The Pot Book

Author: Julie Holland
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1594778981
Size: 14.31 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Pot Book from the Author: Julie Holland. Leading experts on the science, history, politics, medicine, and potential of America’s most popular recreational drug • With contributions by Andrew Weil, Michael Pollan, Lester Grinspoon, Allen St. Pierre (NORML), Tommy Chong, and others • Covers marijuana’s physiological and psychological effects, its medicinal uses, the complex politics of cannabis law, pot and parenting, its role in creativity, business, and spirituality, and much more Exploring the role of cannabis in medicine, politics, history, and society, The Pot Book offers a compendium of the most up-to-date information and scientific research on marijuana from leading experts, including Lester Grinspoon, M.D., Rick Doblin, Ph.D., Allen St. Pierre (NORML), and Raphael Mechoulam. Also included are interviews with Michael Pollan, Andrew Weil, M.D., and Tommy Chong as well as a pot dealer and a farmer who grows for the U.S. Government. Encompassing the broad spectrum of marijuana knowledge from stoner customs to scientific research, this book investigates the top ten myths of marijuana; its physiological and psychological effects; its risks; why joints are better than water pipes and other harm-reduction tips for users; how humanity and cannabis have co-evolved for millennia; the brain’s cannabis-based neurochemistry; the complex politics of cannabis law; its potential medicinal uses for cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and other illnesses; its role in creativity, business, and spirituality; and the complicated world of pot and parenting. As legalization becomes a reality, this book candidly offers necessary facts and authoritative opinions in a society full of marijuana myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes.

The Pot Book

Author: Edmund de Waal
Publisher: Phaidon Press
ISBN: 9780714870533
Size: 35.93 MB
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The Pot Book from the Author: Edmund de Waal. The history of ceramic art is ingrained in the history of mankind. Clay is one of the very first materials 'invented' by man. An essential part of our lives it has been moulded, thrown, glazed, decorated and fired for over 30,000 years in order to preserve and transport food and water. And it was on the surface of these early jugs, vases, dishes, plates, beakers and amphorae that man placed some of his first decorative markings. In more recent times clay has been used not just by artisans and potters, but also by artists, designers and architects. The Pot Book is the first publication to document the extraordinary range and variety of ceramic vessels of all periods, from a delicate bowl made by an unnamed artisan in China in the third millennium bc, or a jug made in eighteenth-century Dresden, to a plate made by Picasso in 1952, a 'spade form' made by Hans Coper or the vases of Grayson Perry today. Each entry is sequenced in alphabetical order by the name of the artist/potter, the school, or style, creating a grand tour through the very finest examples of the artform.

Stirring The Pot

Author: James C. McCann
Publisher: Ohio University Press
ISBN: 089680464X
Size: 14.70 MB
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Stirring The Pot from the Author: James C. McCann. Africa's art of cooking is a key part of its history. All toooften Africa is associated with famine, but in Stirring the Pot,James C. McCann describes how the ingredients, the practices,and the varied tastes of African cuisine comprise a body of historically gendered knowledge practiced and perfected in householdsacross diverse human and ecological landscape. McCannreveals how tastes and culinary practices are integral to the understanding of history and more generally to the new literature on food as social history. Stirring the Pot offers a chronology of African cuisine beginning in the sixteenth century and continuing from Africa’s original edible endowments to its globalization. McCann traces cooks’ use of new crops, spices, and tastes, including New World imports like maize, hot peppers, cassava, potatoes, tomatoes, and peanuts, as well as plantain, sugarcane, spices, Asian rice, and other ingredients from the Indian Ocean world. He analyzes recipes, not as fixed ahistorical documents,but as lively and living records of historical change in women’s knowledge and farmers’ experiments. A final chapter describes in sensuous detail the direct connections of African cooking to New Orleans jambalaya, Cuban rice and beans, and the cooking of African Americans’ “soul food.” Stirring the Pot breaks new ground and makes clear the relationship between food and the culture, history, and national identity of Africans.

Stir The Pot

Author: Marcelle Bienvenu
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 9780781811200
Size: 42.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Stir The Pot from the Author: Marcelle Bienvenu. Despite the increased popularity of Cajun foods such as gumbo, crawfish étouffée, and boudin (a pork and rice sausage), relatively little is known about the history of this fascinating cuisine. 'Stir the Pot' explores its origins and evolution from the seventeenth-century French settlement in Nova Scotia to the explosion of Cajun food onto the American dining scene over the past few decades.

Anansi And The Pot Of Beans

Author: Bobby Norfolk
Publisher: august house
ISBN: 9780874838114
Size: 48.45 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Anansi And The Pot Of Beans from the Author: Bobby Norfolk. While helping his Grandma Spider, Anansi cannot resist her steaming hot pot of beans, despite her warnings to stay away.

Alice Finds The Pot Of Gold

Author: I Am Alice
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1420887505
Size: 18.91 MB
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Alice Finds The Pot Of Gold from the Author: I Am Alice. Life is full of feelings. Some feelings are buried away but still affect us every day. They can make our world look different. Some feelings are so bad, so hidden, and hurt so much. There is a way to understand them. Draw a favorite picture, and then write about it. See what it says; it may surprise you. It helps to understand what the feeling words mean to describe your feelings. What hurts me may not hurt you; everybody is different. It's okay to feel differently than someone else. It doesn't make you wrong or bad. It just makes you who you are. Don't let someone tell you your whole life that you are wrong to feel the way you do. It all starts with listening to God; he will help you if you ask him. He is just waiting for you to ask. I hope my book gives you faith when you hurt and helps you understand the way you feel. There's a verse in the Bible for all of the hurts. But first, we have to look for it. God will help you find your verse. He doesn't want any of us to be hurt; he loves us. My Bible Verse John 14: 18: "I will not leave you like children who don't have parents. I will come to you."

Season The Pot

Author: Nancy Landrum
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1496944267
Size: 27.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Season The Pot from the Author: Nancy Landrum. Season the Pot encourages the reader explore the foundational beliefs of his or her relationship experience. Some beliefs support the manifestation of loving, nurturing relationships. Other beliefs can unknowingly block or destroy the possibility of _satisfying relationships. Nancy clearly outlines the process of replacing toxic beliefs with beliefs that provide a strong, dependable container in which to concoct your unique love potion.