The Making Of A Modern Greek Identity

Author: Theodore G. Zervas
ISBN: 9780880336932
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The Making Of A Modern Greek Identity from the Author: Theodore G. Zervas. This volume explores the ways in which the teaching of Greek history in Greek schools helped shape a Greek national identity. The period covered (1834-1913) is particularly significant as it was a time of major social, political, and cultural change in Greece. In contrast to most 19th century European narratives whose national identities were mostly developed around contemporary indigenous cultural models, Greece looked to its ancient past when constructing its own concept of a national identity. After the formation of a Greek national school system and universal education in Greece in 1834, an idealized modern Greek identity was constructed and taught that promoted an exclusive and original Greek historical past that would link the modern Greek individual to the culture and history of ancient Greece.

Modern Greece

Author: Thomas W. Gallant
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472567587
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Modern Greece from the Author: Thomas W. Gallant. Modern Greece is an updated and enhanced edition of a classic survey of Greek history since the beginning of the 19th century. Giving equal weighting to social, political and diplomatic aspects, it offers detailed coverage of the formation of the Greek nation state, the global Greek diaspora, the country's relationships with Europe and the United States and a range of other topics, including women, rural areas, nationalism and the Civil War, woven together in a nuanced and highly readable narrative. Fresh material and new pedagogical features have been added throughout, most notably: - new chapters on 19th-century nationalism and 'Boom to Bust in the Age of Globalization, 1989-2013'; - greater discussion of the late Ottoman context, Greeks outside of Greece and the international background to the Greek state formation; - revisions to take account of recent scholarship, Greekscholarship ; - new timelines, maps, illustrations, charts, figures and primary source boxes; - an updated further reading section and bibliography. Modern Greece is a crucial text for anyone looking to understand the complex history of this now troubled nation and its place in the Balkans, Europe and the modern globalized world.

Lexikon Zur Geschichte S Dosteuropas

Author: Konrad Clewing
Publisher: Böhlau Verlag Wien
ISBN: 320578667X
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Lexikon Zur Geschichte S Dosteuropas from the Author: Konrad Clewing. Von den Karpaten bis zum Mittelmeer, von der Slowakei bis Zypern: Dieses Lexikon zur Geschichte Südosteuropas gibt Auskunft über Raumbegriffe, Völker, Religionen, Staaten, Gesellschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft, Kultur und über zentrale Ereignisse in der Region vom Ende der Antike bis zur Gegenwart. Die 2. Auflage wurde um viele neue Begriffe erweitert und die Texte unter Berücksichtigung des jüngsten Forschungsstands aktualisiert. Die Querverweise und ein Sachregister erleichtern die Benützung. Die mitwirkenden Autorinnen und Autoren sind renommierte Fachleute, die ein breites Spektrum geografischer, methodischer und thematischer Schwerpunkte garantieren.

Women And Nationalism In The Making Of Modern Greece

Author: D. Tzanaki
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230234453
Size: 38.79 MB
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Women And Nationalism In The Making Of Modern Greece from the Author: D. Tzanaki. This pioneering book reveals how nationalism in Ninteenth-century Greece helped women to develop an alternative vision of female politics, history, and citizenship. Shedding new light on women's ideas and beliefs the author brings to life the story of the ideas that formed our societies and individual identities.

Patterns Of Secularization

Author: Daphne Halikiopoulou
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317083016
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Patterns Of Secularization from the Author: Daphne Halikiopoulou. The politicization of religion is a central feature of the modern world, pointing to the continued relevance of the secularization debate: does modernization result in the decline of the social and political significance of religion or rather in a reaffirmation of religious values? This book examines the emergence of different patterns of secularization. It identifies the circumstances under which religion may remain or cease to be politically active and legitimate in societies where secularization has been initially inhibited given a strong identification with the nation. Arguing that in such societies the Church draws its power not only from its relationship with the state but also its relationship with the nation, this book identifies two patterns of secularization: (a) co-optation, and (b) confrontation. The redefinition of the Church, state and nation nexus is likely to result in secularization if (a) the church obstructs the modernisation process (church and state), and (b) if external threat perceptions decline (church and nation). The simultaneous presence of these constraints serves to redefine the role of religion in the formation of national identity. Comparing Greece and the Republic of Ireland as two cultural defence cases with a strong variation in the political and social salience of religion, this book explains Ireland's current secularization drive in terms of the fluidity of Irish national identity and the rigidity of the Irish Catholic Church (confrontation). It contrasts this with the Greek case where the Church's resilience is linked to institutional flexibility on the one hand and a reliance on an ethnic/religious national identity on the other (co-optation). In conceptualizing the contemporary role of religion in the Republic of Ireland and Greece, this book draws a number of generalizable conclusions about the political role of religion in cultural defence cases.

A Life In Education And Architecture

Author: Catherine Burke
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317187687
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A Life In Education And Architecture from the Author: Catherine Burke. This book provides a detailed exploration of the relationships between individual architects, educators, artists and designers that laid the foundation and shaped the approach to designing new school buildings in post-war Britain. It explores the life and work of Mary Medd (née Crowley) (1907-2005) who was alongside her husband and professional partner, David Medd, one of the most important modernist architects of the 20th century. Mary Medd devoted the major part of her career to the design of school buildings and was pioneering in this respect, drawing much inspiration from Scandinavian architecture, arts and design. More than a biography, the book draws attention to the significance of relationships and networks of friendships built up over these years among individuals with a common view of the child in educational settings.

Modern Greece

Author: John S. Koliopoulos
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781444314830
Size: 69.85 MB
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Modern Greece from the Author: John S. Koliopoulos. Modern Greece: A History since 1821 is a chronological account of the political, economic, social, and cultural history of Greece, from the birth of the Greek state in 1821 to 2008 by two leading authorities. Pioneering and wide-ranging study of modern Greece, which incorporates the most recent Greek scholarship Sets the history of modern Greece within the context of a broad geo-political framework Includes detailed portraits of leading Greek politicians Provides in-depth considerations on the profound economic and social changes that have occurred as a result of Greece’s EU membership

The Oxford Handbook Of The History Of Nationalism

Author: John Breuilly
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191644269
Size: 15.11 MB
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The Oxford Handbook Of The History Of Nationalism from the Author: John Breuilly. The Oxford Handbook of the History of Nationalism comprises thirty six essays by an international team of leading scholars, providing a global coverage of the history of nationalism in its different aspects - ideas, sentiments, and politics. Every chapter takes the form of an interpretative essay which, by a combination of thematic focus, comparison, and regional perspective, enables the reader to understand nationalism as a distinct and global historical subject. The book covers the emergence of nationalist ideas, sentiments, and cultural movements before the formation of a world of nation-states as well as nationalist politics before and after the era of the nation-state, with chapters covering Europe, the Middle East, North-East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Americas. Essays on everday national sentiment and race ideas in fascism are accompanied by chapters on nationalist movements opposed to existing nation-states, nationalism and international relations, and the role of external intervention into nationalist disputes within states. In addition, the book looks at the major challenges to nationalism: international socialism, religion, pan-nationalism, and globalization, before a final section considering how historians have approached the subject of nationalism. Taken separately, the chapters in this Handbook will deepen understanding of nationalism in particular times and places; taken together they will enable the reader to see nationalism as a distinct subject in modern world history.

Mediterranean Prehistoric Heritage

Author: Ian Hodder
Publisher: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
ISBN: 9781902937380
Size: 23.36 MB
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Mediterranean Prehistoric Heritage from the Author: Ian Hodder. Drawing on the experience of the Temper project ( Training, Education, Management and Prehistory in the Mediterranean ) and wider examples from the Mediterranean, this volume explores the issues inherent in managing, interpreting and presenting prehistoric archaeological sites. The first section of the book contains thematic chapters on conservation, visitor management and interpretation, public participation, and issues of managing sites within their cultural landscape; the second section focuses on archaeology and education and the politics of national curricula, and presents detailed case studies. Written by academics and those working in the fields of archaeology, architecture, heritage management and education, this volume will be invaluable to students and practitioners alike.

Camera Graeca Photographs Narratives Materialities

Author: Dr Philip Carabott
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 147242476X
Size: 15.53 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Camera Graeca Photographs Narratives Materialities from the Author: Dr Philip Carabott. Modern Greece and photography are almost peers: both are cultural products of the 1830s, and both actively converse with modernity. This is the first inter-disciplinary volume to examine Greece’s entanglement with photography. The book argues that photographs and the photographic process have been instrumental in the reproduction of national imagination, in the consolidation of the nation-building process, and in the dissemination of propaganda. It is argued that the photographic field constitutes a site of memory and counter-memory, where social actors stake their discursive, material, and practical claims.