The Origin And Evolution Of Religion Routledge Revivals

Author: Albert Churchward
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317587707
Size: 23.50 MB
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The Origin And Evolution Of Religion Routledge Revivals from the Author: Albert Churchward. Churchward’s The Origin and Evolution of Religion, first published in 1924, explores the history and development of different religions worldwide, from the religious cults of magic and fetishism to contemporary religions such as Christianity and Islam. This text is ideal for students of theology.

The Origin And Evolution Of Religion

Author: Albert Churchward
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing
ISBN: 9781564592033
Size: 23.62 MB
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The Origin And Evolution Of Religion from the Author: Albert Churchward. Contents: Definitions of Religion; Religious Cult of the Totemic People; Magic and Fetishism; Hero Cult and Mythology; Sacred Symbols; The Stellar Cu

The Origin And Evolution Of Religion

Author: E. Washburn Hopkins
ISBN: 9781258947682
Size: 61.78 MB
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The Origin And Evolution Of Religion from the Author: E. Washburn Hopkins. This is a new release of the original 1923 edition.

Conceiving God The Cognitive Origin And Evolution Of Religion

Author: David Lewis-Williams
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 0500770433
Size: 40.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Conceiving God The Cognitive Origin And Evolution Of Religion from the Author: David Lewis-Williams. A controversial exploration of the origin of religion in the neurology of the human brain. In this book the noted cognitive archaeologist David Lewis-Williams confronts a question that troubles many people in the world today: Is there a supernatural realm that intervenes in the material world of daily life and leads to the evolution of religions? Professor Lewis-Williams first describes how science developed within the cocoon of religion and then shows how the natural functioning of the human brain creates experiences that can lead to belief in a supernatural realm, beings, and interventions. Once people have these experiences, they formulate beliefs about them, and thus creeds are born. Forty thousand years ago, people were leaving traces in the archaeological record of activities that we can label religious, and Lewis-Williams discusses in detail the evidence preserved in the Volp Caves in France. He also shows that mental imagery produced by the functioning of the human brain can be detected in widely separated religious communities such as Hildegard of Bingen’s in medieval Europe or the San hunters of southern Africa.

The Emergence And Evolution Of Religion

Author: Jonathan H. Turner
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 135162069X
Size: 52.82 MB
Format: PDF
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The Emergence And Evolution Of Religion from the Author: Jonathan H. Turner. Written by leading theorists and empirical researchers, this book presents new ways of addressing the old question: Why did religion first emerge and then continue to evolve in all human societies? The authors of the book—each with a different background across the social sciences and humanities—assimilate conceptual leads and empirical findings from anthropology, evolutionary biology, evolutionary sociology, neurology, primate behavioral studies, explanations of human interaction and group dynamics, and a wide range of religious scholarship to construct a deeper and more powerful explanation of the origins and subsequent evolutionary development of religions than can currently be found in what is now vast literature. While explaining religion has been a central question in many disciplines for a long time, this book draws upon a much wider array of literature to develop a robust and cross-disciplinary analysis of religion. The book remains true to its subtitle by emphasizing an array of both biological and sociocultural forms of selection dynamics that are fundamental to explaining religion as a universal institution in human societies. In addition to Darwinian selection, which can explain the biology and neurology of religion, the book outlines a set of four additional types of sociocultural natural selection that can fill out the explanation of why religion first emerged as an institutional system in human societies, and why it has continued to evolve over the last 300,000 years of societal evolution. These sociocultural forms of natural selection are labeled by the names of the early sociologists who first emphasized them, and they can be seen as a necessary supplement to the type of natural selection theorized by Charles Darwin. Explanations of religion that remain in the shadow cast by Darwin’s great insights will, it is argued, remain narrow and incomplete when explaining a robust sociocultural phenomenon like religion.?

Religion In Human Evolution

Author: Robert N. Bellah
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674061438
Size: 63.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Religion In Human Evolution from the Author: Robert N. Bellah. This ambitious book probes our biological past to discover the kinds of lives that human beings have imagined were worth living. Bellah’s theory goes deep into cultural and genetic evolution to identify a range of capacities (communal dancing, storytelling, theorizing) whose emergence made religious development possible in the first millennium BCE.

Evolution Religion And Cognitive Science

Author: LĂ©on P. Turner
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199688087
Size: 57.11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Evolution Religion And Cognitive Science from the Author: LĂ©on P. Turner. Outgrowth in part of two conferences held in Cambridge in 2009: the Darwin Festival and a conference of the International Society for Science and Religion. (Preface).

Darwin S Cathedral

Author: David Sloan Wilson
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226901378
Size: 66.57 MB
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Darwin S Cathedral from the Author: David Sloan Wilson. One of the great intellectual battles of modern times is between evolution and religion. Until now, they have been considered completely irreconcilable theories of origin and existence. David Sloan Wilson's Darwin's Cathedral takes the radical step of joining the two, in the process proposing an evolutionary theory of religion that shakes both evolutionary biology and social theory at their foundations. The key, argues Wilson, is to think of society as an organism, an old idea that has received new life based on recent developments in evolutionary biology. If society is an organism, can we then think of morality and religion as biologically and culturally evolved adaptations that enable human groups to function as single units rather than mere collections of individuals? Wilson brings a variety of evidence to bear on this question, from both the biological and social sciences. From Calvinism in sixteenth-century Geneva to Balinese water temples, from hunter-gatherer societies to urban America, Wilson demonstrates how religions have enabled people to achieve by collective action what they never could do alone. He also includes a chapter considering forgiveness from an evolutionary perspective and concludes by discussing how all social organizations, including science, could benefit by incorporating elements of religion. Religious believers often compare their communities to single organisms and even to insect colonies. Astoundingly, Wilson shows that they might be literally correct. Intended for any educated reader, Darwin's Cathedral will change forever the way we view the relations among evolution, religion, and human society.

Evolution And Religion

Author: Michael Ruse
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780742559073
Size: 11.16 MB
Format: PDF
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Evolution And Religion from the Author: Michael Ruse. Ruse, a leading expert on Charles Darwin, presents a fictional dialogue among characters with sharply contrasting positions regarding the tensions between science and religious belief.

The Biology Of Religious Behavior

Author: Jay R. Feierman
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313364303
Size: 80.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Biology Of Religious Behavior from the Author: Jay R. Feierman. Offers a fresh and detailed take on the evolution of religious behavior from a biobehavioral perspective, promoting a new understanding that may help build bridges across the religious divide.