Multinationalit T Hat Verschiedene Gesichter

Author: Susan Becker
Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag
ISBN: 9783515076852
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Multinationalit T Hat Verschiedene Gesichter from the Author: Susan Becker. Vor dem Hintergrund der weltweit verflochtenen Nichteisen-Metallindustrie untersucht die Autorin Formen internationaler Unternehmenstatigkeit der Vieille Montagne und Metallgesellschaft vor 1914. Gegenstand der Untersuchung sind damit zwei international herausragende, von der Forschung bislang jedoch wenig beachtete Unternehmen. Indem internationale Kartelle, Beziehungen zu auslandischen Unternehmen und Auslandsdirektinvestitionen beider Unternehmen zueinander in Beziehung gesetzt werden, gelingt erstmals der detaillierte - historisch-hermeneutische sowie theorie-geleitete - Nachweis, dass sich mit ihrer Hilfe gleiche Ziele unter Einsatz unterschiedlicher Mittel verfolgen lieaen. Anhand eingehender Einzelfallanalysen wird deutlich, dass eine auf Auslandsdirektinvestitionen verengte Diskussion multinationaler Unternehmen der Wirklichkeit unternehmerischer Auslandstatigkeit nicht gerecht wird. aUm es vorwegzunehmen: eine rundum hochst erfreuliche Dissertation! [a] Eine hervorragendem, praxisorientierte Arbeit, die unseren Horizont erweitert und sich gleichzeitig hervorragend fuer den Unterricht an mit Beispielen arbeitenden Kursen der Business School verwenden lasst.o Zeitschrift fuer Unternehmensgeschichte "Das Verdienst der Arbeit von Susan Becker liegt zweifellos darin, die internationale Unternehmenstatigkeit zweier europaischer Groakonzerne und deren unternehmensstrategisches Instrumentarium starker ins Licht der deutschen Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensgeschichte zu ruecken und damit eine Forschungsluecke zu schlieaen." Akkumulation "aa valuable historical reference." The Journal of European Economic History.

The Irish In The Atlantic World

Author: David T. Gleeson
Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press
ISBN: 1611172209
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The Irish In The Atlantic World from the Author: David T. Gleeson. The Irish in the Atlantic World presents a transnational and comparative view of the Irish historical and cultural experiences as phenomena transcending traditional chronological, topical, and ethnic paradigms. Edited by David T. Gleeson, this collection of essays offers a robust new vision of the global nature of the Irish diaspora within the Atlantic context from the eighteenth century to the present and makes original inroads for new research in Irish studies. These essays from an international cast of scholars vary in their subject matter from investigations into links between Irish popular music and the United States—including the popularity of American blues music in Belfast during the 1960s and the influences of Celtic balladry on contemporary singer Van Morrison—to a discussion of the migration of Protestant Orangemen to America and the transplanting of their distinctive non-Catholic organizations. Other chapters explore the influence of American politics on the formation of the Irish Free State in 1922, manifestations of nineteenth-century temperance and abolition movements in Irish communities, links between slavery and Irish nationalism in the formation of Irish identity in the American South, the impact of yellow fever on Irish and black labor competition on Charleston's waterfront, the fate of the Irish community at Saint Croix in the Danish West Indies, and other topics. These multidisciplinary essays offer fruitful explanations of how ideas and experiences from around the Atlantic influenced the politics, economics, and culture of Ireland, the Irish people, and the societies where Irish people settled. Taken collectively, these pieces map the web of connectivity between Irish communities at home and abroad as sites of ongoing negotiation in the development of a transatlantic Irish identity.

Mining Tycoons In The Age Of Empire 1870 1945

Author: Raymond E. Dumett
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351917323
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Mining Tycoons In The Age Of Empire 1870 1945 from the Author: Raymond E. Dumett. The years of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, aptly described by Mark Twain as the 'Gilded Age' witnessed an unprecedented level of technological change, material excess, untrammled pursuit of profit and imperial expansion. Within this dynamic and often ruthless environment many colorful characters strode across the world stage, among them the great mining tycoons, who with the thousands of prospectors, diggers, shift bosses, timbermen, 'blastmen' and 'muckers' in mining enterprise constituted one of the major spearheads of global capitalistic expansion and colonial exploitation. This volume, which carries the epic story to the mid-twentieth century provides a truly international perspective on the role of mining entrepreneurs, investors and engineers in shaping the economic and political map of the globe, in testing management techniques and in setting a vogue for extravagant displays of wealth among the world's rich. Each chapter is loosely focussed on a biographical account of a particular mining tycoon that allows for broad and comparative accounts to be made about the individuals, their business interests, the technologies they employed and the national and international political considerations under which they operated. Furthermore, this structure also allows for consideration of the effect that these tycoons had on the countries and territories in which they worked, particularly the often long-lasting impact on indigenous populations, the environment, transport links and economic development. By approaching the subject matter through this stimulating mix of cultural, social, economic, business and colonial history, many intriguing and thought provoking conclusions are reached that will reward any scholars with an interest late nineteenth and early twentieth century history.

The Engineers Of Cornwall At The Mines Of Pontgibaud In France

Author: Michael T. Kiernan
ISBN: 1326553410
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The Engineers Of Cornwall At The Mines Of Pontgibaud In France from the Author: Michael T. Kiernan. An account of the remarkable Cornish miners and their families who travelled to central France and ran the silver/lead mines for over thirty year during the Victorian period. The welcome of the French community and an enduring relationship. A small but significant chapter in the history of Cornwall.

Colonialism Tropical Disease And Imperial Medicine

Author: Soma Hewa
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 9780819199393
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Colonialism Tropical Disease And Imperial Medicine from the Author: Soma Hewa. For centuries, cultural imperialism has been practiced by Western colonizing nations seeking to extend their hegemony around the globe. In this insightful study, Hewa sheds new light on the often ignored role that Western medicine has played in this expansionist project. At the center of his analysis, the author cites colonial economic policies both as the facilitator of the spread of epidemic diseases in the tropics and as a vehicle for promoting the superiority of Western medicine that sought their cure. Sri Lanka is the geographical focus of the study, providing the first comprehensive analysis of the impact of European colonial policies on the health and disease of that population. Hewa concentrates primarily on the British and American cultural imperialism and how against this backdrop the intervention of Rockefeller philanthropy in Sri Lanka is examined.