Glossar Substitutionstherapie Bei Drogenabh Ngigkeit

Author: Werner Heinz
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3662075016
Size: 37.36 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Glossar Substitutionstherapie Bei Drogenabh Ngigkeit from the Author: Werner Heinz. Ein Glossar zur Substitutionstherapie bei Drogenabhängigkeit braucht jeder Arzt, der opiatabhängige Patienten behandelt und jeder Drogenberater, der Drogenabhängige betreut. Vier bekannte und praxiserfahrene Spezialisten erklären Ihnen die hundert wichtigsten Begriffe und Behandlungskonzepte in kurzen, präzise formulierten Texten. Inhalt und Preis sprechen für sich.


Author: Kevin Milne
Publisher: PageFree Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 9781589613126
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Z4ck from the Author: Kevin Milne. Duncan has nowhere to run when he creates Z4CK, software which bypasses any network security. Nervous government agencies will do anything to obtain it. This cyber thriller, unlike films such as The Net, provides an insight into realistic hacker techniques, whilst not becoming too technical, allowing anyone to enjoy it.

Still Alive

Author: Ruth Kluger
Publisher: The Feminist Press at CUNY
ISBN: 1558616179
Size: 58.30 MB
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Still Alive from the Author: Ruth Kluger. Swept up as a child in the events of Nazi-era Europe, Ruth Kluger saw her family's comfortable Vienna existence systematically undermined and destroyed. By age eleven, she had been deported, along with her mother, to Theresienstadt, the first in a series of concentration camps which would become the setting for her precarious childhood. Kluger's story of her years in the camps and her struggle to establish a life after the war as a refugee survivor in New York, has emerged as one of the most powerful accounts of the Holocaust. Interwoven with blunt, unsparing observations of childhood and nuanced reflections of an adult who has spent a lifetime thinking about the Holocaust, Still Alive rejects all easy assumptions about history, both political and personal. Whether describing the abuse she met at her own mother's hand, the life-saving generosity of a woman SS aide in Auschwitz, the foibles and prejudices of Allied liberators, or the cold shoulder offered by her relatives when she and her mother arrived as refugees in New York, Kluger sees and names an unexpected reality which has little to do with conventional wisdom or morality tales. Still Alive is a memoir of the pursuit of selfhood against all odds, a fiercely bittersweet coming-of-age story in which the protagonist must learn never to rely on comforting assumptions, but always to seek her own truth.

Dr Beeching S Axe 50 Years On

Author: Julian Holland
Publisher: David & Charles
ISBN: 1446358305
Size: 46.67 MB
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Dr Beeching S Axe 50 Years On from the Author: Julian Holland. Julian Holland's Dr Beeching's Axe 50 Years On is a unique memorial to all that was lost following the publication of the ‘Beeching Report’ on 27 March 1963. Uniquely, the author has tried to include every railway line that was closed as a result of the ‘Beeching Report’, and more. They are all shown on Map 9 in Part 2 of the ‘Report’ and have been annotated for clarity at the beginning of each regional chapter in the book. Needless to say it is not plain sailing: there are lines that were marked for closure on the maps but were closed before publication of the ‘Report’; there are lines that were not originally on Beeching’s original hit list but which were closed anyway; there are lines that were originally marked down for closure but which were fortunately reprieved. There are even one or two which seem to have not existed at all! The author has included them all.

Tea Party Rules

Author: Ame Dyckman
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698142748
Size: 17.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Tea Party Rules from the Author: Ame Dyckman. An award-winning book by a New York Times bestselling author! When he follows his nose through the woods, Cub discovers a backyard tea party…with cookies! He is just about to dig in when the hostess of the tea party shows up. And she has several strong opinions on how Tea Party must be played. Cub tries to follow her rules . . . but just how much can one bear take, even for cookies? A laugh-out-loud funny look at the required give-and-take of playtime, Tea Party Rules is an eventual friendship story that will delight grubby cubs, fancy girls, and cookie lovers everywhere. From the Hardcover edition.

Too Tall Houses

Author: Gianna Marino
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101649097
Size: 63.99 MB
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Too Tall Houses from the Author: Gianna Marino. Good friends learn a small but important lesson Owl and Rabbit are good friends and live in two small houses next to each other. They are perfectly happy . . . until Rabbit's garden gets in the way of Owl's view. So Owl builds his house a little taller. Only that blocks the sun from Rabbit's vegetables. So Rabbit builds his house taller. And soon it's a house-building frenzy and the two now not-so-good friends have the two tallest houses in the world! All it takes is a gust of wind to remind them that maybe living smaller and together is a much better way to remain friends. The creator of Meet Me at the Moon has delivered another wonderful animal fable for today's world.

The History Of Al Tabari Vol 17

Author: G. R. Hawting
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791423943
Size: 48.12 MB
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The History Of Al Tabari Vol 17 from the Author: G. R. Hawting. This volume 17 of al-Tabari's great 40-volume history of the Arabs treats the first Civil War, 656-661.

Themes Issues And Debates In Psychology

Author: Richard D. Gross
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780340857847
Size: 37.52 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Themes Issues And Debates In Psychology from the Author: Richard D. Gross. 'Themes, Issues and Debates in Psychology' integrates topics, theories and areas of research that are usually treated separately. This 2nd edition includes new chapters on theoretical approaches and parapsychology. The original thirteen chapters from the first edition have been fully revised and updated.

The Conjure Woman And Other Conjure Tales

Author: Charles Waddell Chesnutt
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822313878
Size: 17.30 MB
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The Conjure Woman And Other Conjure Tales from the Author: Charles Waddell Chesnutt. The stories in The Conjure Woman were Charles W. Chesnutt's first great literary success, and since their initial publication in 1899 they have come to be seen as some of the most remarkable works of African American literature from the Emancipation through the Harlem Renaissance. Lesser known, though, is that the The Conjure Woman, as first published by Houghton Mifflin, was not wholly Chesnutt's creation but a work shaped and selected by his editors. This edition reassembles for the first time all of Chesnutt's work in the conjure tale genre, the entire imaginative feat of which the published Conjure Woman forms a part. It allows the reader to see how the original volume was created, how an African American author negotiated with the tastes of the dominant literary culture of the late nineteenth century, and how that culture both promoted and delimited his work. In the tradition of Uncle Remus, the conjure tale listens in on a poor black southerner, speaking strong dialect, as he recounts a local incident to a transplanted northerner for the northerner's enlightenment and edification. But in Chesnutt's hands the tradition is transformed. No longer a reactionary flight of nostalgia for the antebellum South, the stories in this book celebrate and at the same time question the folk culture they so pungently portray, and ultimately convey the pleasures and anxieties of a world in transition. Written in the late nineteenth century, a time of enormous growth and change for a country only recently reunited in peace, these stories act as the uneasy meeting ground for the culture of northern capitalism, professionalism, and Christianity and the underdeveloped southern economy, a kind of colonial Third World whose power is manifest in life charms, magic spells, and ha'nts, all embodied by the ruling figure of the conjure woman. Humorous, heart-breaking, lyrical, and wise, these stories make clear why the fiction of Charles W. Chesnutt has continued to captivate audiences for a century. Charles W. Chesnutt (1858- 1932) is the author of The Wife of His Youth and Other Stories (1899), The House Behind the Cedars (1900), The Marrow of Tradition (1901), and Colonel's Dream (1905). Richard H. Brodhead, Professor of English at Yale University, is the author of numerous books about nineteenth-century American Literature, including Cultures of Letters: Scenes of Reading and Writing in Nineteenth-Century America.