The Making Of Paul Klee S Career 1914 1920

Author: Otto Karl Werckmeister
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226893587
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The Making Of Paul Klee S Career 1914 1920 from the Author: Otto Karl Werckmeister. Paul Klee—one of the preeminent artists of the twentieth century—was associated with all of the major movements of the first half of the century: expressionism, cubism, surrealism, and abstraction. In this economic and political history, O. K. Werckmeister traces Klee's career as a professional artist, concentrating on the years 1914-20 in which Klee rose from obscurity to recognition in the visual culture of the incipient Weimar Republic. Werckmeister reveals the degree to which Klee, who has been traditionally portrayed as aloof from politics and the vicissitudes of the art market, was subject to and interacted with material conditions. Drawing on rich documentary evidence—records of Klee's sales, reviews of his exhibitions, the artist's published writings about his art, unpublished correspondence, as well as contemporary criticism—Werckmeister follows Klee's transformation from an idiosyncratic abstract individualist to a metaphysical storyteller to mystical sage. Werckmeister argues that this latter image was promoted by a number of influential art critics and dealers acting in cooperation with the artist himself. This posture prompted Klee's success first in the war-weary modernist art world of 1916-18 and then in the pseudo-revolutionary art world of 1919-20. This work is a critical challenge to the myth of Klee's art and to the hagiography of his artistic personality. Werckmeister's historical account is sure to be a controversial yet significant contribution to Klee studies—one that will change the nature of Klee scholarship for some time to come.

Of Angels Things And Death

Author: Mark Luprecht
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9780820441153
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Of Angels Things And Death from the Author: Mark Luprecht. Frequently hailed as the capstone of Paul Klee's career, his Composition on a Black Ground (often called Last Still Life) has never been subjected to extensive analysis. This study interprets this masterpiece by placing it within the context of Klee's life, work, and thought, as well as within the larger field of the contemporary European intellectual milieu. The result shows Klee as a kindred spirit of well-known contemporaries like Rainer Maria Rilke, Carl Gustav Jung, and Martin Buber, and explains how his final painting is the profound, comprehensive statement of a dying artist.

Feast Of Color

Author: Tobia Bezzola
Publisher: Dumont
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Feast Of Color from the Author: Tobia Bezzola. Feast of Color ISBN 3-8321-7687-X / 978-3-8321-7687-7 Hardcover, 9.5 x 11.5 in. / 360 pgs / 210 color. / U.S. $50.00 CDN $60.00 August / Art

Klee Kandinsky And The Thought Of Their Time

Author: Mark W. Roskill
Size: 37.67 MB
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Klee Kandinsky And The Thought Of Their Time from the Author: Mark W. Roskill. In an original and broad-ranging study, Mark Roskill shows how social, cultural, and political events in Europe during the first forty years of the twentieth century provide a context for understanding the work of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. The two artists, who knew each other well and taught together for some time, responded to philosophical ideas, literature, music, and world events by producing some of the most intriguing and at times perplexing art of their time. Roskill's interpretation considers Klee and Kandinsky in relation to the artistic climate of the Munich Academy, the Bauhaus in both Weimar and Dessau, and other major cultural centers, including Paris. He examines their links with avant-garde groups and movements such as Der Blaue Reiter, Dada, Surrealism, and German Expressionism, and chronicles their struggles against Nazi censors who labeled them degenerate.


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Racar from the Author: .

German Expressionism

Author: Rose-Carol Washton Long
ISBN: 9780520202641
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German Expressionism from the Author: Rose-Carol Washton Long. "An indispensable anthology that immediately renders its predecessors obsolete. With its gathering of public and private documents, it carries us through the rise and fall of one of the great upheavals of modern art."--Robert Rosenblum, New York University "These essays, including many previously unavailable in English, are rich with startling new insights into the German Expressionist psyche. Elucidating the artists' view of government, the role of women in modern society, and their own ambivalence about the effectiveness of abstract art, this anthology is essential reading for all scholars and students of twentieth-century art."--Joan Marter, author of Alexander Calder

The Klee Universe

Author: Paul Klee
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Pub
Size: 21.54 MB
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The Klee Universe from the Author: Paul Klee. Edited by Dieter Scholz, Christina Thomson. Text by Christine Hopfengart, Olivier Berggruen, Peter-Klaus Schuster.

From Picasso To Pollock

Publisher: Guggenheim Museum Publications
Size: 37.83 MB
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From Picasso To Pollock from the Author: . Essays by Jan Avgikos, Bridget Alsdorf, Daniel Abadie, Ivy Barsky, Jennifer Blessing, Marek Bartelik, Tracey Bashkoff, Susan Cross, Matthew Drutt, Cornelia Lauf, Ingrid Schaffner, Fiona J. Ragheb, Nancy Spector, Joan Young, et al.

Artists Dealers Consumers

Author: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Publisher: Uitgeverij Verloren
ISBN: 9789065504166
Size: 17.43 MB
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Artists Dealers Consumers from the Author: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.