The Pursuit Of Pleasure In The Pleasure Of Another

Author: F. Darby Livingston
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1602662029
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The Pursuit Of Pleasure In The Pleasure Of Another from the Author: F. Darby Livingston. Livingston shows how a passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ is the fountain that sustains a God-glorifying, enjoyable, and durable marriage. The author challenges couples to experience Gods best as He designed it to be. (Relationships)

The Pursuit Of Pleasure

Author: Elizabeth Essex
Publisher: ERB Publishing
ISBN: 0998091944
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The Pursuit Of Pleasure from the Author: Elizabeth Essex. From acclaimed author Elizabeth Essex comes the Dartmouth Brides, three unconventional women determined to find love... SHE DOES SAY SHE’LL NEVER MARRY... Miss Elizabeth Paxton is a new sort of heiress—educated, opinionated and entirely independent. The last thing she wants is a husband mucking about her life. Even if he is the only man she’s ever loved. BUT SHE HAS ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A WIDOW. When dashing Captain Jameson Marlowe returns to Dartmouth, he proposes to give Lizzie exactly what she wants—a marriage without the man. After one night of searing passion, his sworn duty will take him far off to sea…or so she thinks until secrets and lies set a collision course with the smugglers along the south coast, and Lizzie is caught in the dark tide of treason. Can she salvage her pride and learn to trust in true love before it’s too late? –- The Pursuit of Pleasure was originally published in 2010. This new edition has been revised and reedited.

Happiness And Other Lies

Author: Mary Massaro
Publisher: Diogenes Pub
ISBN: 9780967801995
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Happiness And Other Lies from the Author: Mary Massaro.

The Pursuit Of Pleasure

Author: Rudolph P. Matthee
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691118550
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The Pursuit Of Pleasure from the Author: Rudolph P. Matthee. From ancient times to the present day, Iranian social, political, and economic life has been dramatically influenced by psychoactive agents. This book looks at the stimulants that, as put by a longtime resident of seventeenth-century Iran, Raphaël du Mans, provided Iranians with damagh, gave them a "kick," got them into a good mood. By tracing their historical trajectory and the role they played in early modern Iranian society (1500-1900), Rudi Matthee takes a major step in extending contemporary debates on the role of drugs and stimulants in shaping the modern West. At once panoramic and richly detailed, The Pursuit of Pleasure examines both the intoxicants known since ancient times--wine and opiates--and the stimulants introduced later--tobacco, coffee, and tea--from multiple angles. It brings together production, commerce, and consumption to reveal the forces behind the spread and popularity of these consumables, showing how Iranians adapted them to their own needs and tastes and integrated them into their everyday lives. Matthee further employs psychoactive substances as a portal for a set of broader issues in Iranian history--most notably, the tension between religious and secular leadership. Faced with reality, Iran's Shi`i ulama turned a blind eye to drug use as long as it stayed indoors and did not threaten the social order. Much of this flexibility remains visible underneath the uncompromising exterior of the current Islamic Republic.

The Pursuit Of Pleasure

Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412838672
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The Pursuit Of Pleasure from the Author: . But just as there have been suspicions of the dangers of pleasure, there have also been its supporters who assert its vital and joyful centrality to human experience. The Pursuit of Pleasure favors an agnostic approach borrowed from natural science."--BOOK JACKET.

Sin City

Author: Giles Emerson
Publisher: Andre Deutsch Limited
ISBN: 9780233050577
Size: 43.32 MB
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Sin City from the Author: Giles Emerson. A fascinating and eye-opening trip through the ages, from Roman orgies to bestiality, from drugs to all-night Victorian raves, Sin City uncovers some very deviant behaviour in London through the ages. Spanning a 1900-year period, from the Roman occupation to the end of the Victorian era, it is a fascinating account of what Londoners have done for pleasure over the years.

Sense And Sensuality

Author: Ravi Zacharias
Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 1601423330
Size: 20.60 MB
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Sense And Sensuality from the Author: Ravi Zacharias. WHY versus WHY NOT? Why did God place us in a world full of pleasures if we aren’t meant to pursue them all? In an imaginative dialogue, Oscar Wilde asks Jesus Christ to respond to this question about critical lifestyle choices. Their talk vividly illustrates the arguments for both sensual pleasure-seeking and moral moderation. Playwright, dramatist, poet, critic—Wilde openly defied the mores of Victorian society. His literary repartee fueled an “if it feels good, do it” humanistic philosophy that is still prevalent in the world today. SO WHAT does JESUS SAY? From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Pursuit Of Pleasure

Author: Lionel Tiger
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351475657
Size: 28.97 MB
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The Pursuit Of Pleasure from the Author: Lionel Tiger. Pleasure is biologically desirable and good for physical and mental health. In The Pursuit of Pleasure, Lionel Tiger explores this aspect of human nature by focusing on the origins and forms of pleasure. Medical science has perfected a host of often astonishingly impressive methods for preventing, alleviating, or recovering from pain. Its opposite, pleasure, has not had such a well-funded and fully justified constituency. In fact, those committed to the understanding and pursuit of pleasure, are rarely accorded respect and a sense of significance. People have objected to the notion of pleasure for a variety of reasons. The most complex derive from religious convictions that the most morally admirable human life is marked by abstemiousness, suffering, even martyrdom. There is also a corresponding fear that people may pursue pleasure too avidly and with too strong a sense of entitlement, and the world's work will not get done. But just as there have been suspicions of the dangers of pleasure, there have also been its supporters who assert its vital and joyful centrality to human experience. The Pursuit of Pleasure favors an agnostic approach borrowed from natural science. In lively, witty, and eminently readable prose, Tiger identifies major forms of pleasure and explores their variations, now and in the past. Pleasure, says Tiger, is not a luxury but an evolutionary entitlement that deserves to be taken seriously. As we acknowledge our need for enjoyment, we understand the need to establish balance in our lives-our need for the pursuit of pleasure.

Pursuit Of Pleasure

Author: Jane Rendell
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0567405362
Size: 60.72 MB
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Pursuit Of Pleasure from the Author: Jane Rendell. The Pursuit of Pleasure presents the figures of the rambler and the cyprian, the Eighteenth Century precursors to the Parisian flGneur and prostitute. The urban spaces traced by these figures were the clubs, sporting venues, operas, assembly rooms, streets and arcades of central London.Drawing on critical theory, geography and philosophy, The Pursuit of Pleasure extends and critiques the discipline of architectural history from a feminist perspective. The gendering of public space is considered to be a complex and shifting series of moves and looks between men and women, constructed and represented through spatial and social relations of consumption, display and exchange.Illustrated with contemporary prints and drawings, The Pursuit of Pleasure is an extraordinarily rich analysis of the gendered issues of public space at the birth of the modern metropolis.

Thrilled To Death

Author: Archibald Hart
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc
ISBN: 1418574791
Size: 55.37 MB
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Thrilled To Death from the Author: Archibald Hart. A fascinating exploration of the profound loss of pleasure in our daily lives and the seven steps for restoring it. Pleasure. We know what it feels like and many of us spend our days trying to experience it. But can too much pleasure actually be bad for us? Yes, says Dr. Archibald Hart, clinical psychologist and expert in behavorial psychology. Backed by recent brain-imaging research, Dr. Hart shares that to some extent, our pursuit of extreme and overstimulating thrills hijacks our pleasure system and robs us of our ability to experience pleasure in simple things. We are literally being thrilled to death. In this insightful book, Dr. Hart explores the stark rise in a phenomenon known as anhedonia, an inability to experience pleasure or happiness. Previously linked only to serious emotional disorders, anhedonia is now seen as a contributing factor in depression (specifically nonsadness depression) and in the growing number of people who complain of profound boredom. This emotional numbness and loss of joy are results of the overuse of our brain's pleasure circuits. In Thrilled to Death, Dr. Hart explains the processes of the brain's pleasure center, the damaging trends of overindulgence and overstimulation, the signs and problems of anhedonia, and the seven important steps we must take to recover our wonderful joy in living.