Lucy The Light Bearer

Author: George Eliel SARGENT
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Lucy The Light Bearer from the Author: George Eliel SARGENT.

The Light Bearer

Author: Brian Hager
Publisher: Capstone Publishing Group Llc
ISBN: 9781602900448
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The Light Bearer from the Author: Brian Hager. Catapults you right into the life of Lucifer, The Light-Bearer, The Fair Golden One. It is the time just after the creation of the angels and before the fashioning of the world. The Children live to serve and praise their Father, and to bask in the love of the Son and the guidance of the Spirit. Lucifer, called upon to carry the Father's Light of Creation across Eternity, leads the Children in praise, knowledge, and teaching. His greatness and devoted service have but one flaw: vanity. Seduced by unknown curiosities he witnessed during Creation, Lucifer refuses to control the unanswered questions that plague his mind. Even after gentle rebukes from those closest to him, the Light-Bearer cannot admit that there are some things that only the Father should know. And so, slowly, he begins to question, then doubt, and ultimately falls away from his Father's love. Along the way, he coerces many of his Brothers to join him in his rebellion against the Father's sovereignty. As his rejection of the Father and His Son reaches its peak, Lucifer's closest Brother, Michael, must take up arms against him and lead the Father's army in battle to thwart the sinful rebellion.

The Light Bearer

Author: Donna Gillespie
Publisher: Jove Publications
ISBN: 9780515119664
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The Light Bearer from the Author: Donna Gillespie. Auriane, daughter of a Rhine River area chieftain in 50 A.D., must face her difficult destiny and lead her people against the invading legions of the Roman Empire

The Light Bearer Of Liberty

Author: J. W. Scholl
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing
ISBN: 9781417918423
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The Light Bearer Of Liberty from the Author: J. W. Scholl. 1899. A collection of poetry, whose title-poem was written under the inspiration of the lectures of Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll, and is offered as a tribute to him, whom many delight to recognize as the manly and eloquent friend of man, woman, and child, the champion of the oppressed, the titanic foe of superstition, the torchbearer of intellectual liberty. The other poems are a humble contribution to the cause for which the best blood has been spilled, in all ages, and for which obloquy and hissing are borne now.

Lucifer The Lion

Author: Reverend Tracy L Crowe
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1452590079
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Lucifer The Lion from the Author: Reverend Tracy L Crowe. This book provides an autobiography of a spiritual pilgrimage, and how being aware of synchronicities can lead an individual toward their path of destiny. It demonstrates that to ascend to the beautiful being of love that is our destiny, we can no longer allow atrocities to animals to continue. The author and the reader receive insight into spiritual growth for a much needed new paradigm. We have the power within us to “be the change that we want to see in the world.”

Amboy Light Bearer

Author: G.T. Rabanal
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1624882390
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Amboy Light Bearer from the Author: G.T. Rabanal. “Amboy Light Bearer” possessed a dichotomy of Modernism and Mysticism, of Machines and Magic, of Masters and Minions. The grand battles of Good versus Evil, Hope versus Despair, Love versus Hate, and Light versus Darkness were constant struggles Amboy continually dealt with and rose to the challenges. Throughout the millennia Stargods -- also known as Shining Ones, Ascended Masters -- have shaped the course of human history and steered the wheels, metaphorically speaking, to a perilous destiny. One Man, one Flaming Sword, one Noble Path, Amboy, considered to be a Modern Moses equivalent, fought for Mankind’s self-determination. However, the Stargods, in conjunction with the Shadow Government, sought to suppress Mankind, by deactivating his chakras, subject his body with implantations, which contained viral diseases, and controlling his future. Vampire, CIA Director, and 13th Member of the Ultra-Elite Exogents, Cornelius Nagas, could no longer control Exo Dragon-wolves Crew Leader Amboy, who was evolving multi-dimensionally, transcending with innate powers, and fully assuming the role of Light Bearer to the World. Despite a lofty title and a great burden to carry, Amboy, subjected to inordinate desires, remained flesh and blood. Torn between carnality and spirituality, Amboy was the object of infatuation to four young and incredibly gorgeous ladies: Asia Fukazawa, a werewolf with mesmerizing beauty and charm; Jennifer Pasqua, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and President of Akbayan, a Filipino club at San Jose State University; Nina Paige, a supermodel and a computer nerd; and Violeta Benford, a stunning redhead and deeply spiritual. He was also pursued by Kat Tatsulong, who had the ability to shape-shift into a Flying Dragon and the only female member of the Exogents. No longer had an indispensable asset to the Shadow Government but a thorn to their side, Cornelius, like Pontius Pilate, handed Amboy to Moderah, a Sorcerer and King of the Vampires. Considered to be like a Son of Ra the ancient Egyptian solar deity with great power and authority, Amboy was both highly despised and coveted by the Kindred for his previous confrontations with them and his precious blood. Faithful to the point of death, Amboy, before pierced with the Spear of Longinus replica, stammered with agony, “I-I only r-re-gret that I h-have one l-life to g-give f-for the King-“ He did not complete his sentence, as the Darkness vanquished the Light Bearer. Will he rise from the flames again like a majestic Phoenix or perished eternally as a mortal man?


Author: John Caruso
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc
ISBN: 1602824517
Size: 47.22 MB
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Lightbearer from the Author: John Caruso. Lucifer: fallen angel or martyr of desire? Condemned to die by God and branded a traitor by his fellow fallen angels, Lucifer descends on Boston in a blizzard. He is drawn to humanity and vows to appear before the world again as Lucifer. But with Heaven's longstanding disinformation campaign stacked against him, he does not yet dare. When he learns of a celibate cult, the Wise Virgins, he dons human disguises and enters the lives of two of its leaders, Virgil Caldera and his aunt, Agatha Brimsmead. The powerful archangel Michael, Lucifer's creator and former lover, is behind the cult. Michael is convinced that sex is the source of all misery on earth, and has decreed that humans must renounce erotic love or burn in hellfire. The battle of wills and wits is onÑnot only over the bodies and souls of Virgil and Agatha, but in that age old struggle between desire and divine authority. Lucifer has one hope of defeating Michael: he must expose the deadly flaw in Michael's plan of salvation. But as long as he remains hidden, he cannot reveal the truth about his past in heaven or the scandal of the world to come. In The Bible and Milton's Paradise Lost, Lucifer is portrayed as the angel whose pride caused him to fall from heaven and turn toward evil. In Lightbearer, he is the artist, the dissident, and the genius of desire who dares to question the premise of creation itself, and who reveals that sin may be all that stands between us and living hell.

Hogni The Light Bearer

Author: Winter Morris
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781500152321
Size: 60.55 MB
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Hogni The Light Bearer from the Author: Winter Morris. Twelve worlds, overwhelming odds, one chance two unlikely Hero's! From the age of four months old, you're destined to become 'The Light-bearer', the ultimate... *yawn* 'boring boring boring!!!!Now that I have your attention, Hi I'm Hermit, the old fellow on that beautiful cover. Yes that's me picking my nose.' The author Winter is going to monologue you to tears with his synopsis, so I've hijacked this page to save you. Put simply Høgni and I have to save our earth, from a creature of such power, that just thinking about it makes me have to run and change my underwear, which reminds me...when was the last time I changed them...twenty, no thirty years? Anyway we have to travel to twelve alternate versions of our world, to obtain the means to re-imprison it, chances are though, we're going to die, and by die I mean horribly, in a lot of pain, limbs bent the wrong way , and more than a little of the 'red' stuff. All this danger and risk for a dance mat I may never live to receive. (you'll find out about that) this is the funniest action fantasy book you can read in two days. (Say goodbye to sleep) it has humor and fight scenes to die for (literally in our case). I don't appear in the book till page 50, but don't let that put you off, I'm going to be your favorite character, I have to get my pitch In, as Winter's been watching too much Game of thrones, and I don't want to end up as an early casualty. Oops he's waking up got to go, buy the book now, thank me later...back to the monologue see you!' protector of the Faroese nation and beyond. On the day of your succession, you accidentally unleash upon the world the very threat you're supposed to protect it from. You're then tasked to stop an unspeakably powerful enemy with the aid of some rusting old artefacts, and a mad old Hermit, with questionable hygiene, who also seems intent on getting you accidentally killed!! Oh and you've only just turned 13! Høgni (Pronounced Huck-ni-ya say it quickly) hurls the reader headlong into a medley of strange yet fantastical worlds, stuffed full of humor and with a stellar cast of villains and heroes that will have you clapping and rooting for them all. Expect danger, expect adventure, expect action, expect the fantastical.. Just don't expect to put the book down!!!