a woman who knows what she wants. She sets her sights on the cantankerous Mitch Dennehy, editor at the Irish Times, who has unwittingly stolen her heart. And although the sparks are there, Mitch refuses to fan the coals of a potential relationship with his ex-fiancée's sister. But Charity has a plan to turn up the heat and she always gets what she wants--one way or another. Is revenge so sweet after all? Or will Charity get burned? Full of intense passion, betrayal, and forgiveness, A Passion Redeemed will delight Lessman's fans and draw new ones.

Thinking About Faith

Author: Tibor Horvath
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773560076
Size: 51.62 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Thinking About Faith from the Author: Tibor Horvath. Following the classic form of a summa, each chapter begins with a question and offers answers in the context of the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. Eternity and Eternal Life, the third volume in the series, which deals with hope, was published in 1993; the second volume, on faith, is forthcoming.

Following The Cultured Public S Chosen One

Author: Curtis L. Thompson
Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press
ISBN: 8763510979
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Following The Cultured Public S Chosen One from the Author: Curtis L. Thompson. Søren Kierkegaard never shared the cultured public's enthusiasm for Hans Lassen Martensen, whom it identified as its chosen one. This volume examines the Kierkegaard-Martensen relationship, establishing ways in which the speculative theologian Martensen was a source for Kierkegaards thought. Kierkegaard's relationship with Martensen was multidimensional and volatile. He functioned as Kierkegaards personal acquaintance and occasional conversation partner, tutor, teacher, dissertation committee evaluator, representative of Golden Age Danish culture, book writing and selling competitor, fellow Lutheran and bishop. While the two never saw things eye-to-eye, and Kierkegaard's dislike for Martensen received expression in his writings, this spiteful ridicule and derision was directed toward one upon whom Kierkegaard was significantly dependent. Kierkegaard's intellectual life and work underwent extensive development during the two decades of his literary output from 1834 to his death in 1855. These developments can be better grasped by investigating developments that Martensen himself was going through. Martensens career progressed from an early concern with philosophy of religion addressed to the public of the academy, to dogmatic theology addressed to the public of the church, to practical theology addressed to the public of society. The questions and issues preoccupying Martensen changed with these progressions, and these changes did not go unnoticed by Kierkegaard. The case is here argued that Kierkegaard followed Martensen's intellectual development very closely and that Martensen's shifting theological agenda in fact notably shaped the evolving agenda of Kierkegaard's own developing religious thought.

Volume 2 Tome Ii Kierkegaard And The Greek World Aristotle And Other Greek Authors

Author: Katalin Nun
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351874691
Size: 23.11 MB
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Volume 2 Tome Ii Kierkegaard And The Greek World Aristotle And Other Greek Authors from the Author: Katalin Nun. The articles in this volume employ source-work research to trace Kierkegaard's understanding and use of authors from the Greek tradition. A series of figures of varying importance in Kierkegaard's authorship are treated, ranging from early Greek poets to late Classical philosophical schools. In general it can be said that the Greeks collectively constitute one of the single most important body of sources for Kierkegaard's thought. He studied Greek from an early age and was profoundly inspired by what might be called the Greek spirit. Although he is generally considered a Christian thinker, he was nonetheless consistently drawn back to the Greeks for ideas and impulses on any number of topics. He frequently contrasts ancient Greek philosophy, with its emphasis on the lived experience of the individual in daily life, with the abstract German philosophy that was in vogue during his own time. It has been argued that he modeled his work on that of the ancient Greek thinkers specifically in order to contrast his own activity with that of his contemporaries.

Cultivating A Thoughtful Faith

Author: Steven G. W. Moore
Publisher: Abingdon Press
ISBN: 1426746121
Size: 65.36 MB
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Cultivating A Thoughtful Faith from the Author: Steven G. W. Moore. A passionate call for theological thinking that challenges our intellect, enriches our faith, kindles our heart, and infuses our daily life. The assumption in much of the church is that theology is an obstacle to a vital, growing faith, not an aid to it. In fact, everyone is a theologian—either a good one or a bad one. So what are the advantages of thinking intentionally about matters of theology and how they can guide, inform, and nourish our faith? What are the components of good thinking and what are some ways we can cultivate it? As the contributors to this volume make clear, theology is for everyday and every person, as all are called to be thoughtful followers of Jesus. They make the case for how a living, thoughtful faith and how learning to think about God can launch your faith and make it powerful and alive.This engaging volume will help lay people, incoming college students, and prospective seminarians understand that vital faith is as much about our mind as it is about a warm heart. “Cultivating a Thoughtful Faith challenges the intellect while touching the heart. It advances our understanding of how to love God with all our minds. We in Christian higher education celebrate this contribution to a deeper understanding of our calling.” --- Robert C. Andringa, President, Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, Washington, D.C. “Rather than reserving theology for a classroom or Sunday morning discussion, these essays challenge the reader to make sure that theology engages the imagination and the intellect, the heart and the mind. The writers remind us that a thoughtful faith compels us to change the world by transforming our daily lives from the inside out.” --- Barbara Oliver Korner, Associate Dean, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Edited by Maxie Dunnam and Steve Moore (Essays by Paul W. Chilcote, Maxie D. Dunnam, Steve Harper, George G. Hunter III, Steve G. W. Moore, Howard A. Snyder, and Ben Witherington III) Maxie Dunnam is the Chancellor of Asbury Theological Seminary, and formerly served as the fifth President of the Seminary (1994-2004). His many books include The Workbook of Living Prayer, Staying the Course, and the forthcoming Praying the Story. Steve Moore, a well-known leader in Christian higher education and spiritual formation, is the Senior Vice President of Asbury Theological Seminary and the President of the Asbury Foundation for Theological Education. He is the author of College 101: A Guide to Getting the Most Out of College. Paul Chilcote is Professor Historical Theology and Wesleyan Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. His recent works include Her Own Story and The Wesleyan Tradition. Steve Harper is the Vice President of the Florida campus of Asbury Theological Seminary (Orlando), and teaches spiritual formation and Wesleyan studies. He has written Devotional Life in the Wesleyan Tradition. George Hunter is Distinguished Professor of Communications and Evangelism, and formerly Dean of the E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism at Asbury Theological Seminary. His books include How To Reach Secular People (1992), Church for the Unchurched (1996), The Celtic Way of Evangelism (2000), and Radical Outreach (2003), all from Abingdon Press. Howard Snyder is Professor of the History and Theology of Mission at the E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism at Asbury Theological Seminary. He has written Decoding the Church: Mapping the DNA of Christ’s Body. Ben Witherington III is Professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary. A much sought-after speaker and prolific author, his recent work includes The Brother of Jesus.

Philosophy A Text With Readings

Author: Manuel Velasquez
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1305410475
Size: 17.28 MB
Format: PDF
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Philosophy A Text With Readings from the Author: Manuel Velasquez. One need only read a few pages of PHILOSOPHY: A TEXT WITH READINGS, 13th Edition, to appreciate Manuel Velasquez’s gift for making complex philosophical concepts accessible to today’s students while still exposing them to college-level writing. This book is a perfect choice for first-time philosophy students, as it covers a wide range of topics, including human nature, reality, truth, ethics, the meaning of life, diversity, and social/political philosophy, all supported by nontechnical primary sources. The thirteenth edition includes new features that help students engage with the topics and readings more than ever. Like the previous edition, this new edition includes critical-thinking and argument analysis activities carefully woven into the book’s narrative. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.