The Hunters And The Hunted

Author: James B. Swartz
Publisher: Productivity Press
ISBN: 9781563270437
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The Hunters And The Hunted from the Author: James B. Swartz. Our competitive environment changes rapidly. If you want to survive, you have to stay on top of those changes. This unusual nonfiction novel provides a veritable crash course in continuous transformation. It offers lessons from real-life companies and introduces many industrial gurus as characters. It doesn't simply tell you how to change; it puts you inside the change process itself.

Between The Hunters And The Hunted

Author: Steven Wilson
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
ISBN: 078603307X
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Between The Hunters And The Hunted from the Author: Steven Wilson. From Steven Wilson, whose gripping debut, Voyage of the Gray Wolves, was hailed as "a taut, suspenseful, engaging, and frightening saltwater thriller"* comes a story of the world at war, of two countries bound together by hope--and the common foe that could destroy that hope in one devastating strike. . . In the early days of World War II, Great Britain is fighting for its life. With the Nazi Luftwaffe and U-boat wolfpacks bearing down, they've never needed America more. In secret, Winston Churchill travels by sea to Newfoundland to meet with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. When the Nazis learn of the meeting, they deploy their greatest weapon--the Sea Lion, a juggernaut even more dangerous than the sunken Bismark. Its sole mission--track and destroy Churchill's convoy. But in the prime minister's protective Naval cordon is the HMS Firedancer, commanded by Captain George Hardy. A veteran of too many hard-fought battles, Hardy struggles to balance duty and honor against the destruction he has wrought in the service of his country. But his most daunting task is still to come. Now, in the merciless North Atlantic, the pride of the Nazi fleet will confront the defiant might of the Allies--with the fate of the war lying in the hands of the victor. . . "A gripping, superbly told story of war at sea." --Peter Sasgen, author of War Plan Red

The Hunters And The Hunted

Author: Jochen Brennecke
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 1786258153
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The Hunters And The Hunted from the Author: Jochen Brennecke. Hitler’s U-Boats—German submarine aces tell their own stories of war and death under the sea. THEY LIVE WITH DEATH The silent death they deal to the ships above them...and the dark death that waits for them in the depths of the sea. These authentic reports by the top U-Boat commanders of World War II tell the vivid story of the terrors and triumphs of the war under the waves—its heroics and horrors, and the final defeat of Germany’s most effective war arm. THE HUNTERS “Fire one!”—and a torpedo’s wake points a white finger of death at an Allied warship. The U-boats prowl the seas, hunting victims and striking with the merciless, lethal speed of a cobra...but the hunters are also THE HUNTED “Dive!”—and the sub plummets downward, rocked by the crash of depth charges...or surfaces to meet a hell of shellfire and bombs! Here is the full story of the men and weapons that almost won the war for Hitler—first-hand stories of undersea action by the U-boat aces themselves.

The Hunters And The Hunted

Author: Dell Shannon
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1471914089
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The Hunters And The Hunted from the Author: Dell Shannon. Four years ago Wayne Burgess killed his parents, and his plea of insanity lead to a verdict of not guilty. Now, after four years in a mental institution, he has been released and is obsessively determined to murder his wife and young daughter. Delia Riordan, the newest addition to the Glendale Police Department, is on the case. A little girl has been abducted - and she could provide the lead in the Burgess affair if only the police can see the connection in time. But will they? 'My favourite American crime-writer' New York Herald Tribune

Hunters And The Hunted

Author: William Sydney Chadwick
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Hunters And The Hunted from the Author: William Sydney Chadwick.

The Hunters And The Hunted

Author: Bryan Perrett
Publisher: Pen & Sword
ISBN: 9781848846388
Size: 63.67 MB
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The Hunters And The Hunted from the Author: Bryan Perrett. At the start of World War One the Imperial German Navy had a large number of surface warships deployed around the world. These posed a considerable threat to British mercantile interests, particularly the import of food and fuel supplies. Their elimination was a matter of urgency.This book covers the major actions and includes the following: The escape of the Goeben and Breslau to Turkey, where they became units of the Turkish Navy serving in the Black and Aegean Seas.The remarkable cruise of the Emden. Detached from the German East Asia Squadron she sank a Russian cruiser, a French destroyer, 21 merchant ships and destroyed cargo valued at 3 million. She was cornered and sunk by the Australian cruiser Sydney while raiding the Cocos Islands. The mystery of the Karlsruhe, destroyed by an internal explosion.The German East Asiatic Squadron, consisting of the armored cruisers Schanhorst and Gneisienau and several light cruisers made passage across the Pacific to the west coast of South America where they encountered and sank two British cruisers, the Monmouth and Good Hope.The Konigsberg operated from Germany s colony of Tanga. After sinking a British cruiser she hid in the upper reaches of the Rufiji River. After a lengthy naval and air campaign by British forces she was finally destroyed by the indirect fire from two RN Monitors.By the middle of 1915 the high seas had been mostly cleared of German surface warships, but two armed German ships dominated Lake Tanganyika. Two British armed motor boats were shipped to the West African coast from England and made their way by river and overland haulage to the lake, a 400 mile journey. The result was the destruction of the German lake boats and the invasion of Tanganyika by British forces. This operation became the inspiration for CS Forester s novel The African Queen and the film that followed.REVIEWS The Hunters and the Hunted has profiles of a number of interesting people, notably Vice Adm. von Spee and a very young Wilhelm Canaris and several gripping sea fights. It is well-written, often stirring, and very informative, and a worthwhile read for anyone interested in navies at war, and particular for those interested in the Great War at Sea.Strategy Page"

The Hunters Or The Hunted

Author: C. K. Brain
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226070905
Size: 33.51 MB
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The Hunters Or The Hunted from the Author: C. K. Brain. "Amongst scientists involved [in taphonomy], C. K. Brain stands out as the pioneer; this impressive book is a statement of his investigations. . . . The Hunters or the Hunted? is a very important book for paleoanthropology. It presents the first thorough analysis of the Sterkfontein Valley assemblages, contributes significantly to the resolution of lingering controversies and, by placing the old information in a fresh perspective, enables new and more sophisticated questions to be asked not only of the South African material but of similar assemblages elsewhere. Another contribution is that it reinforces the recent change in feelings as to what constitutes data, for the value of looking at fossil and contemporary bones as closely as this is clear. Brain urges the necessity of recovering fossils with a high regard for subtle detail. I hope excavators of any vertebrate fossil site will be persuaded to follow his advice and pay more attention to these features of bone accumulations that have been previously neglected; for taphonomy can be a powerful tool in elucidating the problems of fossil assemblages, especially when handled with the care and caution that Brain brings to the subject."—Andrew Hill, Nature