The Secret Oral Teachings In Tibetan Buddhist Sects

Author: Alexandra David-Neel
Publisher: City Lights Books
ISBN: 9780872860124
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The Secret Oral Teachings In Tibetan Buddhist Sects from the Author: Alexandra David-Neel. This is an account of the Madhyamika (Middle Way) school of Buddhism, a method of mediation and enlightenment that was developed by the great Indian teacher Nagarjuna. In a collaboration between the Frenchwoman Alexandra David-Neel and her friend, the Tibetan lama Aphur Yongden, these teaching are presented clearly and elegantly, intended for the layman who seeks a way to practice and experience the realization of oneness with all existence. Alexandra David-Neel was born in 1868 in Paris. In her youth she wrote an incendiary anarchist treatise and was an acclaimed opera singer; then she decided to devote her life to exploration and the study of world religions, including Buddhist philosophy. She traveled extensively to in Central Asia and the Far East, where she learned a number of Asian languages, including Tibetan. In 1914, she met Lama Yongden, who became her adopted son, teacher, and companion. In 1923, at the age of fifty-five, she disguised herself as a pilgrim and journeyed to Tibet, where she was the first European woman to enter Lhasa, which was closed to foreigners at the time. In her late seventies, she settled in the south of France, where she lived until her death at 101 in 1969.

America Besieged

Author: Michael Parenti
Publisher: City Lights Books
ISBN: 9780872863385
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America Besieged from the Author: Michael Parenti. Essays offer a critical look at American politics, the undue influence of wealth, income disparity, and manipulation of the media

Immortality And Reincarnation

Author: Alexandra David-Neel
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1620550318
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Immortality And Reincarnation from the Author: Alexandra David-Neel. Famed traveler and mystic Alexandra David-Neel, the first Western woman to see the forbidden city of Lhasa, Tibet, examines Eastern concepts of the afterlife in this classic study. The question of what occurs to the individual personality after death is fundamental to the human experience. In Immortality and Reincarnation Alexandra David-Neel, the first Western woman to see the forbidden city of Lhasa, Tibet, examines Taoist, Tibetan, and Hindu concepts concerning life after death. Contrary to Western belief, which sees the human being as composed of a mortal body and an immortal soul, many Easterners believe in the immortality of both the body and the soul. Alexandra David-Neel gained firsthand knowledge of these beliefs and the practices they engendered in the course of her travels at the beginning of this century. In Immortality and Reincarnation she ties them together for a unique look at reincarnation and eternal life in a region untouched by the modern world.

Jung S Psychology And Tibetan Buddhism

Author: Radmila Moacanin
Publisher: Wisdom Pubns
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Jung S Psychology And Tibetan Buddhism from the Author: Radmila Moacanin. Radmila Moacanin reconciles an ancient Eastern spiritual discipline with a contemporary Western psychological system. She touches on many of their major ideas & methods & finds that, although there are fundamental differences, both are vitally concerned with what Jung called "the tremendous experiment of becoming conscious."

Understanding Buddhism

Author: Nolan Pliny Jacobson
Publisher: Southern Illinois Univ Pr
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Understanding Buddhism from the Author: Nolan Pliny Jacobson. Jacobson presents Buddhism unenĀ­cumbered by Western categories and concepts, free from the cognitive bias, from the concept-oriented, definition-minded preoccupations inherited from the ancient Greeks. It is an interpretaĀ­tion of the central ideas that have characĀ­terized all forms of Buddhism for 25 centuries. Kenneth K. Inada notes that ā€œJacobson has explored a field with authority and force. . . . He is at the ā€˜cutting edgeā€™ where others must now listen and follow.ā€ According to Herbert Guenther, ā€œThis book is undoubtedly a major contribuĀ­tion to the field of sociophilosophical and sociocultural studies and to an underĀ­standing of the impact Buddhist thinking has on the contemporary Western mind.ā€

Mind And Movement

Author: Tony Crisp
Publisher: C W Daniel
ISBN: 9780852071823
Size: 27.72 MB
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Mind And Movement from the Author: Tony Crisp. By using body movements and postures as doorways to our own natural healing process, we can actively release tension; find balance between the mind and the body; learn to dream creatively while awake; and tap areas of the unconscious thought unaccesible. Most physical movements and exercise are disconnected from our deepest drives, feelings and sources of healing. MIND AND MOVEMENT shows how to find a natural way healthy to healthy exercise and spiritual growth. The method of co-operating with our own internal healing and creativity has been known and used for centuries. In Japan it is called Seitai, in India Shaktipat; even the early Christian used this simple form of inner and outer hygiene. Recent research has linked this activity with the self-regulatory and dream proces within us. But, no other book has made plain to the public how to co-operate with these internal functions for one's own benefit. Tony Crisp has been writing about natural health and self help for thirty years. His special interest in the healing potential of the dream process led him to work as a therapist during the past fourteen years. It is out of this experience MIND AND MOVEMENT was written.