The Naked Nuns

Author: Colin Watson
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571281230
Size: 78.60 MB
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The Naked Nuns from the Author: Colin Watson. 'TWO NAKED NUNS AVAILABLE PHILADELPHIA' is the strangest cable ever to come to Flaxborough. Inspector Purbright, who has coped with a few odd things in his time, finds it opens a rich lode of skullduggery, deceit and sudden death. Flaxborough is a quiet market town in the east of England, discreetly prosperous, respectable and brimming with provincial virtues. However, beneath the bland surface, strange passions seethe. The little foibles of its citizens afford more than ample scope to the wisdom and pertinacity of Inspector Purbright. First published in 1975, The Naked Nuns is the eighth novel in the Flaxborough series and displays Watson's characteristic dry wit and striking observation. 'Flaxborough, that olde-worlde town with Dada trimmings.' Sunday Times

The Naked Nun

Author: Mary Shaver
Publisher: Markham, Ont. : PaperJacks
ISBN: 9780770100346
Size: 76.51 MB
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The Naked Nun from the Author: Mary Shaver.

Buddhist Nuns

Author: Mohan Wijeyaratna
Publisher: Buddhist Publication Society
ISBN: 9552403456
Size: 75.35 MB
Format: PDF
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Buddhist Nuns from the Author: Mohan Wijeyaratna. The Community of Buddhist Nuns is one of the oldest women’s organizations in human history. In this book Dr. Wijayaratna explains how this community was started by the Buddha in the 5th century BCE, and how it developed gradually. To show the motivation and the way of life of these ordained women, the author uses the oldest texts of the Pali canon. Several chapters of this book discuss the position of Buddhist nuns in the field of the three famous monastic themes: poverty, chastity and obedience. This book describes in detail the structure of the organization of their Community, their day-to-day practices, and the virtues and mental discipline through which they strove to attain the sublime goal, Nibbana.

Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight

Author: Karen Linamen
Publisher: WaterBrook
ISBN: 0307446565
Size: 10.95 MB
Format: PDF
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Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight from the Author: Karen Linamen. Do you wish something in your life was different? Take heart! You already possess the first and most important ingredient for change. Don’t waste your dissatisfaction, wield it! Intimate, humorous, and inspiring, Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight will take you on a journey from where you are to where you want to be. Do you long for a more rewarding career? A more passionate marriage? A healthier body, brighter future, or happier heart? With her trademark blend of laugh-out-loud humor and sage advice, Karen Linamen introduces you to 52 powerful actions you can apply to any change you long to embrace. In the process, you’ll discover the missing link between dissatisfaction and transformation; learn painless ways to remodel your habits; understand why you procrastinate and how to stop; learn how to generate the energy you need to pursue the life you want, and, above all, discover options and resources you never dreamed you had. What are you waiting for? No matter what has been holding you back–fear, fatigue, adversity, heartbreak, failures, or even the choices of other people–get ready. Get set. Lasting change is possible and its time to get started! Includes questions for reflection and discussion. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Believe Not Every Spirit

Author: Moshe Sluhovsky
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226762955
Size: 36.10 MB
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Believe Not Every Spirit from the Author: Moshe Sluhovsky. From 1400 through 1700, the number of reports of demonic possessions among European women was extraordinarily high. During the same period, a new type of mysticism—popular with women—emerged that greatly affected the risk of possession and, as a result, the practice of exorcism. Many feared that in moments of rapture, women, who had surrendered their souls to divine love, were not experiencing the work of angels, but rather the ravages of demons in disguise. So how then, asks Moshe Sluhovsky, were practitioners of exorcism to distinguish demonic from divine possessions? Drawing on unexplored accounts of mystical schools and spiritual techniques, testimonies of the possessed, and exorcism manuals, Believe Not Every Spirit examines how early modern Europeans dealt with this dilemma. The personal experiences of practitioners, Sluhovsky shows, trumped theological knowledge. Worried that this could lead to a rejection of Catholic rituals, the church reshaped the meaning and practices of exorcism, transforming this healing rite into a means of spiritual interrogation. In its efforts to distinguish between good and evil, the church developed important new explanatory frameworks for the relations between body and soul, interiority and exteriority, and the natural and supernatural.

Chaucer S Women Nuns Wives And Amazons

Author: P. Martin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230378633
Size: 67.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Chaucer S Women Nuns Wives And Amazons from the Author: P. Martin. In this challenging study Priscilla Martin investigates the subjects of women, sex and gender in Chaucer's poetry. She argues convincingly that these are Chaucer's major subjects and that he presents them as an area of human experience fraught with problems. Women, instead of producing texts and meanings themselves, are trapped in the books and meanings of others, and so the Madonna and the courtly heroine, the nun and the wife, are familiar but questionable images of constructed femininity. ' intelligent, sensitive, fresh and close reading which focuses upon Chaucer's women ... unconventional and subtle' - John J.McGavin, Times Higher Education Supplement

Amazons Wives Nuns And Witches

Author: Carole A. Myscofski
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 0292748531
Size: 17.43 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Amazons Wives Nuns And Witches from the Author: Carole A. Myscofski. The Roman Catholic church played a dominant role in colonial Brazil, so that women’s lives in the colony were shaped and constrained by the Church’s ideals for pure women, as well as by parallel concepts in the Iberian honor code for women. Records left by Jesuit missionaries, Roman Catholic church officials, and Portuguese Inquisitors make clear that women’s daily lives and their opportunities for marriage, education, and religious practice were sharply circumscribed throughout the colonial period. Yet these same documents also provide evocative glimpses of the religious beliefs and practices that were especially cherished or independently developed by women for their own use, constituting a separate world for wives, mothers, concubines, nuns, and witches. Drawing on extensive original research in primary manuscript and printed sources from Brazilian libraries and archives, as well as secondary Brazilian historical works, Carole Myscofski proposes to write Brazilian women back into history, to understand how they lived their lives within the society created by the Portuguese imperial government and Luso-Catholic ecclesiastical institutions. Myscofski offers detailed explorations of the Catholic colonial views of the ideal woman, the patterns in women’s education, the religious views on marriage and sexuality, the history of women’s convents and retreat houses, and the development of magical practices among women in that era. One of the few wide-ranging histories of women in colonial Latin America, this book makes a crucial contribution to our knowledge of the early modern Atlantic World.

The Nuns Of Sant Ambrogio

Author: Hubert Wolf
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0385351925
Size: 23.39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Nuns Of Sant Ambrogio from the Author: Hubert Wolf. A true, never-before-told story—discovered in a secret Vatican archive—of sex, poison, and lesbian initiation rites in a nineteenth-century convent. In 1858, a German princess, recently inducted into the convent of Sant’Ambrogio in Rome, wrote a frantic letter to her cousin, a confidant of the Pope, claiming that she was being abused and feared for her life. What the subsequent investigation by the Church’s Inquisition uncovered were the extraordinary secrets of Sant’Ambrogio and the illicit behavior of the convent’s beautiful young mistress, Maria Luisa. Having convinced those under her charge that she was having regular visions and heavenly visitations, Maria Luisa began to lead and coerce her novices into lesbian initiation rites and heresies. She entered into a highly eroticized relationship with a young theologian known as Padre Peters—urging him to dispense upon her, in the privacy and sanctity of the confessional box, what the two of them referred to as the “special blessing.” What emerges through the fog of centuries is a sex scandal of ecclesiastical significance, skillfully brought to light and vividly reconstructed in scholarly detail. Offering a broad historical background on female mystics and the cult of the Virgin Mary, and drawing on written testimony and original documents, Professor Wolf—Germany’s leading scholar of the Catholic Church, and among the very first scholars to be granted access to the archives of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly the office of the Inquisition—tells the incredible story of how one woman was able to perpetrate deception, heresy, seduction, and murder in the heart of the Church itself. From the Hardcover edition.

The New Nuns

Author: Amy L. Koehlinger
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674024731
Size: 55.82 MB
Format: PDF
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The New Nuns from the Author: Amy L. Koehlinger. In the 1960s, a number of Catholic women in the United States abandoned traditional apostolic works to experiment with new and often unprecedented forms of service among non-Catholics. Koehlinger explores the phenomenon of the "new nun" through close examination of one of its most visible forms--the experience of white sisters working in African-American communities. In this book, Koehlinger captures the confusion and frustration, as well as the exuberance and delight, that they experienced in their new Christian mission.