The Living Of Maisie Ward

Author: Dana Greene
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The Living Of Maisie Ward from the Author: Dana Greene. Born in England into a family of successful Catholic writers, Ward's dedication to the Church ignited when, as a young woman, she joined the Catholic Evidence Guild. A group of street corner preachers, the Guild members gave witness to their Catholic faith in the parks of London. Ward met her future husband, Australian law student Frank Sheed, during her days with the Guild. Together, Maisie and Frank founded the publishing company of Sheed & Ward, which made a significant contribution to Catholicism through the publication of original works by Catholic writers and translations of noted Catholic European theologians.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Author: Maisie Ward
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0742550443
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Gilbert Keith Chesterton from the Author: Maisie Ward. Maisie Ward's biography of Gilbert Keith Chesterton has long been a cornerstone in Chesterton studies, as well as in the publishing house she and her husband, Frank Sheed, founded in 1926. Originally published in 1942, just six years after Chesterton's untimely death, this book combines Ward's unique perspective as the author's friend and publisher with an examination of his personal correspondence and interviews with his closest friends and family. Here are Chesterton's childhood and school days, the friendship and foolery of youth, his early theological development, high spirited love letters, the variety and richness of his travel and life abroad, his lectures, his writings, and his indominable spirit. A Sheed & Ward Classic, this re-release of Ward's definitive biography is sure to delight existing "Chestertonians" and introduce a new generation to one of Catholicism's brightest lights. From the new introduction by Andrew Greeley: "This book had a decisive impact on me and on my life when I read it at the age of sixteen and not merely because my fictional detective Blackie Ryan is an American cousin of GKC's Father Brown. Ms. Ward's biography introduced me not only to a world of literature of which I had been unaware, but to a perspective on literature and life which was enormously attractive because it confirmed many of the insights, instincts, inclinations, biases, and loves which were knocking around in my adolescent skull. I have been a Chestertonian all my life in part because I had been one without knowing it even before I read Ms. Ward's biography."

Catholic Literary Giants

Author: Joseph Pearce
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 1586179446
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Catholic Literary Giants from the Author: Joseph Pearce. In Catholic Literary Giants, Joseph Pearce takes the reader on a dazzling tour of the creative landscape of Catholic prose and poetry. Covering the vast and impressive terrain from Dante to Tolkien, from Shakespeare to Waugh, this book is an immersion into the spiritual depths of the Catholic literary tradition with one of today's premier literary biographers as our guide. Focusing especially on the literary revival of the twentieth century, Pearce explores well-known authors such as G.K. Chesterton, Graham Greene and J.R.R. Tolkien, while introducing lesser-known writers Roy Campbell, Maurice Baring, Owen Barfield and others. He even includes the new saint, Pope John Paul II, who wrote many literary and poetic pieces, among them the story that was made into a feature film, The Jeweler's Shop.

There Were Also Many Women There

Author: Katherine E. Harmon
Publisher: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 081466296X
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There Were Also Many Women There from the Author: Katherine E. Harmon. Where are the women in liturgical history? In considering the influential liturgical movement in the United States during the first half of the twentieth century, Katharine E. Harmon reveals that the reality is analogous to Matthew's account of the crucifixion of Jesus: "there were also many women there" (Matt. 27:55). In this groundbreaking study, Harmon considers women's involvement in the movement. Here, readers explore the contributions of Maisie Ward, Dorothy Day, Catherine deHueck Doherty, Ade Bethune, Therese Mueller, and many others. Harmon shows how movements and institutions such as progressivism, Catholic women's organizations, Catholic Action, the American Grail Movement, and daily Catholic family life played a prominent role in the liturgical renewal. The historical record is clear that women were there, they ministered to the Mystical Body, and their important work must be recognized.

Christian Critics

Author: Eugene McCarraher
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801434730
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Christian Critics from the Author: Eugene McCarraher. "Offering portraits of a diverse selection of critics - including Walter Rauschenbusch, Reinhold Niebuhr, H. Richard Niebuhr, Dorothy Day, Paul Tillich, Thomas Merton, Martin Luther King, Jr., Daniel Berrigan, Michael Novak, Mary Daly, and Garry Wills - Eugene McCarraher argues that together they left a contradictory legacy. While all supported movements for the rights of labor, racial minorities, and women, some endorsed the military-industrial order that established the professional-managerial class as a dominant national force, while others favored a decentralized political economy of worker self-management.

Out Of Due Time

Author: Paschal Scotti
Publisher: CUA Press
ISBN: 0813214270
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Out Of Due Time from the Author: Paschal Scotti. Following the tradition of the great literary quarterlies, the journal discussed every aspect of human endeavor, and Out of Due Time offers a fine opportunity to view the best of the Catholic mind in an extraordinary period.

God Mocks

Author: Terry Lindvall
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 1479883824
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God Mocks from the Author: Terry Lindvall. Winner of the 2016 Religious Communication Association Book of the Year Award In God Mocks, Terry Lindvall ventures into the muddy and dangerous realm of religious satire, chronicling its evolution from the biblical wit and humor of the Hebrew prophets through the Roman Era and the Middle Ages all the way up to the present. He takes the reader on a journey through the work of Chaucer and his Canterbury Tales, Cervantes, Jonathan Swift, and Mark Twain, and ending with the mediated entertainment of modern wags like Stephen Colbert. Lindvall finds that there is a method to the madness of these mockers: true satire, he argues, is at its heart moral outrage expressed in laughter. But there are remarkable differences in how these religious satirists express their outrage.The changing costumes of religious satirists fit their times. The earthy coarse language of Martin Luther and Sir Thomas More during the carnival spirit of the late medieval period was refined with the enlightened wit of Alexander Pope. The sacrilege of Monty Python does not translate well to the ironic voices of Soren Kierkegaard. The religious satirist does not even need to be part of the community of faith. All he needs is an eye and ear for the folly and chicanery of religious poseurs. To follow the paths of the satirist, writes Lindvall, is to encounter the odd and peculiar treasures who are God’s mouthpieces. In God Mocks, he offers an engaging look at their religious use of humor toward moral ends.

American Catholics

Author: William V. D'Antonio
Publisher: Rowman Altamira
ISBN: 9780759100411
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American Catholics from the Author: William V. D'Antonio. This text traces the beliefs and attitudes of Catholics in the United States. Drawing on surveys from 1987, 1993 and 1999, the authors show how attitudes and beliefs have changed over time. Questioning Catholics on identity, religious practices, the Church's social teachings, clergy and governance, demonstrates how differences in gender, generation commitment to the Church can influence attitudes on all these issues.

Monika K Hellwig

Author: Dolores R. Leckey
Publisher: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 9780814657300
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Monika K Hellwig from the Author: Dolores R. Leckey. You can't throw truth at people so that al they can do is duck. 'Monika K. Hellwig Though Monika Hellwig is well known in theological circles, what is not so widely known is how theology led her into a whole new way of life. Refugees from the Nazis, Monika and her two sisters were sent as children to live in Great Britain with an academic couple who provided them with a loving home and an excellent education. The notion of home became a central motif in Hellwig's spiritual/theological understanding of life. For fourteen years she was at home" with the Medical Mission Sisters, expecting to be assigned to Pakistan. Instead she was sent to the Catholic University of America where systematic theology and scriptural studies enlarged her intellectual horizon. That experience, together with the Second Vatican Council's emphasis on the imperative of the lay vocation, altered the course of her life. She left her religious community and enthusiastically embraced her baptismal calling. Everything that followed 'her academic work and writing, her masterful teaching within and outside the academy, her adopting three children as a single mother, her sense of responsibility to her parish and to several prayer groups 'reflects her intentional living out of the lay vocation until the moment of her death in 2005. The contributors to this first biography of Hellwig write from their intimate knowledge of some facet of her rich and challenging life. Together they create a portrait of a woman who was teacher and author, poet and administrator, a mother and a contemplative in action 'a "people's theologian" 'with whom readers will feel at home. "