The Political Economy Of European Welfare Capitalism

Author: Colin Hay
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 1137020717
Size: 74.94 MB
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The Political Economy Of European Welfare Capitalism from the Author: Colin Hay. In this state-of-the-art work, Colin Hay and Daniel Wincott reassess welfare provision across the whole of Europe – East, West and Central – and at the national and EU level. The book challenges much conventional wisdom about the welfare state, including the widely accepted notion of a 'golden age' of welfare, the idea of a challenge posed by globalization, and the notion of the welfare state as a burden on competitiveness and a drain on economic performance. The authors put forward an alternative analysis of European welfare capitalism which highlights the importance of European economic integration, domestic political dynamics and demographic change in determining welfare trajectories. They conclude with a compelling account of the challenges to which European welfare states must respond if they are to survive in the new era of public austerity.

Comparing Welfare Capitalism

Author: Bernhard Ebbinghaus
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134521537
Size: 23.16 MB
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Comparing Welfare Capitalism from the Author: Bernhard Ebbinghaus. This book challenges the popular thesis of a downward trend in the viability of welfare states in competitive market economies. With approaches ranging from historical case studies to cross-national analyses, the contributors explore various aspects of the relationships between welfare states, industrial relations, financial government and production systems. Building upon and combining comparative studies of both the varieties of capitalism and the worlds of welfare state regimes, the book considers issues such as: *the role of employers and unions in social policy *the interdependencies between financial markets and pension systems * the current welfare reform process. It sheds new light on the tenuous relationship between social policies and market economies and provides thought-provoking reading for students and scholars of Comparative Politics, Public Policy, the Welfare State and Political Economy.

Recasting Welfare Capitalism

Author: Mark Vail
Publisher: Temple University Press
ISBN: 159213968X
Size: 58.73 MB
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Recasting Welfare Capitalism from the Author: Mark Vail. In Recasting Welfare Capitalism, Mark Vail employs a sophisticated and original theoretical approach to compare welfare states and political-economic adjustment in Germany and France. He examines how and why institutional change takes place and what factors characterize economic evolution when moving from times of prosperity to more austere periods and back again. Covering the 1970s to the present, Vail analyzes social and economic reforms, including labor policy, social-insurance, and anti-poverty programs. He focuses on the tactics and actions of key political players, and demolishes the stagnation argument that suggests that France and Germany have largely frozen political economies, incapable of reform. Vail finds that these respective evolutions involve interrelated changes in social and economic policies and are characterized by political relationships that are continuously renegotiated—often in unpredictable ways. In the process, he presents a compelling reconceptualization of change in both the welfare state and the broader political economy during an age of globalization.

The Failure Of Anglo Liberal Capitalism

Author: C. Hay
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137360518
Size: 48.48 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Failure Of Anglo Liberal Capitalism from the Author: C. Hay. Colin Hay argues that the crisis in which we are still mired is best seen as a crisis of growth and not as a crisis of debt. It is a crisis of and for an excessively liberalised form of capitalism and the Anglo-liberal growth model to which it gave rise.

The Three Worlds Of Welfare Capitalism

Author: Gosta Esping-Andersen
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0745666752
Size: 69.89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Three Worlds Of Welfare Capitalism from the Author: Gosta Esping-Andersen. Few discussions in modern social science have occupied as much attention as the changing nature of welfare states in western societies. Gosta Esping-Andersen, one of the most distinguished contributors to current debates on this issue, here provides a new analysis of the character and role of welfare states in the functioning of contemporary advanced western societies. Esping-Andersen distinguishes several major types of welfare state, connecting these with variations in the historical development of different western countries. Current economic processes, the author argues, such as those moving towards a post-industrial order, are not shaped by autonomous market forces but by the nature of states and state differences. Fully informed by comparative materials, this book will have great appeal to everyone working on issues of economic development and post-industrialism. Its audience will include students and academics in sociology, economics and politics.

Capitalism Democracy And Welfare

Author: Torben Iversen
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521613071
Size: 31.47 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Capitalism Democracy And Welfare from the Author: Torben Iversen. Based on the key idea that social protection in a modern economy, both inside and outside the state, can be understood as protection of specific investments in human capital, Torben Iversen offers a systematic explanation of popular preferences for redistributive spending, the economic role of political parties and electoral systems, and labor market stratification (including gender inequality). Contrary to the popular idea that competition in the global economy undermines international differences in the level of social protection, Iversen argues that these differences are actually made possible by a high international division of labor.

European Welfare States

Author: Mel Cousins
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1446225399
Size: 62.56 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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European Welfare States from the Author: Mel Cousins. Bringing together a discussion of the theories and techniques of comparative policy analysis and a description of current developments in selected welfare state regimes, European Welfare States provides an accessible overview of issues concerning European welfare states. In particular, it provides: - an overview of the development of welfare states in Europe; - a discussion of key issues including welfare state theories, the role of globalization, gender and the welfare state; welfare typologies; and the role of public opinion; - a detailed account of recent developments and current challenges in five European welfare states; and - a detailed account of the key challenges facing European welfare states and possible future directions for welfare models including the role of the European Union in the development of social policy. This book is illustrated throughout with student-friendly features such as case-studies, chapter summaries, questions for discussion and guides for further reading. With a flowing narrative and clear structure the book is an invaluable text for undergraduates taking courses in comparative social policy. It will also be useful for students in related disciplines such as public policy, social welfare, politics and international relations.

The Comparative Political Economy Of The Welfare State

Author: Thomas Janoski
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521436021
Size: 14.53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Comparative Political Economy Of The Welfare State from the Author: Thomas Janoski. Comparative research is exploding with alternative methodological and theoretical approaches. In this book, experts in each one of these methods provide a comprehensive explanation and application of time-series, pooled, event history and Boolean methods to substantive problems of the welfare state. Each section of the book focuses on a different method with a general introduction to the methods and then two papers using the method to deal with analysis concerning welfare state problems in a political economy perspective. Scholars concerned with methodology in this area cannot afford to overlook this book because it will help them keep up on proliferating methodologies. Graduate students in political science and sociology will find this book extremely useful in their careers.

Author: Milton Friedman
Publisher: Nash Format (PublishDrive)
ISBN: 6177388167
Size: 74.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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from the Author: Milton Friedman. «Капіталізм і свобода» — класика політико-економічної літератури ХХ століття — як ніколи актуальна для України. Нобелівський лауреат Мілтон Фрідман розглядає зв’язок між економічною та політичною свободою. Він описує, чому варто обмежити вплив держави в економіку, децентралізувати владу, забезпечити гнучкий валютний курс, роздержавити сфери освіти і соціального забезпечення.

Labor Divided In The Postwar European Welfare State

Author: Dennie Oude Nijhuis
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110706788X
Size: 40.62 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Labor Divided In The Postwar European Welfare State from the Author: Dennie Oude Nijhuis. This book explains how the success of attempts to expand the boundaries of the postwar welfare state in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom depended on organized labor's willingness to support redistribution of risk and income among different groups of workers. By illuminating and explaining differences within and between labor union movements, it traces the historical origins of 'inclusive' and 'dual' welfare systems. In doing so, the book shows that labor unions can either have a profoundly conservative impact on the welfare state or act as an impelling force for progressive welfare reform. Based on an extensive range of archive material, this book explores the institutional foundations of social solidarity.