The Problem Of The Essential Indexical

Author: John Perry
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195364156
Size: 61.61 MB
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The Problem Of The Essential Indexical from the Author: John Perry. A collection of twelve essays by John Perry and two essays he co-authored, this book deals with various problems related to "self-locating beliefs": the sorts of beliefs one expresses with indexicals and demonstratives, like "I" and "this." Postscripts have been added to a number of the essays discussing criticisms by authors such as Gareth Evans and Robert Stalnaker. Included with such well-known essays as "Frege on Demonstratives," "The Problem of the Essential Indexical," "From Worlds to Situations," and "The Prince and the Phone Booth" are a number of important essays that have been less accessible and that discuss important aspects of Perry's views, referred to as "Critical Referentialism," on the philosophy of language and the philosophy of mind.

Foundations For Moral Relativism

Author: J. David Velleman
Publisher: Open Book Publishers
ISBN: 1783740329
Size: 37.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Foundations For Moral Relativism from the Author: J. David Velleman. In this new edition of Foundations for Moral Relativism a distinguished moral philosopher tames a bugbear of current debate about cultural difference. J. David Velleman shows that different communities can indeed be subject to incompatible moralities, because their local mores are rationally binding. At the same time, he explains why the mores of different communities, even when incompatible, are still variations on the same moral themes. The book thus maps out a universe of many moral worlds without, as Velleman puts it, "moral black holes”. The six self-standing chapters discuss such diverse topics as online avatars and virtual worlds, lying in Russian and truth-telling in Quechua, the pleasure of solitude and the fear of absurdity. Accessibly written, this book presupposes no prior training in philosophy.

About Oneself

Author: Manuel GarcĂ­a-Carpintero
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191022233
Size: 24.28 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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About Oneself from the Author: Manuel GarcĂ­a-Carpintero. This volume addresses foundational issues concerning the nature of first-personal, or de se, thought and how such thoughts are communicated. One of the questions addressed is whether there is anything distinctive about first-person thought or whether it can be subsumed under broader phenomena. Many have held that first-person thought motivates a revision of traditional accounts of content or motivates positing special ways of accessing such contents. Gottlob Frege famously held that first-person thoughts involve a subject being 'presented to himself in a particular and primitive way, in which he is presented to no-one else.' However, as Frege also noted, this raises many puzzling questions when we consider how we are able to communicate such thoughts. Is there indeed something special about first-person thought such that it requires a primitive mode of presentation that cannot be grasped by others? If there really is something special about first-person thought, what happens when I communicate this thought to you? Do you come to believe the very thing that I believe? Or is my first-person belief only entertained by me? If it is only entertained by me, how does it relate to what you come to believe? It is these questions that the volume addresses and seeks to answer.

Mental Files In Flux

Author: François Recanati
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0192507575
Size: 29.60 MB
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Mental Files In Flux from the Author: François Recanati. François Recanati has pioneered the 'mental file' framework for thinking about concepts and how we refer to the world in thought and language. Mental files are based on 'epistemically rewarding' relations to objects in the environment. Standing in such relations to objects puts the subject in a position to gain information regarding them. The information thus gained goes into the file based on the relevant relation. Files do not merely store information about objects, however, they refer to them and serve as singular terms in the language of thought, with a relational (nondescriptivist) semantics. In this framework, the reference of linguistic expressions is inherited from that of the files we associate with them. Crucially, files also play the role of 'modes of presentation'. They are used to account for cognitive significance phenomena illustrated by so-called 'Frege cases'. In this new volume, Recanati considers what happens to mental files in a dynamic setting. Mental files are construed as both continuants (dynamic files) and as time-slices thereof (static files). Dynamic files are needed to account for confusion, recognition and tracking. Mental Files in Flux considers what happens to the relation of coreference de jure, central to the functional characterization of files, when one adopts a dynamic perspective. Only a weak form of coreference de jure is said to hold between stages of the same dynamic file. The second part of the book argues that communication involves interpersonal dynamic files. Special attention is paid to the communication of indexical thoughts (de se contents) and communication using proper names.

Casta Eda And His Guises

Author: Adriano Palma
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 1614516634
Size: 76.11 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Casta Eda And His Guises from the Author: Adriano Palma. This volume responds to and reassesses the work of Hector-Neri Castañeda (1924-1991). The essays collected here, written by his students, followers, and opponents, examine Castañeda’s seminal views on deontic logic, metaethics, indedicality, praticitions, fictions, and metaphysics, utilizing the critical viewpoint afforded by time, as well as new data, to offer insights on his theories and methodology.

The Philosophy Of Metacognition

Author: Joëlle Proust
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199602166
Size: 24.69 MB
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The Philosophy Of Metacognition from the Author: Joëlle Proust. Does metacognition—the capacity to self-evaluate one's cognitive performance—derive from a mindreading capacity, or does it rely on informational processes? Joëlle Proust draws on psychology and neuroscience to defend the second claim. She argues that metacognition need not involve metarepresentations, and is essentially related to mental agency.

Reference And Reflexivity

Author: John Perry
Publisher: Stanford Univ Center for the Study
ISBN: 9781575863108
Size: 32.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Reference And Reflexivity from the Author: John Perry. In this volume, author John Perry develops a "reflexive-referential" account of indexicals, demonstratives and proper names. On these issues the philosophy of language in the 20th century was shaped by two competing traditions, descriptivist and referentialist.

There Are Two Errors In The The Title Of This Book Revised And Expanded Again

Author: Robert M. Martin
Publisher: Broadview Press
ISBN: 1460402049
Size: 78.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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There Are Two Errors In The The Title Of This Book Revised And Expanded Again from the Author: Robert M. Martin. As this book richly and entertainingly demonstrates, philosophy is as much the search for the right questions as it is the search for the right answers. Robert M. Martin’s popular collection of philosophical puzzles, paradoxes, jokes, and anecdotes is updated and expanded in this third edition, with dozens of new entries.

Self Representational Approaches To Consciousness

Author: Uriah Kriegel
Publisher: The MIT Press
Size: 69.18 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Self Representational Approaches To Consciousness from the Author: Uriah Kriegel. Leading theorists examine the self-representational theory of consciousness as an alternative to the two dominant reductive theories of consciousness, the representational theory of consciousness and the higher-order monitoring theory.