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Truth from the Author: .

Keats And Chapman

Author: Tom Mathews
Publisher: New Island Books
Size: 60.42 MB
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Keats And Chapman from the Author: Tom Mathews. A collection of puns illustrated in the style of Flann O'Brien's Keats and Chapman sketches.

The Owl And The Pussycat And Other Poems

Author: Tom Mathews
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 9781906614195
Size: 18.13 MB
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The Owl And The Pussycat And Other Poems from the Author: Tom Mathews. Best known as one of Ireland's most popular cartoonists, Tom Mathews has for many years contributed poems to a number of small magazines and journals. The Owl and the Pussycat is his much anticipated debut collection and contains-as the title suggests-a variety of parodies, homages, versions and subversions, as well as poems which, with a light touch and steady gaze, look into the darker quarters of the human soul. "Tom Mathews has been an institution in Dublin for 30 years" -The Irish Times "The estimable Tom Mathews" -Fintan O'Toole "Is duine an-ghear, an chliste e" -Sean Mac Reamoinn

The Primacy Of Vision In Virgil S Aeneid

Author: Alden Smith
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 029270657X
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The Primacy Of Vision In Virgil S Aeneid from the Author: Alden Smith. One of the masterpieces of Latin and, indeed, world literature, Virgil's Aeneid was written during the Augustan "renaissance" of architecture, art, and literature that redefined the Roman world in the early years of the empire. This period was marked by a transition from the use of rhetoric as a means of public persuasion to the use of images to display imperial power. Taking a fresh approach to Virgil's epic poem, Riggs Alden Smith argues that the Aeneid fundamentally participates in the Augustan shift from rhetoric to imagery because it gives primacy to vision over speech as the principal means of gathering and conveying information as it recounts the heroic adventures of Aeneas, the legendary founder of Rome. Working from the theories of French phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Smith characterizes Aeneas as a voyant-visible, a person who both sees and is seen and who approaches the world through the faculty of vision. Engaging in close readings of key episodes throughout the poem, Smith shows how Aeneas repeatedly acts on what he sees rather than what he hears. Smith views Aeneas' final act of slaying Turnus, a character associated with the power of oratory, as the victory of vision over rhetoric, a triumph that reflects the ascendancy of visual symbols within Augustan society. Smith's new interpretation of the predominance of vision in the Aeneid makes it plain that Virgil's epic contributes to a new visual culture and a new mythology of Imperial Rome.

The Greek Poets

Author: Peter Constantine
Publisher: W. W. Norton
ISBN: 9780393060836
Size: 47.55 MB
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The Greek Poets from the Author: Peter Constantine. An extensive volume of Greek poetry includes more than one thousand entries spanning three millenia and many diverse traditions, in an anthology that includes works by such classic and modern writers as Sappho, Pindar, and Seferis.

A Glossary Of Literary Terms

Author: M.H. Abrams
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1285974514
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A Glossary Of Literary Terms from the Author: M.H. Abrams. First published over fifty years ago, A GLOSSARY OF LITERARY TERMS remains an essential text for all serious students of literature. Now fully updated to reflect the latest scholarship on recent and rapidly evolving critical theories, the eleventh edition contains a complete glossary of essential literary terms presented as a series of engaging, beautifully crafted essays that explore the terms, place them in context, and suggest related entries and additional reading. This indispensable, authoritative, and highly affordable reference covers terms useful in discussing literature and literary history, theory, and criticism. Perfect as a core text for introductory literary theory or as a supplement to any literature course, this classic work is an invaluable reference that students can continue to use throughout their academic and professional careers. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Flashman At The Charge

Author: George MacDonald Fraser
Publisher: Plume Books
ISBN: 9780452264137
Size: 49.23 MB
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Flashman At The Charge from the Author: George MacDonald Fraser. The fourth volume of memoirs in which Harry Flashman confronts destiny with Lord Cardigan and the Light Brigade. Part of the FLASHMAN series, comprising FLASHMAN, ROYAL FLASH and FLASH FOR FREEDOM, which explores the successful though scandalous later career of the bully in TOM BROWN'S SCHOOL DAYS.

The Various Lives Of Keats And Chapman

Author: Flann O'Brien
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1466842024
Size: 34.59 MB
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The Various Lives Of Keats And Chapman from the Author: Flann O'Brien. "Along with Joyce and Beckett, [Flann O'Brien] constitutes our trinity of great Irish writers. And who is funnier?" - Edna O'Brien The cream of Flann O'Brien's comic tour-de-force, the Keats and Chapman stories began in O'Brien's column in the Irish Times. He called them "studies in literary pathology" -- monstrously tall tales that explore the very limits of the shaggy dog story. As one critic wrote, they will accumulate the fantasy to the point of sadism, and then cash home with the flat, desolating pun. "The Brother" is another of O'Brien's funniest creations. He is the archetypal Dublin man -- an authority on every one of mankind's ills, from the common cold to the court case. Forget the experts, The Brother knows best. "The best comic writer I can think of." - S. J. Perelman