The Movers And The Shirkers

Author: Eric M. Uslaner
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 9780472088706
Size: 13.77 MB
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The Movers And The Shirkers from the Author: Eric M. Uslaner. How legislators pursue their policy agenda and represent their constituents

Actors Athletes And Astronauts

Author: David T. Canon
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226092683
Size: 56.18 MB
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Actors Athletes And Astronauts from the Author: David T. Canon. The U.S. Congress is typically seen as an institution filled with career politicians who have been seasoned by experience in lower levels of political office. In fact, political amateurs have comprised roughly one quarter of the House of Representatives since 1930. The effect of amateurs' inexperience on their political careers, roles in Congress, and impact on the political system has never been analyzed in detail. Written in a lucid style accessible to the nonspecialist, David T. Canon's Actors, Athletes, and Astronauts is a definitive study of political amateurs in elections and in Congress. Canon examines the political conditions that prompt amateurs to run for office, why they win or lose, and whether elected amateurs behave differently from their experienced counterparts. Challenging previous work which presumed stable career structures and progressively ambitious candidates, his study reveals that amateurs are disproportionately elected in periods of high political opportunity, such as the 1930s for Democrats and 1980s for Republicans. Canon's detailed findings call for significant revision of our prevailing understanding of ambition theory and disarm monolithic interpretations of political amateurs. His unique typology of amateurism differentiates among policy-oriented, "hopeless," or ambitious amateurs. The latter resemble their professional counterparts; "hopeless" amateurs are swept into office by strong partisan motivations and decision-making styles of each type vary, affecting their degree of success, but each type of amateur provides a necessary electoral balance by defeating entrenched incumbents rarely challenged by more experienced politicians.

Frank Porter Graham And The 1950 Senate Race In North Carolina

Author: Julian M. Pleasants
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 9780807819333
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Frank Porter Graham And The 1950 Senate Race In North Carolina from the Author: Julian M. Pleasants. The tumultuous North Carolina Senate primaries of 1950 are still viewed as the most bitter chapter in the state's modern political history. The central figure in that frenzied race was the appointed incumbent, Frank Porter Graham, former president of the University of North Carolina (1931-49) and liberal activist of national stature.

Participatory Democracy And Political Participation

Author: Thomas Zittel
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134194706
Size: 66.25 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Participatory Democracy And Political Participation from the Author: Thomas Zittel. A detailed new examination of the initiatives governments are exploring to reform the institutions and procedures of liberal democracy in order to provide more opportunities for political participation and inclusion. Combining theory and empirical case studies, this is a systematic evaluation of the most visible and explicit efforts to engineer political participation via institutional reforms. Part I discusses the phenomenon of participatory engineering from a conceptual standpoint, while parts II, III and IV take a comparative, as well as an empirical, perspective. The contributors to these sections analyze participatory institutions on the basis of empirical models of democracy such as direct democracy, civil society and responsive government and analyze the impact of these models on political behaviour. Part V includes exploratory regional case studies on specific reform initiatives that present descriptive accounts of the policies and politics of these reforms. Delivering a detailed assessment of democratic reform, this book will of strong interest to students and researchers of political theory, democracy and comparative politics.

Corruption Inequality And The Rule Of Law

Author: Eric M. Uslaner
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139472372
Size: 78.40 MB
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Corruption Inequality And The Rule Of Law from the Author: Eric M. Uslaner. Corruption flouts rules of fairness and gives some people advantages that others don't have. Corruption is persistent; there is little evidence that countries can escape the curse of corruption easily - or at all. Instead of focusing on institutional reform, in this book Eric M. Uslaner suggests that the roots of corruption lie in economic and legal inequality, low levels of generalized trust (which are not readily changed), and poor policy choices (which may be more likely to change). Economic inequality provides a fertile breeding ground for corruption, which, in turn, leads to further inequalities. Just as corruption is persistent, inequality and trust do not change much over time, according to Uslaner's cross-national aggregate analyses. He argues that high inequality leads to low trust and high corruption, and then to more inequality - an inequality trap - and identifies direct linkages between inequality and trust in surveys of the mass public and elites in transition countries.

The Decline Of Comity In Congress

Author: Eric M. Uslaner
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 9780472084210
Size: 47.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Decline Of Comity In Congress from the Author: Eric M. Uslaner. Probes incivility among U.S. lawmakers, demonstrating why institutional reform will not solve gridlock in Washington

The Naked And The Dead

Author: Norman Mailer
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 146685488X
Size: 78.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Naked And The Dead from the Author: Norman Mailer. Hailed as one of the finest novels to come out of the Second World War, The Naked and the Dead received unprecedented critical acclaim upon its publication and has since enjoyed a long and well-deserved tenure in the American canon. This fiftieth anniversary edition features a new introduction created especially for the occasion by Norman Mailer. Written in gritty, journalistic detail, the story follows a platoon of Marines who are stationed on the Japanese-held island of Anopopei. Composed in 1948 with the wisdom of a man twice Mailer's age and the raw courage of the young man he was, The Naked and the Dead is representative of the best in twentieth-century American writing.

The Death Of Luigi Trastulli And Other Stories

Author: Alessandro Portelli
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791404294
Size: 21.87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Death Of Luigi Trastulli And Other Stories from the Author: Alessandro Portelli. Portelli offers a new and challenging approach to oral history, with an interdisciplinary and multicultural perspective. Examining cultural conflict and communication between social groups and classes in industrial societies, he identifies the way individuals strive to create memories in order to make sense of their lives, and evaluates the impact of the fieldwork experience on the consciousness of the researcher. By recovering the value of the story-telling experience, Portelli s work makes delightful reading for the specialist and non-specialist alike."

Technology Matters

Author: David E. Nye
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262250748
Size: 35.29 MB
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Technology Matters from the Author: David E. Nye. Technology matters, writes David Nye, because it is inseparable from being human. We have used tools for more than 100,000 years, and their central purpose has not always been to provide necessities. People excel at using old tools to solve new problems and at inventing new tools for more elegant solutions to old tasks. Perhaps this is because we are intimate with devices and machines from an early age -- as children, we play with technological toys: trucks, cars, stoves, telephones, model railroads, Playstations. Through these machines we imagine ourselves into a creative relationship with the world. As adults, we retain this technological playfulness with gadgets and appliances -- Blackberries, cell phones, GPS navigation systems in our cars.We use technology to shape our world, yet we think little about the choices we are making. In Technology Matters, Nye tackles ten central questions about our relationship to technology, integrating a half-century of ideas about technology into ten cogent and concise chapters, with wide-ranging historical examples from many societies. He asks: Can we define technology? Does technology shape us, or do we shape it? Is technology inevitable or unpredictable? (Why do experts often fail to get it right?)? How do historians understand it? Are we using modern technology to create cultural uniformity, or diversity? To create abundance, or an ecological crisis? To destroy jobs or create new opportunities? Should "the market" choose our technologies? Do advanced technologies make us more secure, or escalate dangers? Does ubiquitous technology expand our mental horizons, or encapsulate us in artifice?These large questions may have no final answers yet, but we need to wrestle with them -- to live them, so that we may, as Rilke puts it, "live along some distant day into the answers."