The Origin And Evolution Of Religion

Author: Albert Churchward
Publisher: Book Tree
ISBN: 9781585090785
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The Origin And Evolution Of Religion from the Author: Albert Churchward. Other than Sir James Frazer (The Golden Bough), Churchward is the only person to have written such a monumental work on religion. In it he encompasses the complete evolution of religious ideas over millions of years. The first humans from Africa worshipped elemental powers, progressed into ancestor worship, then finally began to recognize what we could term a Great Spirit. Some of our earliest mythological stories are told, including tales of Resurrection, journeys to the underworld, and the first hero stories. Also explored are the meanings and true origins of sun worship, tree worship, phallic worship, and serpent worship. Ends with something we should all take to heartour religious evolution is definitely not over.

Conceiving God The Cognitive Origin And Evolution Of Religion

Author: David Lewis-Williams
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 0500770433
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Conceiving God The Cognitive Origin And Evolution Of Religion from the Author: David Lewis-Williams. A controversial exploration of the origin of religion in the neurology of the human brain. In this book the noted cognitive archaeologist David Lewis-Williams confronts a question that troubles many people in the world today: Is there a supernatural realm that intervenes in the material world of daily life and leads to the evolution of religions? Professor Lewis-Williams first describes how science developed within the cocoon of religion and then shows how the natural functioning of the human brain creates experiences that can lead to belief in a supernatural realm, beings, and interventions. Once people have these experiences, they formulate beliefs about them, and thus creeds are born. Forty thousand years ago, people were leaving traces in the archaeological record of activities that we can label religious, and Lewis-Williams discusses in detail the evidence preserved in the Volp Caves in France. He also shows that mental imagery produced by the functioning of the human brain can be detected in widely separated religious communities such as Hildegard of Bingen’s in medieval Europe or the San hunters of southern Africa.

Religious Medicine

Author: Kenneth G. Zysk
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412833028
Size: 53.45 MB
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Religious Medicine from the Author: Kenneth G. Zysk.

Author: Джаред Даймонд
Publisher: Taras Tsymbal
ISBN: 9665215124
Size: 71.26 MB
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from the Author: Джаред Даймонд.

Religion In Human Evolution

Author: Robert N. Bellah
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674061438
Size: 23.60 MB
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Religion In Human Evolution from the Author: Robert N. Bellah. This ambitious book probes our biological past to discover the kinds of lives that human beings have imagined were worth living. Bellah’s theory goes deep into cultural and genetic evolution to identify a range of capacities (communal dancing, storytelling, theorizing) whose emergence made religious development possible in the first millennium BCE.

Darwin S Cathedral

Author: David Sloan Wilson
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226901350
Size: 10.92 MB
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Darwin S Cathedral from the Author: David Sloan Wilson. 'Darwin's Cathedral' takes the radical step of joining evolution and religion, proposing an evolutionary theory of religion that shakes both evolutional biology and social theory at their foundations.

No God But God

Author: Reza Aslan
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 0385739761
Size: 63.35 MB
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No God But God from the Author: Reza Aslan. Examines the rituals and traditions of Islam, and discusses the revelation of Muhammad as Prophet and the subsequent uprising against him and the emergence of his successors.

African Origins Of The Major Western Religions

Author: Yosef Ben-Jochannan
Publisher: Black Classic Press
ISBN: 9780933121294
Size: 18.77 MB
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African Origins Of The Major Western Religions from the Author: Yosef Ben-Jochannan. African Origins of the Major "Western Religions" first published in 1970, continues to be one of Dr. Ben's most thought-provoking works. This critical examination of the history, beliefs and myths, remains instructive and fresh. By highlighting the African influences and roots of these religions, Dr. Ben reveals an untold history that many would prefer to froget.