The Hunters And The Hunted

Author: James B. Swartz
Publisher: Productivity Press
ISBN: 9781563270437
Size: 33.13 MB
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The Hunters And The Hunted from the Author: James B. Swartz. Our competitive environment changes rapidly. If you want to survive, you have to stay on top of those changes. This unusual nonfiction novel provides a veritable crash course in continuous transformation. It offers lessons from real-life companies and introduces many industrial gurus as characters. It doesn't simply tell you how to change; it puts you inside the change process itself.

Between The Hunters And The Hunted

Author: Steven Wilson
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
ISBN: 9780786016730
Size: 18.61 MB
Format: PDF
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Between The Hunters And The Hunted from the Author: Steven Wilson. When the Nazis discover that Winston Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt have set up a secret meeting, they set to destroy Churchill's convoy, and Captain George Hardy, the commander of the HMS Firedancer, and his crew must engage in a brutal battle at sea to stop them. Original.

The Hunters Or The Hunted

Author: C. K. Brain
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226070905
Size: 42.65 MB
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The Hunters Or The Hunted from the Author: C. K. Brain. "Amongst scientists involved [in taphonomy], C. K. Brain stands out as the pioneer; this impressive book is a statement of his investigations. . . . The Hunters or the Hunted? is a very important book for paleoanthropology. It presents the first thorough analysis of the Sterkfontein Valley assemblages, contributes significantly to the resolution of lingering controversies and, by placing the old information in a fresh perspective, enables new and more sophisticated questions to be asked not only of the South African material but of similar assemblages elsewhere. Another contribution is that it reinforces the recent change in feelings as to what constitutes data, for the value of looking at fossil and contemporary bones as closely as this is clear. Brain urges the necessity of recovering fossils with a high regard for subtle detail. I hope excavators of any vertebrate fossil site will be persuaded to follow his advice and pay more attention to these features of bone accumulations that have been previously neglected; for taphonomy can be a powerful tool in elucidating the problems of fossil assemblages, especially when handled with the care and caution that Brain brings to the subject."—Andrew Hill, Nature

The Hunters And The Hunted

Author: Jochen Brennecke
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 1786258153
Size: 64.71 MB
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The Hunters And The Hunted from the Author: Jochen Brennecke. Hitler’s U-Boats—German submarine aces tell their own stories of war and death under the sea. THEY LIVE WITH DEATH The silent death they deal to the ships above them...and the dark death that waits for them in the depths of the sea. These authentic reports by the top U-Boat commanders of World War II tell the vivid story of the terrors and triumphs of the war under the waves—its heroics and horrors, and the final defeat of Germany’s most effective war arm. THE HUNTERS “Fire one!”—and a torpedo’s wake points a white finger of death at an Allied warship. The U-boats prowl the seas, hunting victims and striking with the merciless, lethal speed of a cobra...but the hunters are also THE HUNTED “Dive!”—and the sub plummets downward, rocked by the crash of depth charges...or surfaces to meet a hell of shellfire and bombs! Here is the full story of the men and weapons that almost won the war for Hitler—first-hand stories of undersea action by the U-boat aces themselves.

Man The Hunted

Author: Donna Hart
Publisher: Westview Press
ISBN: 078672594X
Size: 62.28 MB
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Man The Hunted from the Author: Donna Hart. Man the Hunted argues that primates, including the earliest members of the human family, have evolved as the prey of any number of predators, including wild cats and dogs, hyenas, snakes, crocodiles, and even birds. The authors' studies of predators on monkeys and apes are supplemented here with the observations of naturalists in the field and revealing interpretations of the fossil record. Eyewitness accounts of the “man the hunted” drama being played out even now give vivid evidence of its prehistoric significance. This provocative view of human evolution suggests that countless adaptations that have allowed our species to survive—from larger brains to speech—stem from a considerably more vulnerable position on the food chain than we might like to imagine. The myth of early humans as fearless hunters dominating the earth obscures our origins as just one of many species that had to be cautious, depend on other group members, communicate danger, and come to terms with being merely one cog in the complex cycle of life. The expanded edition includes a new chapter that describes the ever-increasing evidence of predation on humans and other primates and claims that the earliest humans were neither hunters nor even the accomplished scavengers that many authorities have claimed. Contents Foreword by Ian Tattersall 1. Just Another Item on the Menu 2. Debunking “Man the Hunter” 3. Who's Eating Whom? 4. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! 5. Coursing Hyenas and Hungry Dogs 6. Missionary Position 7. Terror from the Sky 8. We Weren't Just Waiting Around to be Eaten! 9. Gentle Savage or Bloodthirsty Brute? 10. Man the Hunted 11. The Final Word

Hunter And Hunted

Author: Hans Kruuk
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521891097
Size: 15.61 MB
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Hunter And Hunted from the Author: Hans Kruuk. Fascinating popular account of the intricate relationships between meat-eaters and humankind.