The President Shall Nominate

Author: Mitchel A. Sollenberger
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The President Shall Nominate from the Author: Mitchel A. Sollenberger. A comprehensive and path-breaking study of what happens behind the scenes before presidents publicly announce to the Senate--and, thus, the nation--their nominees for federal positions.

Student S Guide To Congress

Author: Bruce J. Schulman
Publisher: CQ Press
ISBN: 1452267391
Size: 77.36 MB
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Student S Guide To Congress from the Author: Bruce J. Schulman. Who is running America—Congress or the President? The way Congress works: How does an idea become a law? Imagine how questions like these, in Student's Guide to Congress, will stimulate discussion among your students. The book covers topics such as: ? Origins of Congress Powers of Congress Congressional Procedures Congressional Leadership Elections and Constituents Student’s Guide to Congress is the second title in the brand new Student's Guide to the U.S. Government Series, which presents essential information about the U.S. government in a manner accessible to high school students. In a unique three-part format, these titles place at the reader’s fingertips everything they need to know about the evolution of elections, Congress, the presidency, and the Supreme Court, from the struggles to create the U.S. government in the late eighteenth century through the on-going issues of the early twenty-first century. Each Guide is divided into three sections: Part One Three essays, each addressing a provocative question about the book’s topic Part Two A-Z entries covering key concepts and terms Part Three Primary Source Library of legislation, Supreme Court cases, and other historical documents The user-friendly design includes: Pro/Con debates Maps Timeline Charts Photos Political cartoons Profiles of decision makers And much more! The Student's Guide to the U.S. Government Series from CQ Press is written so that students need no prior knowledge to understand the fundamental concepts presented. By placing at hand—in thought-provoking essays, easy-to-understand encyclopedic entries, and pivotal primary source documents—the essential information needed by student researchers and educators, the Student's Guide to the U.S. Government Series offers valuable resources for government, politics, and history classes.

New Directions In The American Presidency

Author: Lori Cox Han
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351731009
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New Directions In The American Presidency from the Author: Lori Cox Han. Especially coming out of the landmark presidential elections of 2008 and 2016, the study of the American presidency--both as a political institution and of those who have held the office--is one of the most fascinating and dynamic fields of study within American government. New Directions in the American Presidency takes a current look at the various issues facing the contemporary presidency and provides a "state of the art" overview of current trends in the field of presidency research. This volume of original chapters by leading presidential scholars is designed to include all the essential topics covered in an undergraduate-level presidency course or a graduate-level seminar while also bringing together key disciplinary debates and treatment of important current real-world developments. Each chapter is written with students in mind so that it remains accessible, interesting, and engaging. New to the Second Edition New key chapters on presidents and political parties and presidential leadership (essential following the 2016 presidential election). A fresh approach to the President and the Constitution, and the President and domestic policymaking, are provided by new authors for these foundational chapters. All chapters have been revised with updates coming out the 2016 election, especially in relation to presidential campaign politics, media, and the Supreme Court.

The Law Of The Executive Branch

Author: Dr. Louis Fisher
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199350418
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The Law Of The Executive Branch from the Author: Dr. Louis Fisher. The scope of presidential authority has been a constant focus of constitutional dispute since the Framing. The bases for presidential appointment and removal, the responsibility of the Executive to choose between the will of Congress and the President, the extent of unitary powers over the military, even the ability of the President to keep secret the identity of those consulted in policy making decisions have all been the subject of intense controversy. The scope of that power and the manner of its exercise affect not only the actions of the President and the White House staff, but also all staff employed by the executive agencies. There is a clear need to examine the law of the entire executive branch. The Law of the Executive Branch: Presidential Power, places the law of the executive branch firmly in the context of constitutional language, framers' intent, and more than two centuries of practice. In this book, Louis Fisher strives to separate legitimate from illegitimate sources of power, through analysis that is informed by litigation as well as shaped by presidential initiatives, statutory policy, judicial interpretations, and public and international pressures. Each provision of the US Constitution is analyzed to reveal its contemporary meaning in concert with the application of presidential power. Controversial issues covered in the book include: unilateral presidential wars; the state secrets privilege; extraordinary rendition; claims of "inherent" presidential powers that may not be checked by other branches; and executive privilege.

The American Congress

Author: Steven S. Smith
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139505661
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The American Congress from the Author: Steven S. Smith. The American Congress provides the most current treatment of congressional politics available in an undergraduate text. Informed by the authors' Capitol Hill experience and scholarship, this book presents a crisp introduction to major features of Congress: parties and committee systems, leadership, voting and floor activity. This text contains discussions of the importance of presidents, courts and interest groups in congressional policy making. Recent developments are also discussed within the context of congressional political history. The seventh edition includes complete coverage of the first Congress of the Obama presidency, the 2010 midterm elections, healthcare reform and an early perspective on the 112th Congress with a Republican majority.

On The Supreme Court

Author: Louis Fisher
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317255003
Size: 59.28 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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On The Supreme Court from the Author: Louis Fisher. "On the Supreme Court" places the Supreme Court in a rich historical and political context, demonstrating how its interpretations of statutes and the Constitution are necessarily shared with the elected branches, the 50 states, and the general public. It explains why the Court exercises judicial review, not judicial supremacy. It demonstrates that, contrary to popular opinion, the Court does not supply the final or exclusive word on the Constitution. In an era of tectonic changes, "On the Supreme Court" offers a fresh perspective on this mainstay institution from a scholar with unique insights as a Constitutional specialist as well as a Congressional researcher.Key features of the text: "

The Oxford Handbook Of The U S Constitution

Author: Mark V. Tushnet
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0190245751
Size: 79.54 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Oxford Handbook Of The U S Constitution from the Author: Mark V. Tushnet. The Oxford Handbook of the U.S. Constitution offers a comprehensive overview and introduction to the U.S. Constitution from the perspectives of history, political science, law, rights, and constitutional themes, while focusing on its development, structures, rights, and role in the U.S. political system and culture. This Handbook enables readers within and beyond the U.S. to develop a critical comprehension of the literature on the Constitution, along with accessible and up-to-date analysis. The historical essays included in this Handbook cover the Constitution from 1620 right through the Reagan Revolution to the present. Essays on political science detail how contemporary citizens in the United States rely extensively on political parties, interest groups, and bureaucrats to operate a constitution designed to prevent the rise of parties, interest-group politics and an entrenched bureaucracy. The essays on law explore how contemporary citizens appear to expect and accept the exertions of power by a Supreme Court, whose members are increasingly disconnected from the world of practical politics. Essays on rights discuss how contemporary citizens living in a diverse multi-racial society seek guidance on the meaning of liberty and equality, from a Constitution designed for a society in which all politically relevant persons shared the same race, gender, religion and ethnicity. Lastly, the essays on themes explain how in a "globalized" world, people living in the United States can continue to be governed by a constitution originally meant for a society geographically separated from the rest of the "civilized world." Whether a return to the pristine constitutional institutions of the founding or a translation of these constitutional norms in the present is possible remains the central challenge of U.S. constitutionalism today.

The Oxford Handbook Of The American Presidency

Author: George C. Edwards III
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019960441X
Size: 74.39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Oxford Handbook Of The American Presidency from the Author: George C. Edwards III. With engaging, new contributions from major figures in the field, 'The Oxford Handbook of the American Presidency' provides the key point of reference for anyone working in American politics today.

Imperial From The Beginning

Author: Saikrishna Bangalore Prakash
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300194560
Size: 77.97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Imperial From The Beginning from the Author: Saikrishna Bangalore Prakash. Eminent scholar Saikrishna Prakash offers the first truly comprehensive study of the original American presidency. Drawing from a vast range of sources both well known and obscure, this volume reconstructs the powers and duties of the nation s chief executive at the Constitution s founding. Among other subjects, Prakash examines the term and structure of the office of the president, as well as the president s power as constitutional executor of the law, authority in foreign policy, role as commander in chief, level of control during emergencies, and relationship with the Congress, the courts, and the states. This ambitious and even-handed analysis counters numerous misconceptions about the presidency and fairly demonstrates that the office was seen as monarchical from its inception."

The Powers Of The U S Congress Where Constitutional Authority Begins And Ends

Author: Brien Hallett
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440843244
Size: 67.79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Powers Of The U S Congress Where Constitutional Authority Begins And Ends from the Author: Brien Hallett. Offering a unique resource for students, scholars, and citizens, this work fully explains all of the 21 enumerated powers of the U.S. Congress, from the "power of the purse" to the power to declare war. • Presents comprehensive coverage of all congressional powers through authoritative essays by recognized experts • Enables readers to connect the long-ago goals and perspectives of the Founding Fathers to current issues and controversies • Facilitates a fully contextualized understanding of the legislative power of Congress—and the extent and limitations of leverage that it can wield on domestic and foreign policy • Provides an accessible gateway to further, more detailed research of each of the individual congressional powers • Includes appendices containing the full texts of the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union and the Constitution of the United States